Learn Multithreading in C

Modern C++ multithreading: threads, async, tasks, locks, futures, promises, conditions and more.
Learn Multithreading in C
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John Purcell


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Learn Multithreading in C

What you’ll learn

How to use multithreading in C++ 17 onwards.

Learn Multithreading in C

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Be able to code in C++


An introduction to multithreading, and to the powerful multithreading features added to C++ in 2011, 2014 and 2017.Take your C++ to the next level!Among other things, you’ll learn the following in this course:How to create threads using the thread class or asyncHow to work with promises, futures and tasksHow to use mutexes and locks to coordinate multiple threadsHow to use conditions to signal between threadsHow to create blocking queues and thread poolsIn this course I’ll break complex multithreading concepts down into simple steps, demonstrating practically, in front of your eyes, how you can make use of multiple threads to accomplish tasks that would be difficult or horribly slow without multithreading.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Where to Find Source Code

Lecture 3 Hello World

Lecture 4 Basic Multithreading

Lecture 5 When is Multithreading Useful

Section 2: Locks

Lecture 6 Shared Data

Lecture 7 Mutexes

Lecture 8 Function Arguments

Lecture 9 Lock Guards

Lecture 10 Threads with Callable Objects

Section 3: Returning Values from Threads

Lecture 11 Calculating Pi

Lecture 12 Promises and Futures

Lecture 13 Promises and Exceptions

Lecture 14 Packaged Tasks

Section 4: Signalling

Lecture 15 Waiting for Threads

Lecture 16 Condition Variables

Lecture 17 Checking Condition Shared Resources

Lecture 18 Blocking Queues

Lecture 19 Using Methods in Threads

Lecture 20 Containers and Thread Safety

Lecture 21 Producer Consumer

Lecture 22 A Blocking Queue

Section 5: Processing Work Efficiently

Lecture 23 Async

Lecture 24 Hardware Concurrency

Lecture 25 Launching Lots of Threads

Lecture 26 A Thread Pool

Lecture 27 Distributing Work Between Cores

Lecture 28 Timing Code

Section 6: Conclusion

Lecture 29 Conclusion

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Udemy | English | 3h 24m | 1.35 GB
Created by: John Purcell

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