Learn Oracle 12c SQL Kickstart kit for beginners

Journey from Beginner to Expert
Learn Oracle 12c SQL Kickstart kit for beginners
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Learn Oracle 12c SQL Kickstart kit for beginners

What you’ll learn

Complete SQL from beginner to expert level .
Be able to interact with database and manipulate its data with various utilities
Prepare for Global certification exam
Understand all interview related question

Learn Oracle 12c SQL Kickstart kit for beginners


No prior Experience or knowledge is required, only need your dedication.


With the blend of my experience and Knowledge of more than 15 years, I have specially designed this course which will help you to not only clear global certification exam but also  to clear any SQL  interviews. This course has covered all basic to advance level topics. I totally understand that you can be non IT person that’s why this course is meant  to address all sort of levels. I being technical recruited strongly recommend this course in which I am also handing out free interview Questions with answers. I have covered all basic to advance topics in this course, keeping the explanation as layman and simple as possible.


Section 1: Introduction to SQL

Lecture 1 Introduction to Course

Lecture 2 Introduction to Database

Lecture 3 Prerequisites

Lecture 4 Restricting Data

Section 2: How to work with SQL Operators

Lecture 5 Operators- Arithmetic

Lecture 6 Operators- Logical

Lecture 7 Operators- Comparison

Lecture 8 Operators- Set

Lecture 9 Concatenation

Section 3: Functions

Lecture 10 Single Row Functions- Character

Lecture 11 Single Row Functions- Date & Number

Lecture 12 Single Row Functions- Conversion

Lecture 13 Single Row Functions- General and Conditional

Lecture 14 Multiple Row Functions

Section 4: Categories of Commands

Lecture 15 DDL, DML, DCL

Lecture 16 Practical implementation of DDL and DML

Section 5: Joins

Lecture 17 Oracle Joins

Lecture 18 SQL Server Joins

Section 6: Subqueries

Lecture 19 Single Row and multiple row subqueries

Lecture 20 correlated subqueries

Section 7: Constraints

Lecture 21 Not Null Constraint

Lecture 22 Check Constraint

Lecture 23 Unique key constraint

Lecture 24 Primary key and foreign key constraint

Lecture 25 Difference between Unique key & Primary

Lecture 26 Drop Constraint

Section 8: Database Objects

Lecture 27 Views

Lecture 28 Sequences

Lecture 29 Synonyms

Lecture 30 Indexes

Section 9: Interview related Stuff

Lecture 31 Interview Questions give away

Anyone who wants to become DBA,Software tester, developer, Business Analyst,No prior IT skills are required.,Anyone who wants to switch into IT department,You will be able to clear Global certification exam

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 48m | 1.41 GB
Created by: Cheena Sharma

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