Learn Photoshop for iPad

Master advanced design techniques using photoshop on the iPad
Learn Photoshop for iPad
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Caleb Kingston


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Learn Photoshop for iPad

What you’ll learn

Master Photoshop on the iPad and learn advanced design techniques

Learn Photoshop for iPad


Be able to navigate files on an iPad
Must have an iPad


Learn how to use Photoshop on the iPad while having fun with exercise files!In this course, I’m going to cover the photoshop interface and key essentials like how layers work, masking images, blending layers together, and much more. After covering the essentials, we’re going to jump into some advanced photoshop techniques I use to take my designs to the next level. We’ll be repairing and coloring an aged photograph, creating 3D mockups you can use for your designs, painting a galaxy together using digital brushes and layers, and much more!In the final sections I will share my resources for design inspiration and show you where I go for my royalty free images and graphics. I’ll also teach you how you can build your portfolio and find your first potential clients to get started as a freelancer.Just a few things you will learn:Customizing photoshop to suit youCreating new projects and templatesMaster layers including adjustment and mask layersHow to mask layers to remove backgrounds and create compelling photo compositionsRetouching portraitsUsing the touch shortcut to speed up your processManually editing an HDR imageand much much more!What choose this course?This course covers everything from the essentials to advanced designing. I include tons of exercise files to follow along. We start off slow so you can grasp the concepts but we dive into many creative applications once you have a handle on the tools. Learn in this course by doing! Don’t get bored sitting in front of videos hoping you grasp the concepts.By the end of this course, you will have a great understanding of photoshop and have the competence to be able to begin your journey as a designer or freelancer using Photoshop on the iPad as a go to resource when you’re on the go!Who is this course for?Beginner level designersDesigners coming from photoshop on the desktopStudents that want to learn how to begin their journey as a freelance designer


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 What you should know

Lecture 3 Using the exercise files

Lecture 4 How to join the Facebook Group

Section 2: Getting Started

Lecture 5 Where to find Photoshop and Logging In

Lecture 6 Touring Photoshop’s Settings

Lecture 7 The Start Screen

Lecture 8 Creating a new document

Section 3: Learning the interface

Lecture 9 Touring Photoshop’s Interface

Lecture 10 Using gestures and shortcuts

Lecture 11 Adding Images

Lecture 12 Document Sharing

Lecture 13 Resizing the canvas

Section 4: Layers

Lecture 14 Exploring layer basics

Lecture 15 Working with layer properties

Lecture 16 Working with layer masks

Lecture 17 Working with clipping masks

Section 5: Adjustment Layer Essentials

Lecture 18 Using adjustment layers to edit your image

Lecture 19 Working with clipped adjustment layers

Section 6: Making Selections

Lecture 20 Using the Marquee and Lasso Tools

Lecture 21 Quick select tool selection touch ups

Section 7: Transforming

Lecture 22 Scaling, skewing, and rotating layers with the transform tool

Lecture 23 Correcting perspective

Section 8: Blend Mode Essentials

Lecture 24 Using Gradients to blend images

Section 9: Retouching Photographs

Lecture 25 Removing distracting elements with the spot healing brush

Lecture 26 Using the clone stamp tool

Lecture 27 Using spot healing and clone to remove larger elements from an image

Section 10: Working with brushes and color

Lecture 28 Filling in color with the paint bucket and gradient tool

Lecture 29 Selecting and editing brushes

Lecture 30 Brushing inside a clipping mask

Lecture 31 Applying a layer mask to your painted layer

Lecture 32 Blending Paint Layers to Change Colors

Section 11: Advanced Photoshop Techniques

Lecture 33 Fixing a torn photo

Lecture 34 Creating an High Dynamic Range Photo out of 3 exposures

Lecture 35 Creating a double exposure image

Section 12: Creative Resources and Inspiration

Lecture 36 Where to find royalty free images

Lecture 37 Where to find icons

Lecture 38 The app I use to sketch and record notes in client meetings

Lecture 39 Turn your iPad into a graphics tablet for your mac

Graphic Designers want to learn the new Photoshop for iPad

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Udemy | English | 3h 0m | 3.89 GB
Created by: Caleb Kingston

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