Learn PHP By Building A Web ApplicationResult Checking App

Master Basic to Advance PHP Concepts in this Result Checker Web Application.
Learn PHP By Building A Web ApplicationResult Checking App
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Learn PHP By Building A Web ApplicationResult Checking App

What you’ll learn

Query MySql Database with PHP
Build a Responsive Web Application with PHP, Bootstrap, Ajax, CSS and HTML
You will build an online Student Result Checking Portal
you will be able to generate pin and limit the pin to one user in the system
How to prevent a student(s) from having access to other students results and many more…..
Application can be deployed to schools of all sizes.

Learn PHP By Building A Web ApplicationResult Checking App


You should have a basic knowledge of PHP but not really required as i will be explaining every code we write all the way.
You must have a computer
A local server like: XAMPP, WAMP, MAMP or whatever server you use to run PHP and MYSQL is necessary
Basic Knowledge of HTML and CSS is a plus but not required.


This course is designed to teach you how to develop an online student result checking portal with PHP. You will learn basic to advanced concepts in PHP, how to make requests to server script using Ajax, manage your layouts with Bootstrap 4 and HTML, style like a PRO with CSS and many more….


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Course Introduction

Lecture 2 Overview of the students Section

Lecture 3 Overview of the Admin Section

Section 2: Gathering Required Resources

Lecture 4 Downloading The HTML Template used in Development

Section 3: Database Logic

Lecture 5 Database Structure and Setup

Lecture 6 Database Connection and Configuration

Section 4: Designing the Student’s Section

Lecture 7 Student’s login form design

Lecture 8 Student’s login page logic 1

Lecture 9 Student’s login page logic 2

Lecture 10 Student’s login page logic COMPLETED

Section 5: Student’s Dashboard

Lecture 11 HTML Markup

Lecture 12 HTML Markup — Completed

Lecture 13 Restrict Student Dashboard from non logged members

Lecture 14 Result Checker Form Validation

Section 6: Admin Dashboard

Lecture 15 Admin Login Page

Lecture 16 Admin Login Page — Complete

Lecture 17 Admin Dashboard Markup and Login Session Validation

Lecture 18 Result Uploader form validation

Lecture 19 Fetching Students names From Database Uisng Ajax

Lecture 20 Admin Result Uploading Form Compulsory Validations (1)

Lecture 21 Admin Result Uploading Form Compulsory Validations (2)

Lecture 22 Admin Result Uploading Form Compulsory Validations (final)

Lecture 23 View Uploaded Results(1)

Lecture 24 View Uploaded Results(completed)

Lecture 25 Implementing Admin Delete, View and Download Result Functionality

Lecture 26 Admin Generate Students Pin (1)

Lecture 27 Admin Generate Students Pin (Completed)

Section 7: Completing the Students Dashboard

Lecture 28 Implementing students dashboard 1

Lecture 29 Implementing students dashboard 2

Lecture 30 Students Dashboard Completed

Section 8: Final touches (Students and Admin)

Lecture 31 Admin View Students Pin request

Lecture 32 Students view result page

Lecture 33 Admin Logout

Lecture 34 Admin view all students prt1

Lecture 35 Admin view all students prt2

Lecture 36 Admin view all students prt3

Lecture 37 Admin delete students

Lecture 38 Conclusion and introduction to upcoming course

All Levels of PHP Developers

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 12h 41m | 5.84 GB
Created by: Kelsey Grange

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