Learn Professional Web Design With Invision Studio

Learn The Secrets of Web Design and How Professional Designers Create Elegant Websites and Mobile Apps.
Learn Professional Web Design With Invision Studio
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Ivan Lourenço Gomes


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Learn Professional Web Design With Invision Studio

What you’ll learn

Design Modern and Elegant Websites
Responsive Web Design with12-Column Grids
Graphic & Web Design Principles
Web Design and UX Fundamentals
Master Invision Studio for Professional Use
Design Websites and Mobile Apps
Export Prototypes With all CSS Available for Web Developers

Learn Professional Web Design With Invision Studio


A Computer with Access to the Internet
Windows or Mac Os


In this course you will have an immersive experience in the Web Design world and learn how professional Web Designers create stunning websites and mobile apps. It all starts with the right tools. You could use Photoshop or even Canva to design a website, but that wouldn’t be very efficient. Once you learn how to use a program made specifically for Web Design, you’ll notice the difference in terms of productivity and the quality of the end result. This course will make you master Invision Studio and take your projects to the next level.You’ll learn everything including the basic and advanced tools of Invision Studio, the measurements for responsive design for Desktop, Mobile and Tablet, how to work with the 12-column grid for pixel perfection, what are the common elements of Web Design, how to export the prototype so Web Developers can start working immediately on your design, how to create interactions and how to work with components for high productivity.Additionally, we are going to cover important topics like design principles and web design fundamentals that will teach you how to create great pieces of web design that look modern and elegant.If you need some inspiration to get started with your first projects, we’ve got you covered. There are lessons fully dedicated to teaching you where to find assets to complement your design projects and what are the best websites to find inspiration from the most talented Web Designers in the world.You’ll also learn many tips for productivity and best practices to save you time and keep your Web Design process fast and organized.If you want to learn the secrets of Web Design and how professionals create great looking web pages and apps, you cannot miss this course. Enroll now and start learning today.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Download Invision Studio

Lecture 2 The Basic Elements: Shapes, Text, Images, etc.

Lecture 3 Working With 12 Column Grids

Lecture 4 Importing Fonts to Invision Studio

Lecture 5 Working With Images

Lecture 6 Adding Text to The Hero Section

Lecture 7 Adding a Call to Action

Lecture 8 Working with Components

Lecture 9 Creating the Product Box Component

Lecture 10 Creating the Product Box Component (Part 2)

Lecture 11 * To be continued *

Lecture 12 More on Components

Lecture 13 Footer Design

Lecture 14 Working with SVGs

Lecture 15 Exporting Your Prototype

Section 2: Responsive Web Design

Lecture 16 Setting up the responsive artboards

Lecture 17 Designing the mobile version

Lecture 18 The mobile hero section

Lecture 19 The mobile products area

Lecture 20 The mobile product slider

Lecture 21 The mobile footer design

Lecture 22 The mobile inner header menu

Lecture 23 The tablet topbar

Lecture 24 The tablet hero section

Lecture 25 The tablet product slider

Lecture 26 The Tablet Footer

Lecture 27 Instructions to the Web Developer

Section 3: Useful Tips

Lecture 28 Where to find inspiration

Lecture 29 Choosing the Right Colors

Students Aiming to Become Professional Web Designers,People Interested in Learning The Process of Designing Websites and Mobile Apps,Developers Who Want to Learn the Basics of Web Design,Anyone aiming for a Career as a Freelance or In-House Web Designer

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 5h 13m | 1.82 GB
Created by: Ivan Lourenço Gomes

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