Learn Python From Scratch ZERO to HERO in Python

ZERO to HERO in Python
Learn Python From Scratch ZERO to HERO in Python
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Varad Arthamwar


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Learn Python From Scratch ZERO to HERO in Python

What you’ll learn

Learn Python from SCRATCH.
Understand the BASICS of Python language.
Use Jupyter Notebook for writing your python programs.
Write your own INDEPENDENT programs in Python.
Learn all Python basics such as variables, functions, conditionals, loops and more.

Learn Python From Scratch ZERO to HERO in Python


A working computer or Laptop (Windows, Mac, or Linux).
No prior knowledge of Python is required.


As we all know python is the most popular programming language. Every IT company hiring employees as a Python Developer. Lots of popular technologies like Machine Learning, Data Science, Web development, etc. are based on Python. So, to become an expert in those fields you should begin with python programming.If you are a total beginner and not having any experience in python programming, not to worry! In this course, I have explained from the beginning to the advance. Topics that we are going to cover are:● Environment Setup● Data Types in python● Dictionaries● List and tuples● Python Statements● Python Functions● Args and Kwargs● Classes● Attributes● Methods in Python● Inheritance● Polymorphism…..and more!If you want to learn python thoroughly, then you should enroll in 1Hr+ “Learn Python From Scratch: ZERO to HERO in Python” course.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Environment Setup

Lecture 2 Environment Setup

Section 3: Python Data Types

Lecture 3 Numbers

Lecture 4 Variable Assignment

Lecture 5 Strings

Lecture 6 List

Lecture 7 Dictionaries

Lecture 8 Tuples

Lecture 9 Sets and Booleans

Section 4: Python Statements

Lecture 10 If, Elif and Else

Lecture 11 While loop

Lecture 12 For loop

Lecture 13 Comprehensions

Section 5: Python Functions

Lecture 14 Functions

Lecture 15 Nested Functions

Lecture 16 Lambda Expression

Lecture 17 Args and Kwargs

Section 6: Python Object Oriented Programming

Lecture 18 Class

Lecture 19 Attributes

Lecture 20 Methods

Lecture 21 Inheritance

Lecture 22 Polymorphism

Anyone who wants to land in the IT field as it is simple programming language.,Programmers who want to leverage their profiles.,Anyone who wants to be the Data scientist which is among the top of the IT profile then this Python course is definitely worthy.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 12m | 1.09 GB
Created by: Varad Arthamwar

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