Learn Salesforce Formulas

Become the go to formula person in your organisation!
Learn Salesforce Formulas
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Learn Salesforce Formulas

What you’ll learn

Create robust validation rules to ensure data integrity
Create cross-object field formulas to see information on the record you want
Create row-level formulas to make reports more powerful
Create flow entry conditions to only run the flows when you want
Understand the different types of formula operators and syntax

Learn Salesforce Formulas


Basic understanding of Salesforce is required. You should know how to navigate through Setup and understand relationships between standard objects.
You do not need previous experience building formulas. We will start with simple examples and progressively build more complicated formulas.


Learn when, where, why, and how you should be using formulas in Salesforce!Formulas are an essential thing to learn to be the best Admin, Business Analyst, Developer, or Consultant in a Salesforce org. After this course you’ll be a more knowledgeable and useful member of your team. Improve your hireability and salary with improved Salesforce skills!We’ll cover the most common formula operators and functions, and go through many practical examples that you can implement in your org straight away. You’ll learn how to systematically build your formulas to be more and more powerful without confusing yourself. I also share my favourite extension to make formula writing more user friendly.The course is designed in a logical order where you’ll keep building upon new knowledge. Starting with the very basics we’ll learn about where they are used, the different elements that they contain, and the different data types outputs.After that, it’s time to get your hands dirty and start building. Your first formulas will only be one line long. At the end of the course you’ll be building 10+ line formulas and understand every part of it!We’ll cover every type of operator, the most common functions (logical, Date and Time, Math, Text, Advanced), and finish by using formulas inside of reports to produce powerful business insights.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Developer Edition Signup

Lecture 3 What is a formula

Lecture 4 What makes up a formula

Lecture 5 Formula Data Types

Section 2: Formula Operators

Lecture 6 Math Operators

Lecture 7 Logical Operators

Lecture 8 Text Operators

Section 3: Build our first formulas

Lecture 9 First formula: Average employee revenue

Lecture 10 First Validation Rule

Lecture 11 Tweak the validation rule – AND vs OR

Section 4: Logical Functions

Lecture 12 Intro to Functions

Lecture 13 IF

Lecture 14 AND and IF

Lecture 15 AND and OR Comparison

Lecture 16 AND and IF Overdue part 2

Lecture 17 Default Fields using CASE

Lecture 18 Better Salesforce Formula editor

Lecture 19 IF and nested IF – Opportunity Discount

Lecture 20 Nested IF – Company Size – advanced

Lecture 21 Nested IF vs CASE – Close Date Month pt 1

Lecture 22 Nested IF vs CASE – Close Date Month pt 2

Lecture 23 INCLUDES and Multiple IF Statements

Lecture 24 ISBLANK and NOT

Lecture 25 ISNEW() – Flow

Section 5: Date and Time Functions

Lecture 26 Common Date and Time Functions pt 1

Lecture 27 Days to Opportunity Close

Lecture 28 Case Open Duration

Lecture 29 Common Date and Time Functions Pt 2

Lecture 30 Different Date Formats

Lecture 31 Date with Month written out

Lecture 32 Group report by day of week – WEEKDAY and CASE

Section 6: Math Functions

Lecture 33 Common Math Functions

Lecture 34 MIN and MAX

Lecture 35 FLOOR and CEILING



Section 7: Text Functions

Lecture 38 Text Functions pt 1

Lecture 39 BEGINS 1/2

Lecture 40 BEGINS 2/2

Lecture 41 CONTAINS


Lecture 43 Text Functions 2



Lecture 46 LPAD

Lecture 47 Text Functions 3

Lecture 48 TRIM




Lecture 52 ISPICKVAL

Section 8: Advanced Functions

Lecture 53 Advanced Functions

Lecture 54 ISCHANGED

Lecture 55 REGEX 1: Aus or US Postal Code

Lecture 56 REGEX 2: Salesforce syntax

Lecture 57 REGEX 3: 5 or 9 digit postal code

Lecture 58 REGEX 4: it’s making field “required”

Lecture 59 REGEX 5: SSN and Aadhar

Section 9: Summary Functions – Reports

Lecture 60 Summary Functions – Reports

Lecture 61 PARENTGROUPVAL – Accounts by Industry

Lecture 62 PARENTGROUPVAL – Percentage of Open Opportunities by Stage

Lecture 63 PREVGROUPVAL – Difference in Closed Won Amount by Month

Lecture 64 PREVGROUPVAL – Max Commission Difference over time

Lecture 65 Opportunity Win % Individual

Lecture 66 Opportunity Win % Company Wide

Section 10: Miscellaneous – handy hints

Lecture 67 Dynamic Reports and List Views – Created by User

Lecture 68 Using checkbox to test validation rules

Lecture 69 Power of One – 1

Lecture 70 Validation rule – part 1 cannot move back a stage

Lecture 71 Validation rule – parts 2 and 3 – cannot skip a stage unless closed won

Section 11: Salesforce Formula Videos

Lecture 72 Formulas for the everyday admin

Lecture 73 Formulas Rule! Master Complex Assignment Rules With Formulas

Lecture 74 Getting Started With Formulas

Lecture 75 8 Reporting Formulas Users Don’t Know To Ask For

Lecture 76 How To: Become A Reporting Guru With Formulas For Dashboards And Reports

Section 12: Notes and Quick References


Lecture 78 Examples of Advanced Formulas

Lecture 79 Formula FAQs

Beginner’s guide to learning how you can use formulas in Salesforce,Admins wanting to create more efficient flows,Admins and Business Analysts wanting to have more valuable reports

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 25m | 2.50 GB
Created by: Steven Trumble

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