Learn Shopify From Scratch Build Dropshipping Businesses

Start Making Sales by Building a Successful Shopify Dropshipping Store With Shopify From Scratch
Learn Shopify From Scratch Build Dropshipping Businesses
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Learn Shopify From Scratch Build Dropshipping Businesses

What you’ll learn

How to Grow your business with Shopify
How to Design your online store
How to Create happy, repeat customers
How to Ship your product and get paid
How to Launch your store
At the End, You will Build a Professional Shopify Store that Converts

Learn Shopify From Scratch Build Dropshipping Businesses


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Welcome to the Shopify Course!The Complete Shopify Dropshipping Masterclass 2.0 Is Aimed For Complete Beginners. In this course, We’ll Take You From Being an Absolute Beginner to Having a Shopify Dropshipping Business Set-Up and Running Within Hours!What You’ll Learn in this Course?Essentials You Need to Launch your StoreYou will get your desired Niche, Business Plan You’ll Learn to Set-up your StoreTheme and Selection and Editing it Addition of Products and CategorizingCategorizing MenusAdding Different Pages and Set-up BlogSet-up Privacy Policy, Refund, Abandoned Checkout, etc.Set-up to Manage with a TeamSet-up Payment and Shipping and so on……And Yes you are ready to launch. Now, It’s time to sell!After This Course, You’ll Be Able ToRun a Profitable Shopify Dropshipping Business From Your ComputerHelp Other People to Run Their Shopify Dropshipping BusinessesThe Course includes:Articles, Niche, and Business Ideas That’ll Help to Optimize Your Shopify Dropshipping Journey!The Truth is… To Build a Successful Shopify Dropshipping Business, You Need to Be Prepared to Spend Time, Money & Have a Lot of Patience. This Is Not an Overnight Success Kind Of Business. You Can Get Instant Results But Don’t Count On It. As With Everything Great In Life, If You Keep Learning and Improving – You Will Succeed!Are You Ready to Start Making Money?See You Inside The Course.LoveShahid FarooqiNote: Voice in the course is out-sourced.


Section 1: Shopify From Scratch for Beginners

Lecture 1 What You’ll Learn

Lecture 2 Why Shopify? || Essentials you need to Start

Lecture 3 Ways to Sell with Shopify

Lecture 4 Shopify Plans and Pricing

Lecture 5 Create a Shopify Account

Lecture 6 Setting Up Your Shopify Store

Lecture 7 Choosing a Perfect Theme

Lecture 8 Editing the Look and Feel of Store

Lecture 9 Add Products to Shopify

Lecture 10 Organizing Products into Collections

Lecture 11 Adding Pages in Shopify

Lecture 12 Organizing Your Menus

Lecture 13 Starting a Blog in Shopify

Lecture 14 How to Set Up Legal Pages

Lecture 15 Setting Up Legal Documents

Lecture 16 Update Your Metadata

Lecture 17 Checking Your Store Speed

Lecture 18 Setting Up Your Store Email

Lecture 19 Payment Setup -101

Lecture 20 How Do Sales Taxes Work?

Lecture 21 Getting Your Shipping Set Up

Lecture 22 Shipping Labels 101

Lecture 23 Managing Your Orders

Lecture 24 Fulfilling Your Orders

Lecture 25 Customer Management

Lecture 26 Setting Up Your Online Customer Service Strategy

Lecture 27 Creating Discount Codes

Lecture 28 Shopify Apps

Lecture 29 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Lecture 30 Launching Your Store

To anyone who wants to create their first online store and who doesn’t have any prior knowledge on this area.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 21m | 570.97 MB
Created by: Shahid Farooqi

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