Learn Social Engineering Opensource Intelligence OSINT

IT security is not just about firewalls or antiviruses, it is also about people.
Learn Social Engineering Opensource Intelligence OSINT
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Learn Social Engineering Opensource Intelligence OSINT

What you’ll learn

Understand what Social Engineering is and how users can be affected
Perform social engineering attacks using tools and techniques

Learn Social Engineering Opensource Intelligence OSINT


basic computer skills
basic web security and linux knowledge


“Amateurs hack systems,professionals hack people.” (Bruce Schneier)In this course, meant for beginners with no previous knowledge about penetration testing or hacking, that will start with the basics of social engineering, and by end of it you’ll be at an advanced level being able to hack into all major operating systems (windows, Android and so on), generate different types of trojans and deliver them using smart social engineering techniques. To completely understand computer security, it’s vital to step outside the fence and to think outside the box. Computer security is not just about firewalls, Intrusion Prevention Systems or antiviruses. It’s also about tricking people into doing whatever a hacker wishes, for their benefit. A secure system, network or infrastructure is also about informed people. That’s it what about this course is all about. Knowing how easy is for a hacker to make a regular user to do something harmful for himself, even being aware that is making a bit mistake.This course covers both theoretical and practical aspects and contains hands-on labs.Learn how to get Facebook, Gmail iCloud, Linkedin password trough social engineering, create backdoors and get remote control.This courses have demos and labs using Kali Linux.Disclaimer: this course is intended for ethical hackers and those who want to protect against this kind of attacks. Those are only theoretical examples in a lab environment. Hacking is illegal without legal permission!


Section 1: Introduction – the basics

Lecture 1 About the instructor

Lecture 2 What is Social Engineering. What to expect from this course

Lecture 3 Types of Social Engineering

Lecture 4 Join Our Online Classroom!

Section 2: Information Gathering

Lecture 5 Information Gathering using Search Engines and Social Networks – part 1

Lecture 6 Information Gathering using Search Engines and Social Networks – part 2

Lecture 7 Introduction to Maltego

Lecture 8 Maltego – demo

Section 3: Social Engineering Toolkit (SET)

Lecture 9 Introduction to SET

Lecture 10 Social Engineering Toolkit – Demo: Harvest Facebook Credentials

Section 4: Social Engineering using Metasploit

Lecture 11 Introduction to Metasploit

Lecture 12 Backdoor in Windows using Metasploit

Lecture 13 Backdoor in Android using Metasploit

Section 5: Attacking the users trough websites – XSS and Beef-XSS

Lecture 14 Introduction to Cross-Site Scripting and Beef-XSS

Lecture 15 XSS example – reflected

Lecture 16 XSS example – stored

Lecture 17 Beef-XSS Demo

Section 6: Final words

Lecture 18 Countermeasures for Social Engineering

Lecture 19 This is (not) the end!

Section 7: (Bonus) Web attacks

Lecture 20 Usernames and Passwords Brute-Forcing using Burp

Lecture 21 Spider and Analyze a Website using Burp

Lecture 22 Brute-frocing Web Resources using Dirb and Dirbuster

Lecture 23 Bonus – OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities

Section 8: (Bonus) Network Attacks

Lecture 24 Demo – Exploiting FTP Server Vulnerability using Metasploit

Lecture 25 Demo – Hack SSH passwords using Hydra

Lecture 26 Hack Linux Passwords using John the Ripper

Lecture 27 Penetration Testing on Wireless Networks

Lecture 28 Case Study – Windows Hosted Network Bug or Feature

Section 9: (Bonus) Android reverse Engineering

Lecture 29 APK file Structure. AndroidManifest XML file

Lecture 30 Reversing to get Source code of the Application – decompiling with dex2jar

Lecture 31 Reversing and Re-compiling With APKTool

Lecture 32 Static Analysis of Android Application using QARK

Lecture 33 Further information

IT Security Engineers,IT passionates,Chef Security Officers

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 19m | 2.24 GB
Created by: Gabriel Avramescu

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