Learn Spring Boot Rapid Spring Application Development

Spring Boot gives you all the power of the Spring Framework without all of the complexity. Start writing apps today!
Learn Spring Boot Rapid Spring Application Development
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Learn Spring Boot Rapid Spring Application Development

What you’ll learn

Create Spring MVC Applications
Connect to databases using Spring Data
Secure your applications using Spring Security
Create an executable JAR of your application
Build REST Services in Spring Boot

Learn Spring Boot Rapid Spring Application Development


Students should be familiar with the Java programming language
Web Development Experience (HTML / CSS / JavaScript)
A computer that can run Java + IntelliJ or Eclipse
Familiar with MVC will help but is not required.


Do you want to learn how to use Spring Boot to create engaging applications? Do you want to learn it in mere minutes instead of suffering for days trying to learn various programming languages? Are you a Spring Developer looking to hone your skills or just someone who is looking to expand their programming skill set?

Then this course, offered by Udemy and created by a Cleveland based Software Engineer, Dan Vega is the right choice for you. This particular course offered, called “Learn Spring Boot” is designed to introduce you to Spring Boot through showing you an opinionated view of the building of Spring applications through both the Java and Groovy programming languages. It is a crash course, one where very little knowledge of both of these programming languages is recommended and where any prior knowledge of the Spring Framework is not at all necessary in order to learn.
So what is Spring Boot and why is it necessary to learn? Spring Boot and the Spring Framework makes it easy to create both powered and production grade applications and services that run on their own and can be maintained with a minimum fuss. It also provides production ready features such as metrics, health checks and even externalized configuration. It is software designed to run anywhere, meaning you can create executable JARs, which is one of the most favorable features of this type of program.
While learning this type of application might seem like a daunting task, this course structures Spring Boot and Spring Framework learning in an easy to comprehend fashion. Featuring topics like an Introduction into the Framework as well as step by step guidelines into creating your first application, this course is perfect for almost any user. The only requirements in order to excel at this courses’ teaching of Spring Boot is some familiarity with Java and Groovy programming languages, some web development experiences as well as a computer that is capable of running both Java + Intellij or Eclipse.
Besides this course offering lifetime access to all eighty featured lectures and over ten hours of teaching content, it also offers you the opportunity to create Spring MVC applications and also tutorials on how to connect to various databases using Spring Data. This course will be extremely beneficial to students who are new to Spring Boot, students who are unfamiliar with Spring Framework or those who are looking into writing their own apps. This course applies to all of these cases.
Coming with nearly all five star ratings, this course from Dan Vega and Udemy comes highly reviewed and rated. Dan’s teaching style is described as “detailed” and “responsive” and his “obvious love and enthusiasm for the framework is infectious”. And since it is a course open to all skill levels and understandings, it is one of the best choices on the Udemy market for those looking to learn the ins and outs of the Spring Boot Framework as well as those looking to hone their skills in Java web development.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 About Me & About This Course

Lecture 2 The Spring Framework

Lecture 3 Spring Boot

Lecture 4 Source Code for This Course

Lecture 5 [Exercise] – Spring Documentation

Section 2: Development Environment

Lecture 6 Development Environment Intro

Lecture 7 Installing Java on Windows

Lecture 8 Install Java on Mac OSX

Lecture 9 Install Groovy on Windows

Lecture 10 Gradle on Windows

Lecture 11 Spring CLI on Windows

Lecture 12 SDK Man

Lecture 13 Installing IntelliJ on Windows

Lecture 14 Installing IntelliJ on Mac OSX

Section 3: Hello, Spring Boot!

Lecture 15 Hello, Spring Boot Intro

Lecture 16 Hello, World! Creating Your First Spring Boot Application

Lecture 17 [Exercise] Create your first Spring Boot Application

Lecture 18 Spring Initializer

Lecture 19 Build Tools Overview

Lecture 20 Maven Build

Lecture 21 Gradle Build

Lecture 22 Starter POMs

Lecture 23 Creating Executable JARs

Lecture 24 Spring DevTools & Live Reload

Lecture 25 [Exercise] Building Your First Real World Application

Section 4: Spring Boot Fundamentals

Lecture 26 Spring Boot Fundamentals Introduction

Lecture 27 Spring Beans & Dependency Injection

Lecture 28 Spring Beans & Dependency Injection Demo

Lecture 29 Application Properties & YAML Configuration

Lecture 30 Configuration Properties

Lecture 31 Profiles

Lecture 32 Auto Configuration

Lecture 33 Spring Core Fundamentals Exercise

Section 5: Developing Web Applications

Lecture 34 Developing Web Applications Intro

Lecture 35 Spring MVC Intro

Lecture 36 Web Application Demo

Lecture 37 Static Content

Lecture 38 Bower

Lecture 39 Template Engines

Lecture 40 Thymeleaf Demo

Lecture 41 GSP Demo

Lecture 42 Internationalization (i18n)

Lecture 43 Error Handling

Lecture 44 Exception Handling

Lecture 45 [Exercise] Creating a web application

Section 6: Data Access with Spring Boot

Lecture 46 Data Access Introduction

Lecture 47 Creating an Application using H2’s in-memory database

Lecture 48 Creating Entities & Repositories

Lecture 49 Loading Data

Lecture 50 Refactor

Lecture 51 Refactor Blog Part 2

Lecture 52 Production Database

Lecture 53 Spring Data JDBC

Lecture 54 NoSQL – MongoDB

Lecture 55 [Exercise] Data Access with JPA & h2 Exercise

Lecture 56 Spring Data JPA – Creating Queries Part 1

Lecture 57 Spring Data JPA – Creating Queries Part 2

Section 7: Security

Lecture 58 Security Introduction

Lecture 59 Spring Security Intro

Lecture 60 Spring Security – Custom Configuration Part 1

Lecture 61 Spring Security – Custom Configuration Part 2

Lecture 62 Spring Security Custom Login Form

Lecture 63 Spring Security & JPA

Lecture 64 [Exercise] Securing you application

Section 8: Building REST APIs

Lecture 65 REST API Intro

Lecture 66 HTTP Request Methods (Verbs)

Lecture 67 HTTP Status Codes

Lecture 68 Content Negotiation

Lecture 69 HTTP Clients

Lecture 70 Building A REST API

Lecture 71 Error Handling

Lecture 72 Hypermedia

Lecture 73 Hypermedia Demo

Lecture 74 REST Template

Lecture 75 [Exercise] Building a REST API

Section 9: CRUD

Lecture 76 CRUD Starter

Lecture 77 Read

Lecture 78 Create

Lecture 79 Validation

Lecture 80 Update

Lecture 81 Delete

Lecture 82 [Exercise] Building a CRUD Application

Section 10: Guides

Lecture 83 Guides Intro

Lecture 84 Sending Email

Lecture 85 Scheduling Tasks

Lecture 86 Spring Boot Resources

Lecture 87 Project Lombok

Section 11: Bonus

Lecture 88 Thank You!

Lecture 89 Bonus Lesson

Students new to Spring Boot,Students new & existing to the Spring Framework,You should NOT take this course if you have never used Java before.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 11h 9m | 10.32 GB
Created by: Dan Vega

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