Learn SQL For Oracle Databases Using Toad From Scratch

Learn how to communicate with oracle databases using Toad for Oracle . Learn how to create,read,update and delete data.
Learn SQL For Oracle Databases Using Toad From Scratch
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Learn SQL For Oracle Databases Using Toad From Scratch

What you’ll learn

Write SQL Queries on Oracle Databases
Create,read,update and delete data from a database.
Connect to Oracle databases using TOAD
Execute SQL Queries in TOAD Editor
Extract data from multiple tables using SQL

Learn SQL For Oracle Databases Using Toad From Scratch


Sample Oracle 11g Database (Free download)
Toad For Oracle (Free 30 days Trial)
Notepad++ (Optional)


What is this course about? This course teaches how to use SOL to communicate with Oracle database using Toad for Oracle editor. What Kind of Course material is included? All the contents are video based there are 38 video lectures that includes : Database Concepts SQL Sub Languages (DDL,DML) Data Types and Constraints(Varchar2,Number,Date,NOT Null,Primary Key) Reading ,Limiting and Sorting Data Table Joins (Extract data from several tables) Aliases Functions (Character,Group). How Long is this course? The course is approximately four hours long and is structured in a logical easy to follow functional way . Why take this course? Taking this course will give you a well sort after skill that will last many years. Databases are vital and to have the skill to talk to them is invaluable.


Section 1: Introduction and Lab Setup

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Basic database concepts

Lecture 3 Tools the Professional use

Lecture 4 Oracle 11g Download and Installation

Lecture 5 Oracle 11g Setup file download

Lecture 6 Unlocking Sample HR Schema Account

Lecture 7 Download and install Oracle SQL Developer

Lecture 8 Connect SQL Developer to Oracle database

Lecture 9 Creating Account on Oracle Application Express

Lecture 10 Populating Sample HR Schema

Lecture 11 Running Sample Application

Lecture 12 Toad For Oracle Download and Installation

Lecture 13 Toad Database Connection Setup

Lecture 14 Notepad++ Download and Installation

Lecture 15 What is an ERD

Lecture 16 How to generate ERD with TOAD

Lecture 17 How to generate ERD with SQL Developer

Section 2: SQL Sub Languages

Lecture 18 SQL Sub Languages

Lecture 19 DDL CREATE PART 1

Lecture 20 DDL CREATE PART 2


Lecture 22 DML SELECT

Lecture 23 DML INSERT


Section 3: Reading Data

Lecture 25 Data Types And Constraints

Lecture 26 Limiting And Sorting Data

Lecture 27 Operators

Lecture 28 Set Operators

Lecture 29 View And Dual Table

Section 4: Table Joins

Lecture 30 Table Joins

Lecture 31 Aliases

Lecture 32 Equi Join

Lecture 33 Non Equi Join

Lecture 34 Cartesian Join

Lecture 35 Outer Join

Lecture 36 Self Join

Section 5: Functions

Lecture 37 Functions

Lecture 38 Character Functions

Lecture 39 Conversions

Lecture 40 Date Functions

Lecture 41 Numeric Functions

Lecture 42 Group / Aggregate Functions

Section 6: Analytic Functions

Lecture 43 What are Analytic Functions

Lecture 44 Syntax

Lecture 45 Partition By Clause

Lecture 46 ORDER BY Clause

Lecture 47 DENSE RANK Functions

Lecture 48 First and LAST Function

Lecture 49 LAG Function

Lecture 50 LISTAGG Function

Lecture 51 RANK Functions

Lecture 52 ROW Number Functions

Section 7: Conclusion

Lecture 53 Conclusion

Lecture 54 Thank You

IT professionals who want to gain extra valuable skills,Internet Marketers,Anyone who wants to learn how to communicate with databases.

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Created by: Skill Tree

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