Learn SwiftUI Fundamentals

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Learn SwiftUI Fundamentals
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Learn SwiftUI Fundamentals

What you’ll learn

All the basic fundamentals of SwiftUI
20 Videos of SwiftUi
Learn everything to do with Texts, Images, padding, and spacing
Learn Stacks (ZStack, VStack, HStack)
Learn Navigation Views and Navigation Links
Learn everything to do with Buttons
Learn how to make Sheets/FullScreenCover
Learn how to make Lists, Sections, ScrollViews
Learn how to use Searchable
Learn how to construct a TabView
Learn how to build a Weather App User Interface Skeleton
Learn how to build a Twitter App User Interface Skeleton

Learn SwiftUI Fundamentals


Basic level Swift Skills
SF Symbols Beta


In this course you will learn many SwiftUI fundamentals to construct beautiful user interfaces. You will be taught many different topics throughout 20 different videos, amounting to about 2 hours of material. All the topics taught will be integrated into the two projects at the end. The videos are quick and easy to follow ensuring students to quickly grasp SwiftUI so that they can later implement it into their own projects. Some of the topics include things such as texts, stacks, navigation, sheets, buttons, etc. There are certain things need for this course. First one must have a Mac/MacBook, Xcode, Bakery, and SF Symbols. Xcode, Bakery, and SF Symbols can all be downloaded through the App Store on your Mac/MacBook. At the end of the lessons you will construct the UI/skeleton for a Weather App and a Twitter Clone App. Your skills learned in the previous videos will all be utilized in the Weather App and Twitter Clone App. In the Twitter App you will learn many things such as how to construct a Tabview and even how to make a floating button. In this course I go slowly at a beginner pace, although I encourage the student to pause the video and trying out the code on their own. There will be more courses coming soon that utilize Swift functionality, as well as uploading data to a Firebase backend and fetching it from the sever. Enjoy you guys!


Section 1: SwiftUI Fundamentals

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Texts, Images, Padding, Spacing

Lecture 3 Stacks – ZStack, VStack,, HStack

Lecture 4 Buttons, NavigationViews, NavigationLinks

Lecture 5 Sheets & FullScreenCover

Lecture 6 Lists, Sections, Groups, Scrollviews

Lecture 7 Searchable

Lecture 8 Alerts

Section 2: Weather App UI

Lecture 9 Today’s Weather

Lecture 10 Today’s Weather By Time

Lecture 11 Weekly Weather

Lecture 12 Weather Wrap Up

Section 3: Twitter App UI

Lecture 13 MainTab Set Up

Lecture 14 PostCellView and ExploreCellView

Lecture 15 Explore Feed/Following Feed/Floating Button

Lecture 16 Feed Filter Button

Lecture 17 Finishing Home Page View

Lecture 18 Make a Tweet View

Lecture 19 Notifications View

Lecture 20 Profile View

Lecture 21 Course Wrap Up

Beginner Level Swift/SwiftUI Developers

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 28m | 941.04 MB
Created by: Alex Grzechowski

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