Learn the Irish language for beginners

This course is designed for the student who would like to begin, or improve on their level of the Irish language.
Learn the Irish language for beginners
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Darren Marks


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Learn the Irish language for beginners

What you’ll learn

Basic vocabulary and conversation starters
How to describe yourself in Irish
How to greet and bid farewell to somebody in Irish
How to ask questions in Irish
Useful conversation techniques for having a conversation in Irish
Numbers, days of the week, place in Irish

Learn the Irish language for beginners


No requirements needed
A love of Ireland is embraced!


During this course, I take students slowly through what I feel are the basics of the Irish language. Note: the emphasis during this course is on the oral element (speaking). Any written work should be done as a reinforcement of what is being spoken. I begin by going through basics or fundamental phrases or vocabulary which I feel are needed to hold a conversation. The objective at the end of the course is that students will be enabled to describe a short piece about themselves in Irish. Also, they will be equipped with some useful conversation techniques which will really help when a conversation begins.


Section 1: Greetings and introducing yourself

Lecture 1 Lecture 1 preview

Lecture 2 Lecture 1

Section 2: Extension on fundamentals

Lecture 3 Lecture 2

Section 3: Asking questions and some vocabulary.

Lecture 4 Lecture 3: Using questions to make conversation

Section 4: Expressing feelings

Lecture 5 Lecture 4: Expressing how you feel ‘as Gaeilge’

Section 5: Asking for help/items, and useful techniques for conversation.

Lecture 6 Lecture 5: Useful conversation techniques.

People who wish to learn Irish for the first time,People who wish to refresh their knowledge of Irish,People with Irish ancestry,Ex-patriots of Ireland who wish to learn Irish,Children who wish to learn Irish,Teens who wish to learn Irish

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Udemy | English | 1h 30m | 664.32 MB
Created by: Darren Marks

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