Learn to draw a portrait with pencils

drawing portraits
Learn to draw a portrait with pencils
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Learn to draw a portrait with pencils

What you’ll learn

Introduction to Portrait drawing
Common drawing techniques/ Material and tools
How to draw each part ofportrait ; eyes, nose, mouth….
Portrait drawing examples

Learn to draw a portrait with pencils


No skills needed


This course is about learing how to draw portrait with pencils. Through this lesson I show you  how to draw each part of portrait. As you are beginner artist you must use images as reference to draw from it. The lesson showed also  how you could start first drawing portrait such as drawing figure with gird and use the carbon paper to copie your drawing. Also the course talked about  the needed material  in drawing process.       The beginner artist must take feautures of portrait at first steps of drawing and step by step the ability to draw any portrait comes after. train yourself by your daily life drawing. take your cell phone with human portrait and small  sketchbook and try to draw them whenever and wherever in the cafe, in The garden and so on. train more and more until you have the hability the draw any portrait easily without anay problem.   As beginner artist dont be bored  if you get bad or unsatisified results that taotally normal, It is a challenging step in drawing process you must go ahead and stick to draw many times and different portrait. practice with many and different pencils that will provide you a good EXPERIENCE.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: The ways to draw portrait. material and tools, techniques and proportions

Lecture 2 The ways to draw a portrait with

Lecture 3 Material and tools

Lecture 4 drawing techniques

Lecture 5 The proportions of portrait

Lecture 6 just try with pencils

Lecture 7 the light and shade areas with pencils

Section 3: how to draw each part of portrait

Lecture 8 How to draw eyes

Lecture 9 How to draw nose

Lecture 10 How to draw the mouth

Lecture 11 How to draw the earns

Section 4: Draw hair and skull

Lecture 12 how to draw the hair

Lecture 13 skull face

Lecture 14 Skull profil

Section 5: Draw a portrait with grid method

Lecture 15 How to draw a portait with grid part 1

Lecture 16 Draw a portrait with grid part 2

Lecture 17 Draw a portrait with carbon paper

Section 6: lets draw portrait examples

Lecture 18 draw a girl, just do it as first step

Lecture 19 draw old woman

Lecture 20 Draw younger woman part I

Lecture 21 Draw younger woman part II

Beginner artists

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Created by: hamid amzaourou

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