Learn to Draw Mandala from Basics to Advanced

Mandala art course
Learn to Draw Mandala from Basics to Advanced
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Learn to Draw Mandala from Basics to Advanced

What you’ll learn

Mandala Drawing
Mandala Art

Learn to Draw Mandala from Basics to Advanced


Stationary required for practice and drawing Mandala


Develop your creative thinking through simple and fun art activities you can do at home.Transform Your Vision into Creative ResultsLet your creativity of traditional art increase your focus and attention …. enjoy the art of meditating with mandalas…Learn basic designs of Mandala and start drawing Mandala using these designs. Gradually, with the step by step instructions and practice draw about 25 different Mandalas. Mandala Art Course from SummerartMandalas are Buddhist devotional images often deemed a diagram or symbol of an ideal Universe. Its creation signifies the transformation of a Universe of suffering into one of joy. It can also be used as an aid to meditation, helping the meditator to envision how to achieve the perfect self. Mandalas were created in the service of one of the world’s great religion, Buddhism. They were produced in Tibet, India, Nepal, China, Japan, Bhutan and Indonesia and date from the 4th century to present. Now they are created throughout the world.A Mandala as a symbol in a dream, representing the dreamers search for completeness and self-unity.How Mandalas are usedIn various spiritual traditions mandalas are employed for focusing attention of practitioners as a spiritual guidance tool.Mandala are used for establishing a sacred space and as an aid to meditation and trance induction.Mandala’s purpose is to help transferring ordinary minds in to enlightened ones and to assist with healing.What are the Benefits?Mandala art is the way of meditationIt gives you relaxation and improves concentrationNurtures your CreativityMandala art is Therapeutic stress buster.Improves self esteemYou can create beautiful decorative mandalasMaterials RequiredSquare ruled sheets for practice, Drawing Paper 150gsm, Colour PapersPencil, Ruler, Protractor, CompassMandala art pen and Water colours.What will you learn?Learn Basic Patterns of MandalaLearn to Draw Basic MandalasLearn to Draw Different Patterns of MandalaCreate beautiful Mandalas


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction to Mandala Art

Lecture 2 Contents of this course

Lecture 3 Materials , tools required

Lecture 4 Mandala e-book for practicing (Download)

Section 2: Basic Designs of Mandala

Lecture 5 Basic designs of Mandala 1

Lecture 6 Basic designs of Mandala 2

Lecture 7 Basic designs of Mandala 3

Lecture 8 Basic designs of Mandala 4

Lecture 9 Basic designs of Mandala 5

Lecture 10 Basic Circular design of Mandala

Section 3: Basic Mandalas

Lecture 11 Mandala with Basic Designs 1

Lecture 12 Mandala with Basic Designs 2

Lecture 13 Mandala with Basic Designs 3

Lecture 14 Mandala with Basic Designs 4

Lecture 15 Mandala with Basic Designs 5

Lecture 16 Mandala with Basic Designs 6

Lecture 17 Mandala with Basic Designs 7

Lecture 18 Mandala with Basic Designs 8

Section 4: Intermediate Mandalas

Lecture 19 Mandala design on black paper

Lecture 20 Mandala design on black paper 2

Lecture 21 Mandala in triangle

Lecture 22 Full page Mandala

Lecture 23 Split Mandala

Lecture 24 Mandala with Colour

Lecture 25 Mandala with message

Lecture 26 Mandala Circle

Lecture 27 Mandala Galaxy

Lecture 28 Mandala on yellow paper

Lecture 29 Mandala on Green Paper

Lecture 30 Mandala on Yellow paper

Lecture 31 Mandala Design

Section 5: Advanced Mandala

Lecture 32 Mandala with water colour

Lecture 33 Mandala with water colour – 2

Lecture 34 Mandala with Musical Symbol – Part 1

Lecture 35 Mandala with Musical Symbol – Part 2

Lecture 36 Semi circle Mandala

Lecture 37 Flower Mandala

Lecture 38 Colour Mandala

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Created by: Chaitra Hebbar

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