Learn to Fully Charge Your Work & Life by Tom Rath

Learn the keys to leading your best, fully-charged life from Tom Rath, the best-selling author of StrengthsFinder.
Learn to Fully Charge Your Work & Life by Tom Rath
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Tom Rath


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Learn to Fully Charge Your Work & Life by Tom Rath

What you’ll learn

Learn how to lead a profoundly meaningful life by changing your daily routines so that you can focus on positivity, harness more meaningful relationships and continue to grow and evolve.
Infuse positivity into your daily interactions.
Energize your personal and professional life by maximizing your talents.
Find your drive and your internal motivation, so you can be your optimal self.
Learn the latest science on food and fitness and get your body on board with your new mindset.

Learn to Fully Charge Your Work & Life by Tom Rath


This course assumes no prior knowledge or special skillset.
All you need is an internet connection and a willingness to embrace new ideas based on the latest scientific findings.


Supercharge Your Daily Routine and Live the Life You DeserveAuthor and research legend, Tom Rath, will introduce you to the content in his breakthrough book, Are You Fully Charged? He’s teaching this course to help you learn how to change your daily habits, so you can create meaningful experiences while you achieve your maximum personal potential.This life-altering course will show you why our current focus on happiness and financial success limits our ability to create a truly meaningful existence. With a review of the top scientific studies, you’ll learn the true science of fulfillment. You’ll learn the three conditions you need to create the life you desire by giving yourself, your family, and your community the focus they deserve.Infuse positivity into your daily interactionsEnergize your personal and professional life by maximizing your talentsFind your drive and your internal motivation, so you can be your optimal selfLearn the latest science on food and fitness and get your body on board with your new mindset.Optimize Your Life by Pursuing MeaningThis course is for anyone who wants to get the most out of their time on earth by giving to others, embracing a powerful positive mindset, and energizing their daily rituals. In this one-of-a-kind course, you will learn to see the benefit of pursuing meaning instead of happiness.To walk away from this course feeling successful, all you need is a passion for personal progress to create daily well-being.Content and OverviewThe course begins by guiding you through strategies to help you master the here and now, living a life with mindfulness. You learn how to create meaning by putting the needs of others ahead of your own. Give up the pursuit of material things in order to find the true satisfaction that comes from lifting up those around you. All the content in this course is grounded in the latest psychological and scientific research, so you’re getting personal development strategies that really work.You’ll learn to make your work your purpose, so you find daily satisfaction in delivering value to others. At the same time, you’ll avoid the trap of busyness and responsiveness. Instead, you’ll initiate actions that fulfill you and bring positivity to those around you. You’ll learn to focus on less, so you can do more.As the course progresses, you’ll understand why competition is a lose-lose proposition, and how you can win by helping others to succeed. You’ll learn to build a cumulative advantage, so you progress as you help others grow. To help you accomplish your goals, you’ll get tips for how to get your body energized and thriving, so you can follow through on your purpose. The sleep section will help you understand how this basic physiological need relates to stress and energy levels. The last section of the course will walk you through on how to respond with resilience in the face of life’s unexpected challenges.The course concludes with a round up of the content you’ve learned, so you have bite-size takeaways that you can use to remind and motivate yourself. By the end of this course, you’ll have a profound understanding of how to create meaning in your life and how to live every day, ‘fully charged.’


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome

Lecture 2 The 3 keys to energizing your work & life

Lecture 3 Before we start, let’s set some goals

Lecture 4 Exercise: Pre-Course Reflection Questions

Lecture 5 Let’s get started!

Section 2: Meaning: Learn to Abandon the Pursuit of Happiness

Lecture 6 Why you shouldn’t pursue happiness

Lecture 7 How to pursue meaning instead

Lecture 8 Exercise: Reflection Questions

Section 3: Meaning: Find Your Drive From Internal Motivators

Lecture 9 Let go of external motivators

Lecture 10 To find meaning, focus on instrinsic motivation

Lecture 11 Exercise: Reflection Questions

Section 4: Meaning: Find Meaning by Asking What the World Needs

Lecture 12 Double down on your talents

Lecture 13 Meaning = your strenghts + interests + another’s needs

Lecture 14 Exercise: Reflection Questions

Section 5: Meaning: How to Craft Your Dream Into Your Work

Lecture 15 Cast a shadow instead of living in one

Lecture 16 How to craft your job to have more meaning

Lecture 17 Exercise: Reflection Questions

Section 6: Meaning: Make Work a Purpose, Not Just a Place

Lecture 18 Why you shouldn’t work to live

Lecture 19 Work for more than a living

Lecture 20 Exercise: Reflection Questions

Section 7: Meaning: Find A Higher Calling Than Cash

Lecture 21 Keep money from killing meaning

Lecture 22 Work for meaning instead of cash

Lecture 23 Exercise: Reflection Questions

Section 8: Meaning: Stop Responding, Start Initiating

Lecture 24 Focus on less to do more

Lecture 25 Initiate to shape the future

Lecture 26 Exercise: Reflection Questions

Section 9: Meaning: Keep Your Mission in Mind

Lecture 27 Use purpose to prevent mental plaque

Lecture 28 Your mission will make you motivated & more productive

Lecture 29 Exercise: Reflection Questions

Section 10: Interaction: Learn to Make Every Interaction Count

Lecture 30 Positive interactions lead to a higher well-being

Lecture 31 Assume good intent

Lecture 32 Exercise: Reflection Questions

Section 11: Interaction: Be 80% Positive

Lecture 33 Even short negative reactions are stressful

Lecture 34 Focus on the positive in your interactions

Lecture 35 Exercise: Reflection Questions

Section 12: Interaction: Form Relationships to Gain Speed and Creativity

Lecture 36 Avoid isolation at work

Lecture 37 Take a break FOR relationships

Lecture 38 Exercise: Reflection Questions

Section 13: Interaction: How to Use Money Effectively

Lecture 39 You’ll get less joy from money spent on material goods

Lecture 40 Put your money into experiences and other people first

Lecture 41 Exercise: Reflection Questions

Section 14: Interaction: Avoid Flying Solo

Lecture 42 Approaching interactions as a competition is a recipe for failure

Lecture 43 You win when others succeed

Lecture 44 Exercise: Reflection Questions

Section 15: Interaction: Learn to Build a Cumulative Advantage

Lecture 45 Focus on helping others grow

Lecture 46 Help someone see what could be

Lecture 47 Exercise: Reflection Questions

Section 16: Energy: Learn to Eat Your Way to A Better Day

Lecture 48 Make every bite count

Lecture 49 The keys to healthy eating

Lecture 50 Exercise: Reflection Questions

Section 17: Energy: Learn to Walk Before You Run

Lecture 51 The danger of sitting

Lecture 52 Move more to better your mood

Lecture 53 Exercise: Reflection Questions

Section 18: Energy: Sleep Longer to Achieve More

Lecture 54 Missing sleep decreases your well-being

Lecture 55 Sleep is an investment, not an expense

Lecture 56 Exercise: Reflection Questions

Section 19: Energy: Eat, Move, and Sleep to De-Stress

Lecture 57 Age more slowing by eating, moving, and sleeping right

Lecture 58 Keep stress from snowballing

Lecture 59 Exercise: Reflection Questions

Section 20: Energy: Learn to Respond with Resilience

Lecture 60 React to stress as a challenge, not a threat

Lecture 61 Learn to reframe major stressors

Lecture 62 Exercise: Reflection Questions

Section 21: Conclusion

Lecture 63 Create a positive charge

Lecture 64 What’s next?

Lecture 65 Exercise: Reflection Questions

This course is for anyone looking to maximize their time on earth by living with purpose, being mindful of their influence, and helping others to grow. ,This course will benefit students who don’t have a fixed mindset or who are open to exploring change.

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Created by: Tom Rath

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