Learn to master ETL data integration with Pentaho kettle PDI

Learn how to develop ETL with Pentaho PDI 8 (2nd edition) 2020 #1 – full Project, hands on, tips and tricks and homework
Learn to master ETL data integration with Pentaho kettle PDI
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Itamar Steinberg (inflow systems)


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Learn to master ETL data integration with Pentaho kettle PDI

What you’ll learn

Install and Set up PDI and environment
Transformations and Jobs
Connect to data sources
Introduce Sakila case study and goals
Develop our case study hand-on
Learn the building blocks
schedule the ETL
Theory of data integration

Learn to master ETL data integration with Pentaho kettle PDI


You should have basic SQL knowledge
understand the basic idea od relational databases


Pentaho kettle Development course with Pentaho 8 – 08-2019 #1Learn how to Develop real pentaho kettle projectsGet a lot of tips and tricks. Become master in transformation steps and jobsKnow how to set Pentaho kettle environmentBe familiar with the most used steps of Pentaho kettleSolve issuesStart making money as an ETL developerWhat is the target audience?SQL developers, ETL developers, code developers (Python, PHP…), Automation developers, BI developers, software project managers and anyone who like to understand what is ETLthe Pentaho kettle course is meant for people who have some background with SQL syntax, Queries, and database design, you don’t need to be expert on that, I will guide you throughin case you don’t know SQL at all, I suggest you take a course-specific for that before you enroll in this coursethis course is only for students who are serious in working hands-on, practice and some more practice. it is not reading or watching. you will be an expert but only if you try everything I show by your self


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Your first ETL example – table to table

Lecture 3 First ETL explained

Lecture 4 Second ETL example – file to table

Lecture 5 Thank you, some guide lines

Lecture 6 Materials of the course

Lecture 7 Download links of softwares

Section 2: Installations

Lecture 8 Installation Intro

Lecture 9 Install PDI

Lecture 10 Install JAVA

Lecture 11 Install MySql

Lecture 12 Install Dbeaver

Lecture 13 additionals for mysql8 and Dbeaver

Lecture 14 Database creation

Lecture 15 JDBC and connections

Section 3: PDI Walkthrough

Lecture 16 PDI Environment

Lecture 17 kettle.properties

Lecture 18 PDI jobs

Lecture 19 PDI shared xml

Section 4: The Project

Lecture 20 Dim Date

Lecture 21 Generate rows step

Lecture 22 Add sequence step

Lecture 23 Calculator Step

Lecture 24 Select Values step

Lecture 25 String cut step

Lecture 26 Concat field step

Lecture 27 String operation step

Lecture 28 Table ouptput step

Lecture 29 Dim date homework

Lecture 30 Dim date homework solution

Section 5: Dim time

Lecture 31 Dim time intro

Lecture 32 Dim time final result

Lecture 33 Cartesian step

Lecture 34 String operation step 2

Lecture 35 Java script step | constant step

Lecture 36 Filter rows step | table output step 1

Lecture 37 Filter rows step | table output step 2

Lecture 38 Dim time summary

Lecture 39 Dim time homework

Lecture 40 Dim time homework solution

Section 6: Dim Customers

Lecture 41 Dim customers intro

Lecture 42 Insert update step

Section 7: Dim film

Lecture 43 Dim film intro

Lecture 44 Dim film base

Lecture 45 Handling nulls

Lecture 46 Merge join step

Lecture 47 Stream lookup step

Lecture 48 De normalizer step

Lecture 49 Dim film colnclusion

Lecture 50 Dim film homework

Lecture 51 Dim film solution

Section 8: Dim store

Lecture 52 Dim store intro

Lecture 53 Lookup step part 1

Lecture 54 Lookup step part 2

Lecture 55 Insert update step

Lecture 56 Dim store homework

Lecture 57 Dim store homework solution

Section 9: Fact rentals

Lecture 58 Fact rental intro

Lecture 59 Lookups

Lecture 60 Date handling

Lecture 61 Fact rental payments

Lecture 62 Fact rental conclusion

Lecture 63 Fact rental homework

Lecture 64 Fact rental solution

Section 10: Main job

Lecture 65 The main job part 1

Lecture 66 The main job part 2

Lecture 67 Schedule the main job

Section 11: Theory

Lecture 68 Analytical structure

Lecture 69 Data source part 1

Lecture 70 Data source part 2

Lecture 71 Data warehouse

Lecture 72 Etl tools

Section 12: What’s next

Lecture 73 Bonus lecture

SQL developers, ETL developers, Automation developers, BI developers,software project managers and anyone who like to understand what is ETL

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 10h 0m | 7.86 GB
Created by: Itamar Steinberg (inflow systems)

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