Learn To Play The Drums

Become a drummer with a step by step programme to get you from being drumming novice to drumming expert
Learn To Play The Drums
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Billy Baker


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Learn To Play The Drums

What you’ll learn

Learn different Rhythms that make up everything we play on the drums
Learn to play Rudiments – Patterns that are the building blocks of drumming
Learn to play Rock Grooves – Impress your friends with your excellent beats
Learn how to play along to Popular Songs
Learn different Styles of Drumming – Latin, March, Blues, Reggae
Learn Theory of Drum Music and how to read Drum Notation

Learn To Play The Drums


A drum kit or something to practice on
Drum sticks


Hello and welcome to Learn to Play the Drums, a top seller on Udemy by Billy Baker – Top 10% instructor on Udemy. If you’ve always wanted to learn the drums this course is for you. Enrol now and I’ll see you on the inside!New videos include: ‘Three Little Birds’ by Bob Marley’Road to Nowhere’ by Talking Heads’Jump into the Fog’ by the WombatsRecent reviews of this course: “Billy’s course is more than I ever could have imagined! I’m having a blast and am so impressed with my skills so far thanks to Billy!””Really enjoying it. Pace of learning is just right. Excellent tutor. Detailed explanations and examples are highly valuable.” This course will turn you from being a drumming novice into a drumming expert. The lectures provide step by step instruction to suit everyone and cover skills that are both basic and advanced. Each section has downloadable PDFs to help your understanding and to aid practice. The lectures contain exercises that I have learnt, use and teach in my career as a professional drummer and tutor. By the end of the course you will be a proficient drummer. All you need to do is to pay attention to the lectures, be patient and devote some practice time to the exercises shown in the course. You’ll have life long access to the all the videos with a 30 day money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose. Lectures are being added all the time so the course is constantly getting bigger and better.Also by Billy: ‘Learn to Play the Drums without a Drum Kit’ – available on Udemy


Section 1: Introduction Level – Drumming Essentials to Get You Started

Lecture 1 Hello and Welcome – Get Started with Learning the Drums!

Lecture 2 Drum Stick Grip – How to hold your sticks correctly

Lecture 3 The Anatomy of the Drum Kit – Learn the names and how it sounds

Lecture 4 Hitting the Drums – Make some noise & how to get a good tone

Lecture 5 Right vs Left – Right handed or left handed?

Section 2: Initial Level: Drum Notation, Simple Fills & Quarter/Eighth Notes

Lecture 6 Quarter Notes – Start Playing Simple Rhythms Using All The Drums

Lecture 7 Eighth Notes – Your Next Rhythm Using Both Hands

Lecture 8 Drum Notation – What You Need To Know So Far – Read Drum Music

Lecture 9 We Will Rock You by Queen – Bass, Snare & Floor Tom Rock

Lecture 10 Rudiments: Snare Drum Rhythms – Single Strokes, Double Strokes & Paradiddles

Lecture 11 The Arctic Monkeys – Do I Wanna Know? – Bass Drum and Snare Drum Quarter Notes

Section 3: Level 1: Playing with a Click, 3/4 Grooves, 16th Notes & Paradiddles

Lecture 12 The Click explained – What it is and how it can help with your playing

Lecture 13 Practice playing with the click – practical playing practice

Lecture 14 Practice playing with a song – Do I Wanna Know? by the Arctic Monkeys

Lecture 15 The Rock Groove – The Most Impressive Coordination Exercise So Far!

Lecture 16 Learn how to play the Cross Stick / Rim Click technique

Lecture 17 Bob Marley – Three Little Birds – Learn how to play Reggae

Lecture 18 Playalong Track: Black Betty – Learn to Play a Whole Song

Lecture 19 Rock Grooves A – D – Grooves For Life!

Lecture 20 Yellow by Coldplay – Rock Grooves Using All the Cymbals

Lecture 21 Sixteenth Notes – The Most Rhythmic Rhythm So Far… 1e+a…

Lecture 22 Queen – We Will Rock You – A Rock Classic

Lecture 23 Van Halen – And The Cradle Will Rock – Half Bar Fills and Ride Cymbal Grooves!

Lecture 24 Sixteenth Notes – Three note rhythms – 1e+_, 1_+a, & 1e_a.

Lecture 25 Billie Jean – Michael Jackson – A simple Rock Groove with some added Fills

Lecture 26 The Wombats – Jump Into The Fog – Floor Tom Grooves for the Chorus

Lecture 27 I Believe I’ll Dust My Broom by Robert Johnson – Play the Blues!

Lecture 28 Rudiments: Singles, Doubles & Paradiddles Using the Toms

Lecture 29 Uptown Funk – Bruno Mars & Mark Ronson – A Funk Pop Modern Classic

Lecture 30 Seven Nation Army – The White Stripes – Thumping Beats to Guitar Riffs

Lecture 31 Rhythm Recap Played Around The Drums – Add Different Combinations

Section 4: Level 2: More Advanced Grooves using the Floor Tom & Different Time Signatures

Lecture 32 Bass Drum Foot Technique: Heel Up or Heel Down? Both Techniques Explained

Lecture 33 Rudiments: Singles, Doubles & Paradiddles using the Bass Drum and Snare Drum

Lecture 34 Float On by Modest Mouse – Four to the Floor and 16th note grooves

Lecture 35 Creedence Clearwater Revival – Green River – Retro Quarter Note Rock Grooves

Lecture 36 Sing for Absolution – Muse – 8th Note Rock Grooves on the Floor Tom

Lecture 37 Rolling Stones – Jumpin Jack Flash – 2 Bar Rock Grooves

Lecture 38 Part 1 Playback Test – Listen, Read & Play in time with the track

Lecture 39 2 Bar Loops – Rock Grooves and Fills

Lecture 40 Linear Snare and Bass Drum 8th Notes Rhythms – Test Your Coordination

Lecture 41 Brown Eyes by Lady Gaga – Play a 2 bar rock loop along with Gaga

Lecture 42 Rock Grooves E – H – Add some offbeats Bass Drums to your Grooves

Lecture 43 Learn to play Rock Grooves on the Ride Cymbal & add a Left Foot Hi Hat!

Lecture 44 Dynamics and Accents – Make your drumming more interesting!

Lecture 45 Latin – Learn how to play the ride bell properly and the left hand pattern

Lecture 46 Notation: Time Signatures – How Many Beats in a Bar?

Lecture 47 March – Learn how to play a march pattern whilst keeping a consistant bass drum

Lecture 48 The Proclaimers – I’m Gonna Be 500 Miles – Rock with a March Section!

Lecture 49 Talking Heads – Road to Nowhere – March style rhythms with a Rock ending

Lecture 50 3/4 – Learn how to play a groove in a different time signature

Lecture 51 16th Note Fills Played Around the Kit – Get Good At Playing Around Your Drums

Lecture 52 Play Rock Grooves with different 16th note Fills around the Drum Kit

Lecture 53 Flams – Make your playing ‘Fatter’

Lecture 54 Drags – Develop this rudiment and your double strokes

Lecture 55 Ruffs – Learn this rudiment and improve your single strokes

Lecture 56 Quarter Note Grooves – Learn how to play Rock Grooves in another way

Lecture 57 Rock Grooves A – D played as Quarter Note Rock

Lecture 58 Rudiments: Singles, Doubles & Paradiddles with Toms & Bass Drum

Lecture 59 12/8 Time Signature Style Grooves

Section 5: Level 3: Using Advanced 16th Notes in Your Drumming

Lecture 60 Billy’s Top Tip #1 – Drum Thone/Stool – Never Fall Off Stage!

Lecture 61 Setting Up Your Drum Kit – How to do it the most efficient and safe way

Lecture 62 Double Paradiddle

Lecture 63 Paradiddle-Diddle

Lecture 64 Flam Rudiments: Flam Tap

Lecture 65 Flam Accent

Lecture 66 8 Note Sequence of Single Strokes and Double Strokes – Test Your Rudiments!

Lecture 67 Displaced Snare Drum Rock Grooves

Lecture 68 Groove I

Lecture 69 Groove J

Lecture 70 Groove K

Lecture 71 Groove L

Lecture 72 How to Play a Shuffle Groove

Lecture 73 Triplet Fills

Lecture 74 8th Note Rock Grooves A – P Played as a Shuffle

Lecture 75 Open Hi Hats 1 – Add some Hi Hat Sizzle to your Playing!

Lecture 76 Coldplay – In My Place

Lecture 77 ‘Yesterday Threw Everything At Me’ by Athlete – Add a 16th note Snare in Groove

Lecture 78 Are You Gonna Go My Way – Lenny Kravitz – Rock Out with Flams!

Lecture 79 Natural Blues by Moby – 16th Note Grooves and Punctuated Rudiments!

Section 6: Level 4: Next Level Coordination

Lecture 80 Groove M

Lecture 81 Groove N

Lecture 82 Groove O

Lecture 83 Groove P

Lecture 84 Half Time Grooves – 8 Grooves with the backbeat on 3

Lecture 85 Open Hi Hats 2 – More advanced Open Hi Hat Grooves

Lecture 86 Walk This Way by Aerosmith – A Rock/Hip Hop Classic with Open Hi Hats

Lecture 87 Prince Buster – Madness – A Shuffle Groove Played Live with Added Extras

Lecture 88 Elbow – The Bones of You – 6/8 Grooves with 16th notes

Section 7: Level 5: Advanced Techniques, Feel and Irregular Time Signatures

Lecture 89 Pearl Jam – Alive – Changes of time signature with 16th note bass drums

Lecture 90 Amy Winehouse – You Know I’m No Good – RnB Grooves with Grace Snare Drum Notes

Lecture 91 Ocean Colour Scene – The Riverboat Song – Rock in 6/4 Time

Lecture 92 Pharrell – Happy – Quarter Note Groove with 8th kicks and an open Hi Hat

Section 8: Level 6: Advanced Combination of Rhythm

Lecture 93 Rudiment Ideas Around the Drums – Singles, Doubles & Paradiddles Coordination

Lecture 94 Kate Bush – Lily – 16th Note Groove with Open Hi Hats

Lecture 95 Rage Against the Machine – Wake Up – Heavy Funk Grooves with Displaced Snares

Lecture 96 The Strokes – What Ever Happened? Groove – Quarter Note Groove with 16th Bass

Lecture 97 7/8 Grooves – Rock Grooves with an 8th Note cut off

Section 9: Level 7: Faster Double Strokes, Double Pedal & Weak Hand Lead

Lecture 98 32nd Note Combinations on the Snare Drum/Kit

Lecture 99 Left Foot Clave Coordination Exercises with Snare Drum Rudiments

Lecture 100 Left Foot Clave Coordination Exercises with Orchestrated Rudiments

Lecture 101 War is Over – John Lennon & Yoko Ono – Learn how to play 6/8 grooves and fills

Lecture 102 Eminem – Cleanin’ Out My Closet – Broken 16th Note Grooves With Cross Stick

Anyone interested in playing the drums!,For beginners, intermediate and advanced drummers

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 11h 52m | 16.25 GB
Created by: Billy Baker

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