Learn to read Kipper Cards from Scratch

Learn the art of Fortune Telling with this 36 Card Deck
Learn to read Kipper Cards from Scratch
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Toni Puhle


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Learn to read Kipper Cards from Scratch

What you’ll learn

Create 3 card spreads
Understand the Kipper Deck
Directional Cues
Read the cards using the Bavarian Kipper Reading Method

Learn to read Kipper Cards from Scratch


No previous card reading skills required
Kipper Card Deck for future practice


This course is for all students who would like to learn the building bricks for the Kipper System. We learn the baseline concepts of Kipper reading.Pre-Requisites None – Just a kipper deck to work with!Winner Winner Chicken Dinner – If you have started your Kipper journey and want to make sure you start with the right foundations then you have found the right place! Learn the Bavarian Kipper Reading Method (TM) from scratch!You will learn:Card MeaningsCard Placement / Kipper LanguageConnectorsCause & Effect CardsMovement CardsSimple spreads to get you started!Join me, The Card Geek on your Kipper Journey and learn how the Kipper Cards can nail a situation and drag a few skeletons out of the closet!!


Lecture 1 Toni Puhle – The Card Geek and my courses

Section 1: Introduction to the Kipper Cards

Lecture 2 Lesson Plan

Lecture 3 The Card Meanings

Lecture 4 The Kipper Card Language

Section 2: Kipper Card Types

Lecture 5 Kipper Cause & Effect Cards

Lecture 6 Kipper Connector Cards

Lecture 7 Kipper Movement Cards


Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 10m | 1.51 GB
Created by: Toni Puhle

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