Learn To Speak Gaeilge Irish

Learning Irish
Learn To Speak Gaeilge Irish
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Siobhán Ní Ghallchóir


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Learn To Speak Gaeilge Irish

What you’ll learn

Engage in a basic conversation in Irish and understand essential words and phrases which they can use in engaging with fluent speakers or whilst visiting Ireland!

Learn To Speak Gaeilge Irish


All students need is a hunger for learning our beautiful language.


My name is Siobhan Ní Ghallchóir and I would love to help you learn the basics in starting and maintaining a simple conversation in the Irish language. I won’t be boring you with grammatical terms or tenses, or confusing things, instead I will get down to the nitty gritty! I will be launching another course shortly which will cover these more advanced topics. So for now we’re just getting stuck in to learning basic phrases and words which you may find useful. Perhaps you’re thinking of visiting us here in Ireland and would like your ‘cupla focal’, or you are longing to learn the language of your ancestors, but whatever your reasons, my main aim is to bring to you an enjoyable learning experience.


Section 1: Introduction/Réamhchursa

Lecture 1 About The Course

Lecture 2 Instructor Bio

Lecture 3 Content / Clár

Section 2: Introducing yourself and meeting people/Mé féin agus ag bualadh le daoine

Lecture 4 Mé féin agus ag bualadh le daoine / Introducing yourself and meeting people

Lecture 5 Is Mise… / My Name Is …

Lecture 6 Caidé mar ata tú? / How are you?

Lecture 7 An Aimsir / The Weather

Lecture 8 Ag cuir deireadh leis an chomhrá / Ending the conversation

Section 3: My Family/Mo Theaghlach

Lecture 9 Mo Theaghlach / My Family

Lecture 10 Uimhreacha / Numbers

Lecture 11 Paistí / Children

Lecture 12 My Family Quiz

Section 4: Directions /Treoracha

Lecture 13 Treoracha / Directions

Lecture 14 Bunfhoclóir / Basic Vocabulary

Lecture 15 Ag Lorg Treoracha / Looking for Directions

Section 5: Review Your Course

Lecture 16 Review Lesson 1 . Súil Siar ar ‘Mé Féin agus ag bualadh le daoine’.

Lecture 17 Review Lesson 2. Súil Siar ar ‘Mo Theaghlach’.

Lecture 18 Review Lesson 3. Súil Siar ar ‘Treoracha’.

Students who are at a beginner or intermediate level in learning Irish and who have a passion for an Ghaeilge!

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 7m | 92.74 MB
Created by: Siobhán Ní Ghallchóir

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