Learn to use Git and Github with Eclipse A Complete Guide

Practical course for learning how to use to Git and Github with Eclipse with step by step details
Learn to use Git and Github with Eclipse A Complete Guide
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Learn to use Git and Github with Eclipse A Complete Guide

What you’ll learn

Learn all the required skills to use Git and GitHub with Eclipse
Master the techniques to leverage the Git related features available in Eclipse

Learn to use Git and Github with Eclipse A Complete Guide


Basics of Java
Basics of Eclipse


In this course, you will learn how to use Git and GitHub from Eclipse in general, and obtain real world, value skills that can dramatically increase your career prospects as a software developer.Git is one of those skills that employers look for on resumes, so don’t miss out on opportunities because you are do not have the necessary skills.This course is a entirely hands-on and an example based comprehensive course ,which would will guide you to learn and master the essentials of the source code management in Git and GitHub using using the popular Eclipse IDE.Content and Overview Entire course is broken down to the following categories:Course OverviewEnvironment SetupGetting Started With GitGetting Started With GitHibAdvanced: Going Deeper With Git And GitHub


Section 1: Course Overview

Lecture 1 Course Details

Lecture 2 Udemy Tips (Important)

Lecture 3 Slide PDF used during the lectures

Section 2: Environment Setup

Lecture 4 Install JDK On Windows

Lecture 5 Install Eclipse On Windows

Lecture 6 Setting Up Eclipse For Git Usage

Section 3: Getting Started With Git

Lecture 7 What Is Git And GitHub

Lecture 8 Git Repository: Local And Remote

Lecture 9 How Git Works – The Basic Flow And Concepts

Lecture 10 Configuring Git And Creating Local Repository For A Project

Lecture 11 Creating First Commit To Local Repository With .gitignore File

Lecture 12 Adding Several Commits To Local Repository And Browsing Changes

Section 4: Getting Started With GitHub

Lecture 13 Signup For GitHub

Lecture 14 Push Local Repository Code To Remote GitHub Repository

Lecture 15 Pushing Changes To GitHub

Lecture 16 Use Personal Access Token Instead Of Password While Pushing Changes

Lecture 17 Cloning From GitHub

Lecture 18 Creating,Editing,Renaming And Deleting Files On GitHub

Lecture 19 GitHub Time Travel: Reviewing Your Repository as of a Particular Commit

Lecture 20 Using GitHub Fork And Pull Request

Lecture 21 Create,Delete And Restore Branches At GitHub

Lecture 22 How To Add A Collaborator To A GitHub Repository

Lecture 23 Create A Pull Request At GitHub

Lecture 24 Merge The Pull Request At GitHub

Lecture 25 Resolving Merge Conflicts on GitHub

Lecture 26 Protecting Branches On GitHub

Lecture 27 Compare Branches At GitHub

Section 5: Advanced: Going Deeper With Git And GitHub

Lecture 28 Fetch From UpStream Versus Pull

Lecture 29 Pulling New Changes From UpStream Branch

Lecture 30 Setup SSH On Eclipse And GitHub

Lecture 31 Ref And RefSpec

Lecture 32 Working With Branches Using Merge

Lecture 33 Understand Merge Concept With Practical Examples

Lecture 34 Understand Rebase Concept With Practical Examples

Lecture 35 Resolve Conflict During Pull

Lecture 36 Resolving Merge Conflict

Lecture 37 Resolve Conflict With Merge And Rebase

Lecture 38 Delete Branches

Lecture 39 Inspecting Git Commits

Lecture 40 Reverting Changes And Commits

Lecture 41 Time Travel With Reset And Reflog

Lecture 42 Synchronizing Workspace

Lecture 43 Working With Tags

Lecture 44 Finding Out Unpushed/Local Git/GitHub Commits

Lecture 45 Search Commits Using Eclipse Git Search

Lecture 46 Saving Work In Progress With Stashing

Lecture 47 View File History In GitHub

Lecture 48 View File History In Eclipse

Lecture 49 Understand And Perform Interactive Rebase

Lecture 50 Cherry Pick: Selecting Individual Commits From One Branch To Another

Section 6: Thank You

Lecture 51 Thank You Note and Feedback About This Course

Section 7: Bonus Section

Lecture 52 Slack Group for students

Java Developer,Java EE Developer

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