Learn Unity From Zero Make A Mobile Game And Publish it

Unity For Beginners. Go From Zero To Making Your First Mobile Game and Publishing it on Google Play.
Learn Unity From Zero Make A Mobile Game And Publish it
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Learn Unity From Zero Make A Mobile Game And Publish it

What you’ll learn

Learn the Basics of Unity
Learn the Basics of Programming
Learn the Basics of Mobile Game Development

Learn Unity From Zero Make A Mobile Game And Publish it


PC or Mac


In this course you will learn how to:-Code in C# on a basic level.-Operate the Unity Editor a basic level-Operate and understand Unity’s most essential scripting elements.-Implement basic game logic.-Make the game run smooth with animations.-Add Google mobile ads to the game.-Add share functionality to the game.-Make a playable game for Android Devices.-Publish a game to the Google Play Store.If you have 0 programming expirience and never used Unity, you are at the best place to start.If you like the course feel free to share it with your friends.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Hello

Lecture 2 Introduction

Lecture 3 Unity Editor

Section 2: C# Basics

Lecture 4 Hello World

Lecture 5 Comments

Lecture 6 Variables

Lecture 7 IF Statements

Lecture 8 Boolean Operators

Lecture 9 Boolean Operators 2

Lecture 10 Arrays

Lecture 11 For Loop

Lecture 12 Functions

Lecture 13 Classes & Objects (Alien vs Human)

Lecture 14 GAME: Alien vs Human BONUS CHALLENGE

Section 3: Unity Basic Concepts

Lecture 15 GameObjects in Unity

Lecture 16 Creating GameObjects in Unity

Lecture 17 Start and Update

Lecture 18 Delta Time

Lecture 19 Get Component

Section 4: Lets Make a Game! (Part 1: GAME LOGIC)

Lecture 20 Setting the Environment

Lecture 21 Make bird jump and flap

Lecture 22 Bird Rotation

Lecture 23 Ground Movement

Lecture 24 Column & Column Spawner

Lecture 25 Detect and Add Score

Lecture 26 Game Over State

Lecture 27 Game Over Panel UI

Lecture 28 Pre Start Game State

Lecture 29 Show Score and HighScore in GO Panel

Lecture 30 Add Small Touches

Lecture 31 Pause Button & Pause Game State

Lecture 32 Add Custom Fonts

Lecture 33 Make Menu Scene

Lecture 34 Transition Between Scenes

Section 5: Lets Make a Game! (Part 2: GAME ANIMATIONS & TRANSITIONS)

Lecture 35 Bird Up Down Movement

Lecture 36 Black Fade Transition

Lecture 37 Get Ready Animation

Lecture 38 Hit Animation

Lecture 39 Camera Shake

Lecture 40 Game Over Animation

Lecture 41 Medal Script

Lecture 42 Coin Sparkle

Lecture 43 Draw Score

Section 6: Lets Make a Game! (Part 3: FINAL TOUCHES)

Lecture 44 Add Sounds

Lecture 45 Rate Button

Lecture 46 Google Mobile Ads

Lecture 47 Share Button

Lecture 48 Publish To Google Play (Part 1)

Lecture 49 Publish To Google Play (Part 2)

Anyone interested in Game Development,Absolute beginners with Unity,Anyone interested in making games for mobile devices.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 7h 48m | 3.27 GB
Created by: Broskis Games

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