Learn Visual Studio Code 2020

Everything you need to know about Visual Studio Code, the most popular editor in Web Development!
Learn Visual Studio Code 2020
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Learn Visual Studio Code 2020

What you’ll learn

Time-saving tips on how to efficiently navigate Visual Studio Code
Customize Visual Studio Code with shortcuts, themes, extensions, snippets, and more
Effectively debug JavaScript with Node, React, Angular, and Vue.
Integrate source control with Git/Github into Visual Studio Code
Generate code faster and more efficiently

Learn Visual Studio Code 2020


Basic web development knowledge is useful but not required.
A computer and internet


This course has been completely re-recorded in 2020 to make sure you get the latest content!In just a few years, Visual Studio Code has become the most popular editor for Web Development. In short, it is open-source, cross-platform, full of functionality, and has an amazing community behind it. Many of the biggest names in Web Development have already made the switch, and so should you! If you’re looking to learn the ins and outs of VS Code while increasing your efficiency and proficiency as a developer, this course is perfect for you. Whether you’re brand new to Web Development or a seasoned veteran, there’s something for everyone.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome and Resources

Lecture 2 The What and the Why

Lecture 3 Downloading and Installing

Section 2: The User Interface

Lecture 4 The Interface

Lecture 5 Optimizing Your Layout for Development

Lecture 6 Split Editor and Grid Tab System

Lecture 7 Opening and Working with Files

Lecture 8 Navigating and Manipulating Text

Lecture 9 Search and Replace Like a Ninja

Lecture 10 Intellisense

Lecture 11 HTML Shortcuts with Emmet

Section 3: Customization

Lecture 12 Customizing Shortcuts

Lecture 13 User and Workspace Settings

Lecture 14 Using Font Ligatures

Lecture 15 Installing Your First Extension

Lecture 16 Popular Extensions Part 1

Lecture 17 Popular Extensions Part 2

Lecture 18 Popular Extensions Part 3

Lecture 19 Settings Sync Extension

Lecture 20 Themes

Section 4: Writing and Formatting Code

Lecture 21 Snippets

Lecture 22 Working With Markdown

Lecture 23 Organizing Your Code

Lecture 24 Creating Standard Settings With Editor Config

Lecture 25 Formatting Code with Prettier

Lecture 26 Formatting and Linting Code With ESLint

Lecture 27 Formatting and Linting Code With TSLint (DEPRECATED)

Section 5: The Integrated Terminal

Lecture 28 The Integrated Terminal

Lecture 29 Customizing the Integrated Terminal Part 1

Lecture 30 Customizing the Integrated Terminal Part 2

Section 6: Working With Git and Source Control

Lecture 31 Built In Git Tools

Lecture 32 Working with Remote Github Repositories

Lecture 33 Useful Extensions for Working With Git

Lecture 34 Git Lens Extension

Section 7: Debugging

Lecture 35 Creating Your First Debug Configuration

Lecture 36 Debugging Node (Server Side JavaScript)

Lecture 37 Debugging Angular CLI Applications

Lecture 38 Debugging Create React App Applications

Lecture 39 Debugging Vue CLI Applications

Section 8: Extras

Lecture 40 VS Code Live Share

Section 9: Closing

Lecture 41 Closing

New web developers looking for the best tools.,Experienced Web Developers looking to switch over to Visual Studio Code,Web Developers looking to increase their speed and efficiency as a developer

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 45m | 1.61 GB
Created by: James Quick

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