Learning Adobe After Effects CC 2014

Dive into animation and special effects using Adobe’s powerful compositing tool to enhance and revitalize your videos.
Learning Adobe After Effects CC 2014
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Learning Adobe After Effects CC 2014

What you’ll learn

utilize After Effects in a workflow with other Adobe Creative Cloud applications such as Photoshop and Illustrator.
stabilize shaky video footage and make other touch-ups and corrections
create custom animations and effects that blend with live action video

Learning Adobe After Effects CC 2014


a working copy of Adobe After Effects CC


This beginner-focused After Effects course will help you enter the world of creative effects and video compositing by giving you the fundamentals and going step by step through onscreen examples. You will start by learning to understand the workspace and workflow of After Effects, then jump into learning how to create a new composition. From there, Jerron will show you how to import and organize footage, as well as work with compositions and arrange and adjust layers. This video tutorial also covers topics including animating layer transform properties, adding and animating effects, creating, editing, and animating text, shapes, and masks, and using track mattes. You will also learn how to use the roto brush, create 3D layers, create and animate cameras and lights, and create and animate 3D objects with Cinema 4D Lite. Finally, Jerron will teach you how to work with green screen footage, stabilize shaky video, set up a motion track, and use the graph editor. Once you have completed this computer based training course, you will be fully capable of using After Effects for your graphic design and video editing needs.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Important – Download These First – Working Files

Lecture 2 Content Of The Course

Lecture 3 Application System Requirements

Lecture 4 Application Overview

Lecture 5 How To Access Your Working Files

Lecture 6 Locating Missing Media

Lecture 7 New Features Overview

Section 2: Understanding The Workspace And Workflow

Lecture 8 Understanding The Default AE Workspaces

Lecture 9 After Effects Workflow And Sample Project Tour

Lecture 10 Saving Custom Workspaces

Lecture 11 Setting Application Preferences

Section 3: Introduction To Video Standards And Composition Settings

Lecture 12 Understanding Compositions In After Effects

Lecture 13 Creating A New Composition

Lecture 14 Editing Composition Settings

Section 4: Importing – Organizing And Previewing Footage

Lecture 15 Understanding After Effects Projects

Lecture 16 Importing Video, Images, And Audio Files

Lecture 17 Importing Photoshop And Illustrator Files

Lecture 18 Organizing Footage In The Project Panel

Section 5: Working With Compositions And Arranging Layers

Lecture 19 Understanding Layer Types

Lecture 20 Working With Layers In A Composition

Lecture 21 Adjusting Layer Blending Modes

Lecture 22 Adjusting Layer Duration

Lecture 23 Nesting Compositions And Pre-Composing

Section 6: Animating Layer Transform Properties

Lecture 24 Setting The Layer Transform Properties

Lecture 25 Animating The Position Property

Lecture 26 Temporal Interpolation: Adding Easy Easing

Lecture 27 Animating Scale And Rotation

Lecture 28 Creating A Staggered Animation

Lecture 29 Animating The Opacity Property

Lecture 30 Animating The Volume Property

Lecture 31 Previewing Compositions On The Timeline

Section 7: Adding Effects And Animating Them

Lecture 32 Understanding Effects And Layer Styles

Lecture 33 Adding Motion Blur

Lecture 34 Adding Effects And Adjusting Effect Properties

Lecture 35 Animating Effect Properties

Lecture 36 Brainstorming An Animation

Lecture 37 Adding Adjustment Layers

Lecture 38 Adding Layer Styles

Section 8: Creating, Editing, And Animating Text

Lecture 39 Creating Text Layers

Lecture 40 Formatting Text Properties

Lecture 41 Adding A Text Animation Preset

Lecture 42 Modifying A Text Animation Preset

Lecture 43 Saving A Text Animation Preset

Lecture 44 Beyond Presets: Creating Your Own Text Animators

Lecture 45 Creating And Animating Text On A Path

Section 9: Creating, Editing, And Animating Shapes

Lecture 46 Understanding Shape Layers

Lecture 47 Creating Simple Shapes

Lecture 48 Creating Custom Shapes With The Pen Tool

Lecture 49 Creating Shapes From Imported Illustrator Files And Text

Lecture 50 Working With Shape Animators

Section 10: Creating, Editing, And Animating Masks

Lecture 51 Understanding Mask Properties

Lecture 52 Creating Masks With The Shape Tools

Lecture 53 Creating Custom Masks With The Pen Tool

Lecture 54 Animating Mask Paths

Section 11: Using Track Mattes – Stencils And Silhouettes

Lecture 55 Creating Track Mattes

Lecture 56 Matting Multiple Layers With A Stencil Or Silhouette

Section 12: Rotoscoping Footage With The Roto Brush

Lecture 57 Masking Objects With The Roto Brush

Lecture 58 Adjusting Roto Brush Options

Section 13: Creating 3D Layers From 2D Content

Lecture 59 Understanding And Working In 3D Space

Lecture 60 Animating Layer Transform: 3D Position

Lecture 61 Animating Layer Transform: 3D Rotation

Lecture 62 Using Layer Snapping In 3D Space

Section 14: Creating And Animating Cameras

Lecture 63 Understanding And Creating Cameras

Lecture 64 Editing And Animating Camera Transform Properties

Lecture 65 Controlling A Cameras Depth Of Field

Section 15: Creating And Animating Lights

Lecture 66 Adding Lights To A Composition

Lecture 67 Creating And Controlling Shadows

Lecture 68 Animating Light Properties

Section 16: Creating And Animating 3D Objects With Cinema 4D Lite

Lecture 69 Creating A New Cinema 4D Project File

Lecture 70 Texturing And Lighting 3D Objects In Cinema 4D Lite

Lecture 71 Using The AE Camera With Cinema 4D Files

Lecture 72 Exporting 3D Data From After Effects – Part 1

Lecture 73 Exporting 3D Data From After Effects – Part 2

Section 17: Working With Green Screen Footage

Lecture 74 Creating And Animating A Garbage Matte

Lecture 75 Adding Keylight And Refining The Matte

Section 18: Stabilizing Video Footage

Lecture 76 Using The Warp Stabilizer VFX

Lecture 77 Understanding And Adjusting Warp Stabilizer VFX Properties

Section 19: Motion Tracking Video Footage

Lecture 78 Setting Up A Motion Track

Lecture 79 Adjusting Your Tracker Options

Lecture 80 Applying Tracker Position Data

Section 20: Using The 3D Camera Tracker

Lecture 81 Applying The 3D Camera Tracker Effect

Lecture 82 Compositing 3D Layers

Lecture 83 Performing A Basic Screen Replacement

Section 21: Using Basic Expressions And Scripts

Lecture 84 Understanding Expressions And Scripts

Lecture 85 Using The loopOut Expression

Lecture 86 Expressions Everyone Can Use

Lecture 87 Using Expressions To Link Properties

Section 22: Using The Graph Editor: Beyond Easy Easing

Lecture 88 Understanding The Graph Editor: Value Graph Vs. Speed Graph

Lecture 89 Creating Acceleration And Deceleration

Section 23: Outputting Your Project

Lecture 90 Rendering Your Timeline: Using The Render Queue

Lecture 91 Rendering Your Timeline: Using Adobe Media Encoder

Lecture 92 Backing Up Your Project Using The Collect Files Command

Section 24: Assets

Lecture 93 How Our Assets Were Created

Section 25: Conclusion

Lecture 94 Wrap Up And Additional Resources

anyone wanting to learn After Effects; no prior experience required.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 9h 58m | 2.02 GB
Created by: Infinite Skills

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