Learning Python the easy way

Learn through clear illustrations and build a strong Python foundation through quizzes and practice exercises
Learning Python the easy way
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Learning Python the easy way

What you’ll learn

Formatting input and output
Built-in functions
User-Defined functions
Fruitful functions
Conditional statements
String manipulations
Search Operations
Lists, Dictionaries and Tuples
Understand how Python deals with Object Oriented Concepts
The various exceptions and how it can be handled

Learning Python the easy way


Basic programming knowledge


This course introduces you to the most sought after language of the day. You will have a whole new experience of learning to program Python step by step with things to note as pop-ups such as syntax, definitions and key points to remember. Knowing the numerous features that Python offers, this course will definitely make it easy for you to recall the concepts as well as commands while implementing them. At the end of every module, this course makes sure you got the concepts right by way of quizzes and assignments which not only gives a good understanding but also gives additional facts there too.Learn Python 3 through code walkthroughs, covering theBasic commands in Python shellControl structuresFruitful functionsString manipulationsData structuresInheritanceMagic methods Exception handing and lot more…This course will enable you to start coding Python with confidence right away.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Software tool setup and basic commands

Lecture 2 Python IDLE setup and print statement

Lecture 3 Determination of data type and comparison

Section 3: Functions in Python

Lecture 4 Built-in functions

Lecture 5 User-defined functions

Lecture 6 Fruitful functions

Section 4: Conditional Statements

Lecture 7 Types of conditionals

Section 5: Strings and looping

Lecture 8 String manipulations

Section 6: Search Operations in Python

Lecture 9 in keyword and find() function

Section 7: Data Structures in Python

Lecture 10 Lists-Introduction

Lecture 11 Lists-append() and extend()

Lecture 12 Dictionaries-Introduction

Lecture 13 Looking up dictionaries

Lecture 14 Tuples-Introduction

Lecture 15 Gather and Scatter parameter in Tuples

Section 8: Object Oriented Programming

Lecture 16 Classes and objects

Lecture 17 Object Mutability and Copying Objects

Lecture 18 Classes and Methods

Lecture 19 __init__ method in Python

Lecture 20 Single Inheritance

Lecture 21 Multiple Inheritance

Lecture 22 Magic Methods and Operator Overloading

Section 9: Exception Handling

Lecture 23 Introduction and handling arithmetic errors in Python

Lecture 24 Handling LookupError

Lecture 25 Handling AttributeError

Lecture 26 Handling NameError and TypeError

Lecture 27 Multiple Exception Handling and raise statement

Lecture 28 User-Defined exceptions and conclusion

Beginner Python developers who wish to gain a strong foundation in Python programming.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 57m | 504.97 MB
Created by: Hema Thiagarajan

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