LEED Green Associate V4 Exam Preparation Course English

LEED GA Best seller exam prep course was prepared by an approved USGBC Faculty in accordance with GBCI LEED criteria.
LEED Green Associate V4 Exam Preparation Course English
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Karim Elnabawy Balbaa, USGBC Faculty


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LEED Green Associate V4 Exam Preparation Course English

What you’ll learn

Students would mostly pass the exam from the first attempt.
Learners will acquire the knowledge required to understand what are the green building strategies.
Students will be knowledgeable about energy and water efficiency, materials and resources management, indoor environmental quality, and sustainable sites.
Understand LEED Rating system in detail.
Learn more about LEED Accreditation and Certification levels.
Test your knowledge with quizzes after each chapter.
Receive a full study plan for your LEED preparation.
Understand the synergies between each credit category and find out the trade-offs.
Receive certificate of completion after completing all course videos, quizzes, and test.
Receive – upon request – reference letter with course content signed by USGBC faculty to be used as a supporting document for additional cost.
Receive – upon request – a GBERA & USGBC certificate of completion signed by USGBC faculty “instructor” for additional cost.

LEED Green Associate V4 Exam Preparation Course English


You don’t need any prior knowledge about green buildings, all you must have is a computer and an internet connection.
You don’t have to be experienced in green building or sustainability, this course will provide you with all what is needed to pass the exam from the first attempt
Have Passion and desire to pass the LEED Green associate exam
Any one can enroll for the course and pass the exam, No eligibility requirements!
General Interest in Green Building and sustainability


Start with this comprehensive course to begin your studies of sustainability and green building using the LEED Rating System.There are no eligibility requirements to be LEED Green Associate – LEED GA! all you have to do is to take the course and book for your exam! The course is provided in both English and Arabic languages.The LEED course was prepared by a USGBC approved instructor “USGBC Faculty – Karim elnabawy.  USGBC® Faculty are experienced educators with a strong background in professional education, training, and facilitation in green building and sustainability development.The following are some insights to the course content:Pass your LEED Green Associate exam from your first attempt.Understand LEED Rating system in detail.Learn more about LEED Accreditation and Certification levels.Test your knowledge with quizzes after each chapter.Receive study hints for how to pass the exam from the first time.Receive a full study plan for your LEED preparation.Receive a copy of presentation slides in PDF formats as handouts.Learn the sustainable credit categories along with strategies: (Integrative process – Location and Transportation – Sustainable sites – Water Efficiency – Energy and Atmosphere – Materials and Resources – Indoor environmental Quality – Innovative design – Regional priority).Understand the synergies between each credit category and find out the trade-offs.Receive certificate of completion from udemy after completing all course videos, quizzes, and test.Receive – upon request once the course is completed (Without additional fees) :- Reference letter from the instructor to be used as a supporting document for your academic studies, work, or as an additional certificate in your CV including curriculum in detail attested by USGBC and GBERA initiative- Receive certificate of completion attested by USGBC and GBERA Initiative.- After training On-going support.How to be LEED Green Associate in steps:Watch Preface introduction to LEED Rating System.Take a LEED Green Associate Course or Workshop.Study and take simulation exams and practice tests.Register on USGBC and Pay for the exam.Follow the instructions on USGBC and schedule the exam.Go for the exam with confidence.This course can guide you on a detailed steps with instructions for how to register and schedule your exam. This course will also cover the whole study plan for your exam preparation.Get ready to start your sustainability journey.General notes:The course is provided by karim elnabawy – GBERA “Green Building Education and Research Academy” and it took a huge amount of time and effort to be developed in a way that will allow students benefit from them. The course is not allowed to be distributed outsideUdemy by any means. Only sharing the official link to the course is allowed.Screenshots and downloading videos is not allowed.In the following link, you will understand how to use UDEMY practice tests: https://support.udemy.com/hc/en-us/articles/231954647-Practice-Test-FAQs GBERA is not affiliated with the U.S. Green Building Council®  or Green Business Certification Inc.™ and does not administer the LEED AP® /LEED®  Green Associate™ program. USGBC and GBCI do not endorse or recommend the products or services offered by GBERA. LEED AP® and the LEED AP logos are trademarks owned by the U.S. Green Building Council® and are used with permission.LEED® Green Associate™ and the LEED Green Associate logos are trademarks owned by the U.S. Green Building Council® and are used with permission.


Section 1: Introduction to Green Building and Sustainability

Lecture 1 Preface – Introduction

Lecture 2 Sustainability and Green Building

Lecture 3 Climate Change and the Built Environment

Lecture 4 Triple Bottom Line and Ecology

Lecture 5 Greenhouse Gases (GHG), and Carbon Footprint

Lecture 6 Ch01 | Conclusion and Study Plan

Lecture 7 Ch01 | Chapter readings

Lecture 8 Ch01 | Illustrated Quiz Q&A

Section 2: LEED Rating System

Lecture 9 Get to know USGBC

Lecture 10 Introduction to LEED rating system

Lecture 11 LEED Credentials and certification levels

Lecture 12 LEED Rating systems

Lecture 13 Minimum Program Requirements (MPRs)

Lecture 14 LEED Prerequisites and Credits

Lecture 15 LEED Credits Weighting

Lecture 16 LEED Certification Process

Lecture 17 Ch02 | Readings | Part 1

Lecture 18 Ch02 | Readings | part 2

Lecture 19 Ch02 | Conclusion and keywords

Lecture 20 Ch02 – Illustrated Quiz Q&A

Section 3: Sustainable Thinking and Integrative Process (IP)

Lecture 21 Sustainable Thinking

Lecture 22 Approaches to life cycle

Lecture 23 Integrative Process (IP)

Lecture 24 Integrated Design Process through Phases

Lecture 25 IP | Readings

Lecture 26 IP | Conclusion and Keywords

Lecture 27 IP | Illustrative Quiz Q&A

Section 4: Location and Transportation (LT)

Lecture 28 LT | Overview and Intent

Lecture 29 LT | Location Concepts

Lecture 30 LT | Transportation Concepts

Lecture 31 LT | Neighborhood Development and Design Concepts

Lecture 32 LT | Readings

Lecture 33 LT | Conclusion and Keywords

Lecture 34 LT | Illustrated Quiz Q&A

Section 5: Sustainable Sites (SS)

Lecture 35 SS | Overview and Intent

Lecture 36 SS | Design and Construction Concepts

Lecture 37 SS | Operations and Maintenance

Lecture 38 SS | Heat Island Effect

Lecture 39 SS | Rainwater Management

Lecture 40 SS | light Pollution Reduction

Lecture 41 SS | Readings

Lecture 42 SS | Conclusion and Keywords

Lecture 43 SS | Illustrated Quiz Q&A

Section 6: Water Efficiency (WE)

Lecture 44 WE | Overview and Intent

Lecture 45 WE | Indoor Water Use Concepts | Part 1

Lecture 46 WE | Indoor Water Use Concepts | Part 2

Lecture 47 WE | Outdoor Water Use Concepts | Part 1

Lecture 48 WE | Outdoor Water Use Concepts | Part 2

Lecture 49 WE | Readings

Lecture 50 WE | Conclusion and keywords

Lecture 51 WE | Illustrated Quiz Q&A

Section 7: Energy and Atmosphere (EA)

Lecture 52 EA | Overview and Intent

Lecture 53 EA | Energy Demand Concepts

Lecture 54 EA | Energy Efficiency Concepts

Lecture 55 EA | Refrigerant management Concepts

Lecture 56 EA | Renewable Energy Concepts

Lecture 57 EA | Ongoing Performance Concepts

Lecture 58 EA | Readings

Lecture 59 EA | Conclusion and Keywords

Lecture 60 EA | illustrated Quiz Q&A

Section 8: Materials and Resources (MR)

Lecture 61 MR | Overview and Intent

Lecture 62 MR | Conservation of Building Materials and Products

Lecture 63 MR | Selecting Environmental Materials

Lecture 64 MR | Waste Management

Lecture 65 MR | Readings

Lecture 66 MR | Conclusion and Keywords

Lecture 67 MR | Illustrated Quiz Q&A

Section 9: Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)

Lecture 68 IEQ | Overview and Intent

Lecture 69 IEQ | Indoor Air Quality

Lecture 70 IEQ | lighting Concepts

Lecture 71 IEQ | Occupant Comfort

Lecture 72 IEQ | Readings

Lecture 73 IEQ | Conclusion and Keywords

Lecture 74 IEQ | Illustrated Quiz Q&A

Section 10: ID | innovation in Design

Lecture 75 ID | Overview and Intent

Lecture 76 ID | Concepts and Strategies

Section 11: RP | Regional Priority

Lecture 77 RP | Overview, Intent, and Concept

Section 12: LEED Green Associate V4 Exam Step-by-Step

Lecture 78 LEED GA Exam Overview

Lecture 79 LEED GA Exam Registration

Lecture 80 How to maintain your LEED Accreditation

Lecture 81 LEED GA 10 Final Tips before the exam | Bonus Lecture (DISCOUNTS AND PROMOTIONS)

Any person above 18 years’ old and want to learn green building.,Anyone who wants to pass LEED Green associate exam and start sustainability journey with official accreditation.,This course is suitable for all people who want to know more about green building, sustainability and their verification tool which is LEED rating system.,Architects, Urban planners, and landscape professionals.,Mechanical and Electrical engineers (MEP).,Civil engineers, construction professionals, and Site engineers.,LEED GREEN ASSOCIATE™ students who are preparing for the exam.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 14h 16m | 9.58 GB
Created by: Karim Elnabawy Balbaa, USGBC Faculty

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