Legal English Writing Skills Masterclass

Learn with lawyers by learning the correct use of prepositions and articles, drafting contracts and writing letters.
Legal English Writing Skills Masterclass
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Michael Davies


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Legal English Writing Skills Masterclass

What you’ll learn

Legal English Skills
Improve your Legal Writing Skills
Understand English Law Better
Improve your English Grammar Knowledge
Help with the TOLES Test of Legal English Skills

Legal English Writing Skills Masterclass


Intermediate level of English and above


A comprehensive new course for learning and engaging with legal English writing skillsDo you want to become more familiar with legal vocabulary and terminology?Do you need to develop your understanding of legal jargon?Do you want to learn how to write simple letters to your clients with confidence?Do you need to improve your legal skills?Do you want to work with an experienced Legal English teacher who has taught leading international lawyers from all over the world?This course allows you to improve your legal English language skills by learning how to use articles, prepositions, punctuation. Law firms are looking for candidates who have great communication skills. This course will give you the skills to have specialised communication skills.This practical course is designed with the help of Legal English teachers and students to help you to improve your written English skills.You will learn tips on enhancing your writing skillsYou will gain a greater knowledge of key vocabulary used in the English legal systemYou will learn how to use punctuation effectively in your writingYou will learn how to write letters in EnglishYou will learn the basics of drafting clear commercial contractsBy the end of this course, you will have gained valuable knowledge and experience for writing fluently in Legal English and Business English


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Sentence Construction

Lecture 2 Keep it Simple

Lecture 3 Using Strong Verbs

Lecture 4 Doublets and Triplets

Lecture 5 Passive and Active Voice

Lecture 6 Subject-Verb Agreement

Lecture 7 Working Words and Glue Words

Section 3: Punctuation

Lecture 8 Part I

Lecture 9 Part II

Lecture 10 Part III

Lecture 11 Part IV

Lecture 12 Part V

Section 4: Letter and Email Writing

Lecture 13 Format I

Lecture 14 The Body

Lecture 15 Writing a great letter

Lecture 16 Letter Number One

Lecture 17 Letter Example 1

Lecture 18 Letter Number Two

Lecture 19 Letter Example 2

Lecture 20 Letter Number Three

Section 5: Drafting Contracts

Lecture 21 Introduction

Lecture 22 Sample Contract

Lecture 23 Recitals Clause

Lecture 24 Conditions Precedent Clause

Lecture 25 Liquidated Damages Clause

Lecture 26 Retention of Title Clause

Lecture 27 Bonus Lesson on Merger Clauses

Lecture 28 Bonus Lesson on Boilerplate Clauses

Section 6: Legal Glossary

Lecture 29 The A to Z of Legal Words and Phrases

Lawyers,Law students,Legal professionals

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Udemy | English | 2h 51m | 920.69 MB
Created by: Michael Davies

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