Lets build a MULTIPLAYER Game UNITY Photon Fusion 2023

Build a 2D Online Multiplayer Game With Photon Fusion In Unity – 2023!
Lets build a MULTIPLAYER Game UNITY Photon Fusion 2023
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Lets build a MULTIPLAYER Game UNITY Photon Fusion 2023

What you’ll learn

How to create an Online Multiplayer game with Unity & Fusion!
Create multiplayer features such as – match timer, player chat bubble, player damage, syncing player visuals etc
How to work with the new networking solution – Fusion (client-host mode)
Understand the important networking topics such as- Client side prediction, Server reconciliation, lag compensation etc
How to easily test a client and a host (using ParrelSync).
How to simulate lag for testing a multiplayer game.

Lets build a MULTIPLAYER Game UNITY Photon Fusion 2023


If you don’t have a bit of experience with creating multiplayer games, this could be a challenge (a fun one) but a challenge it will be! So either get exited or skip this course for now!


Summary -Hey there, fellow indie game developer! if you’re interested in learning how to create a 2D multiplayer game with Fusion, then very cool, welcome – In this Udemy course, we’ll dive deep into the world of multiplayer game development using Unity and the new networking solution, Fusion (made by the developers from Photon). We will learn about the fancy topics such as – client-host model, client-side prediction, server reconciliation, proxies, fixed update network and so on.You’ll learn how to create a lobby matchmaking system, including joining specific rooms/creating random ones, create object pooling with Fusion, respawn logic, match timers and end logic, player chat bubble logic, and more!And don’t worry about missing out on anything – this course will be updated for any major API changes. Plus, you’ll receive project files at the end of each video, along with extra recommended links about the current subject. And to top it all off, you’ll have access to a Discord channel where you can get help and help others!So if you’re interested in learning multiplayer development and more specifically how to work with Fusion, then enroll in this course today and start creating your own 2D multiplayer game in Unity with Fusion. What do you Get?Project files at the end of each video.Link to the Discord channel where you can get help and help others! Extra recommended links at the end of each video about the current topic.Game assets throughout all of the course.Course Strong Points-Learning the fundamentals of the server-client model (why do we want to use this kind of amodel), explaining what are client side prediction, server reconciliation and so on.Lobby matchmaking – Create room as a host, join a specific room as a client, join a random room or create one.Understanding what are proxies, different ways we interpolate them, fixed update network etc.Object pooling with Fusion for all network objects.Respawn logic.Match timer and end logic.Player chat bubble logic.Player damage and health logic.Syncing player visuals – weapon kick, fire muzzle effect, animations etc.How to simulate lag for testing.How to easily test a client and a host (using ParrelSync).Course will be updated for any major API changes!.And moreSo that’s about it, see you in the Discord channel!


Section 1: Introduction – Client Server Model & Creating Our Lobby

Lecture 1 Client-Server Architecture in Multiplayer Games

Lecture 2 Importing & Setting up Fusion + Importing Game assets!

Lecture 3 Lobby Part 1 – Creating Our Lobby UI

Lecture 4 Lobby Part 2 – NetworkRunner

Lecture 5 Lobby Part 3 (END) – Creating/Joining to a room and loading our MainGame Scene

Section 2: Ticks, Fixed Update Network, Client Side Prediction etc.

Lecture 6 Fixed Update Network & Ticks

Lecture 7 Proxies & Interpolation data sources

Section 3: Developing Our Main Game

Lecture 8 Creating & Spawning Our Player!

Lecture 9 Syncing our Player movement

Lecture 10 Enabling Client Side Prediction + Player Jump logic

Lecture 11 Syncing our Player Nickname & Creating a Camera follow

Lecture 12 Syncing Our Player Weapon Rotation!

Lecture 13 Syncing Walking Animation

Lecture 14 Flipping Our Player

Lecture 15 Syncing Muzzle effect + Weapon kick Animation!

Lecture 16 Creating Our Bullet PART 1

Lecture 17 What Is Lag Compensation

Lecture 18 Doing Lag Compensation, Bullet PART 2

Lecture 19 Player Health Controller, Bullet PART 3

Lecture 20 Camera Shake & Blood Hit Effect

Lecture 21 Player Die Logic & Animation!

Lecture 22 Respawn logic (reset values and position)

Lecture 23 Respawn UI & Timer Logic

Lecture 24 Creating Object Pooling!

Lecture 25 Match Timer PART 1

Lecture 26 Match Timer PART 2

Lecture 27 Preventing Player Jump Spam & Layer Matrix

Lecture 28 Importing Gameplay Graphics + Physics 2D Material Fix

Lecture 29 Creating Death Ground & Camera Boundaries

Lecture 30 Creating a Bubbles Chat Logic!

Section 4: Extra Videos! & End Of The Course

Lecture 31 EXTRA VIDEO #1 – Simulating Lag + Fusion Stats

Lecture 32 EXTRA VIDEO #2 – Fixing Bugs & Updating API!

Lecture 33 END OF THE COURSE! – What’s next?

Any unity game developer that is interested in learning how to develop with Photon Fusion!,Any unity game developer who is interested in learning how to create a 2D Multiplayer Game with a client-host model.,Intermediate Unity developer who loves making multiplayer games.,Anyone with a basic experience with Fusion/Multiplayer development who wants to deepen their knowledge in the multiplayer development world.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 5h 3m | 3.40 GB
Created by: Oren Bst

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