Lets Get Interactive with Storyline 3 360

Create an eLearning Game to Learn How to Develop with Storyline
Lets Get Interactive with Storyline 3 360
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Thor Melicher


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Lets Get Interactive with Storyline 3 360

What you’ll learn

Build eLearning games in Storyline
Apply triggers, states, and layer techniques to future development in Storyline
Using the Question Master and Feedback Master
Approaches to solving real world problems encountered when developing in Storyline

Lets Get Interactive with Storyline 3 360


Articulate Storyline 3 or Articulate Storyline 360 (a 60 day trial version is available from Articulate)
Experience with Storyline 3 or Storyline 360
Desire to learn through building an eLearning game


So, you might be wondering, why create an eLearning game when there are several companies that have already pre-built them for you?  A good question, indeed!  For one thing, maybe your project doesn’t have the budget to purchase it from a vendor.  Perhaps the ones you’ve seen aren’t quite right, but a vendor has said you could customize it.  You might even be saying to yourself that if you could create it yourself you could apply the techniques to the work you’re doing.  I agree!  Learning how to create your own eLearning game in Storyline will open many possibilities to you and the techniques learned can be applied to anything you’re doing in Storyline.
To help you on your journey, I’ve broken the process down into three parts:
Game Board design – This is a quick review to go over basic layout design and introduce you to the Question Master.Logic – You’ll learn how to use triggers with conditions along with states to make the game work.Getting Fancy – You’ll build upon what you learned in Parts 1 and 2 to take a basic game and make it look and function better.  
This course is rated as ‘intermediate’ which simply means that you should have been developing with Storyline for a while.  I take a bit of a quicker pace than in my previous course, Let’s Create a Course in Articulate 3 / 360.  No worries!  In each part I include additional resources, so you can read up on the topic *before* you start the videos.  The resources are there if you need them – even if you choose just to dive in.  I want you to be successful and I want you to learn at your pace.  If you need more help beyond the additional resources, feel free to use the Q&A section that is built in Udemy.
This course is designed to help you accelerate your learning by having you go through mini-challenges.  The mini-challenges replicate real world problems that you’ll encounter when designing your own courses.  I also realize that when designing you’ll often encounter lots of repetition.  I warn you in advance when these sections come up, so you can do the amount of repetition that’s right for you.  I’ll also provide some things to think about to help reduce that repetition, so you can work more efficiently on your own projects.  At the end of each mini-challenge I provide the way how I decided to handle the problem.I look forward in joining you on your journey of learning how to make Storyline work for you!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Let’s Make a Game

Lecture 2 Rules of the Game

Lecture 3 Creating the Game Board Part 1 – Left Hand Side

Lecture 4 Creating the Game Board Part 2 – Answer Shapes

Lecture 5 Creating the Game Board Part 3 – The Question Master

Lecture 6 Creating the Game Board Part 4 – Right Hand Side

Section 3: The Logic for the Game

Lecture 7 Logic Part 1 – Variables and First Triggers with Conditions (1 of 3)

Lecture 8 Logic Part 1 – Variables and First Triggers with Conditions (2 of 3)

Lecture 9 Logic Part 1 – Variables and First Triggers with Conditions (3 of 3)

Lecture 10 Logic Part 2 – Visual Indicator

Lecture 11 Logic Part 3 – Show the Player Where They’re At

Lecture 12 Logic Part 4 – Subtracting from the Player’s Score

Lecture 13 Logic Part 5 – How Do We End the Game (1 of 2)

Lecture 14 Logic Part 5 – How Do We End the Game (2 of 2)

Section 4: Getting Fancy – Game Board

Lecture 15 From Flat to Wow

Lecture 16 Format the Answer Shapes

Lecture 17 Last Part of the Game Board

Section 5: Getting Fancy – Animating the Level Indicator

Lecture 18 Make the Level Indicator Move

Lecture 19 Updating an Existing Trigger

Lecture 20 Going Down

Lecture 21 Stopping the Level Indicator at Level 1 (1 of 2)

Lecture 22 Stopping the Level Indicator at Level 1 (2 of 2)

Lecture 23 Finishing Our Triggers for Moving the Level Indicator

Section 6: Getting Fancy – Feedback Layers

Lecture 24 Make the Feedback Layers Look Great

Section 7: Getting Fancy – Sound

Lecture 25 Add Some Sound

Section 8: Getting Fancy – Countdown

Lecture 26 Move the Player Along with a Countdown

Section 9: Conclusion

Lecture 27 Conclusion

Practitioner’s of Instructional Design,Working knowledge of Storyline 3 / 360,Those who want to learn how to build an eLearning game in Storyline

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 27m | 935.41 MB
Created by: Thor Melicher

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