Lets Master Xrays

X-ray Interpretation is key in the Investigation Process of multiple Medical Conditions
Lets Master Xrays
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Lets Master Xrays

What you’ll learn

A systematic approach to Xray interpretation (A, B, C, D, E approach)
Understanding of the presentation of common xrays seen in various medical specialities
Assessment of image quality (Rotation, Inspiration, Exposure)
A secret method to easily identify pathologies presented in different xrays

Lets Master Xrays


No prior knowledge of this topic is required. I provide detailed explanations for every possible question which may appear in your clinical and theoretical exams.
All you require is a device to listen to the lectures and a headset if you wish to use one
Please work through the quiz. Very important to assess what you’ve understood. I will provide a detailed video memo where we go through the answers


Our X-ray Interpretation course is a critical topic within Radiology, Emergency Medicine and various other Medical Specialities (eg Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Orthopedics etc).  Understanding all concepts presented in this course will benefit you in your clinical and theoretical examinations. In this course, we extensively cover chest, pelvic, c-spine and abdominal X-rays. Within each lecture we go through the systematic approach in order to intepret a basic xray, as well as, tips to identify more common and complicated medical conditions present in such X-rays. Please do not focus on memorising the lectures. Rather focus on understanding key concepts. All lectures can be downloaded. Please adapt lectures according to your study style, I.e. if you wish to make summaries from the provided lectures, then please do so.This course is ideal for all age groups and any person who is interested in expanding their knowledge within Radiology, specifically Xrays. This course is not solely limited to medical students and health care workers.After reviewing all the lectures, please test yourself using the video quiz. Please pause the video after each question is phrased and work out the answer. I go through every answer explaining why each is incorrect and why the answer chosen is correct.If after completing the quiz, you are still unsure about certain topics, please revise using the lectures. You have life-time access to all lectures. Good luck and I hope you enjoy this course on X-ray Interpretation.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Chest X-ray Interpretation

Lecture 2 Abdominal X-ray Interpretation

Lecture 3 Pelvic X-ray Interpretation

Lecture 4 C-Spine X-ray Interpretation

Lecture 5 High Yield X-rays

Students (not limited to medical students) and the general public (not limited to health care workers) of any level of knowledge who are interested in expanding their knowledge and improving their understanding of the given topic.

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Created by: Vithal Panday

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