Level I CFA® Prep Course 2023 Portfolio Management

Deep dive into Portfolio Management with the Bestselling CFA® prep course provider | With visual learning + Quizzes
Level I CFA® Prep Course 2023 Portfolio Management
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PrepNuggets | by Keith Tan, CFA


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Level I CFA® Prep Course 2023 Portfolio Management

What you’ll learn

Calculate and interpret portfolio standard deviation
Understand the theory behind investor’s optimal portfolio
Differentiate between capital allocation line (CAL) and capital market line (CAL)
Understand the difference between systematic risk and unsystematic risk
Calculate and interpret a stock’s beta
Apply CAPM and Security Market Line (SML)
Calculate and interpret the Sharpe ratio, Treynor ratio, M-squared , and Jensen’s alpha.
Understand the major components of an Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
Plan and construct an investment portfolio
Risk management, risk budgeting, and measuring risk
Understand the various methods to modify a risk
Understand how Fintech is applied in investment management (Robo-advisors, automated trading)
Understand Big Data, AI and Machine Learning
Understand the technology behind distributed ledgers and Blockchain

Level I CFA® Prep Course 2023 Portfolio Management


Basic mathematics knowledge
Quantitative Methods


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Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 How To Get The Most Out Of This Course

Lecture 2 Formulas, Definitions, Diagrams at your FINGERTIPS!

Section 2: Overview on Portfolio Management

Lecture 3 Portfolio Approach to Investing

Lecture 4 Types of Investors

Lecture 5 Steps in the Portfolio Management Process

Lecture 6 Pooled Investments

Lecture 7 Test Your Understanding

Section 3: Portfolio Risk and Return I

Lecture 8 Returns Measures

Lecture 9 Expected Returns and Standard Deviation of Returns

Lecture 10 Theory of Portfolio Diversification

Lecture 11 Investor’s Optimal Portfolio

Lecture 12 Test Your Understanding

Section 4: Portfolio Risk and Return II

Lecture 13 Capital Market Theory

Lecture 14 Systematic vs Unsystematic Risk

Lecture 15 Returns Generating Models and Beta

Lecture 16 CAPM and Security Market Line

Lecture 17 Measures of Portfolio Performance

Lecture 18 Test Your Understanding

Section 5: Basics of Portfolio Planning and Construction

Lecture 19 Portfolio Planning

Lecture 20 Portfolio Construction

Lecture 21 Test Your Understanding

Section 6: The Behavioural Biases of Individuals

Lecture 22 Cognitive Errors

Lecture 23 Emotional Biases

Lecture 24 How Behavioural Finance Influences Market Behaviour

Lecture 25 Test Your Understanding

Section 7: Risk Management Overview

Lecture 26 The Risk Management Process

Lecture 27 Risk Governance

Lecture 28 Identification of Risks

Lecture 29 Measuring Risks

Lecture 30 Methods of Risk Modification

Lecture 31 Test Your Understanding

Section 8: Technical Analysis

Lecture 32 Principles of Technical Analysis

Lecture 33 Charts and Chart Patterns

Lecture 34 Technical Indicators

Lecture 35 Intermarket Analysis and Applications to Portfolio Management

Lecture 36 Test Your Understanding

Section 9: Fintech in Investment Management

Lecture 37 Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

Lecture 38 Applications of Fintech to Investment Management

Lecture 39 Distributed Ledger Technology (Blockchain)

Lecture 40 Test Your Understanding

Section 10: BONUS: Further resources for your exam prep

Lecture 41 BONUS: Continue Your Exam Prep With Us!

This course is for CFA Level 1 Candidates,This course is for people who are interested in the CFA Program

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 21m | 1.95 GB
Created by: PrepNuggets | by Keith Tan, CFA

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