Level Up in Auto Layout Swift iOS

How to build iOS applications in Swift using Auto Layout
Level Up in Auto Layout Swift iOS
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Level Up in Auto Layout Swift iOS

What you’ll learn

How to layout UI components that will adjust for size and orientation
How to leverage Auto Layout to layout and design beautiful apps
Auto Layout programmatically (no Interface Builder here)

Level Up in Auto Layout Swift iOS


Basic iOS knowledge
Knowledge of Swift


Want to learn how to build beautiful iOS apps? Tired of not knowing how to get your layouts just right? Whether you are an up and coming iOS developer, or a professional who needs to get things done right, this course teaches you the fundamentals of Auto Layout, enabling you to build any app, exceed expectations in any job, and just build great looking iOS app’s professional or for yourself.LEVEL UP IN AUTO LAYOUTThis course teaches you all the fundamentals and concepts required to build iOS applications using Auto Layout.TOPICS COVEREDConstraintsPinning & AligningIntrinsic Content SizeContent Hugging & Compression ResistanceLayout GuidesSafe AreasPrioritiesStack ViewsScroll ViewsWHAT YOU GETHand crafted videos and walkthroughs on fundamentals of Auto Layout.Countless examples, challenges, and solution to most common problems.Solid foundation for becoming a professional iOS Engineer.TESTIMONIALSI highly recommend this course if you want to learn how to create your UI’s programatically. This course is excellent and super easy to follow. The theory is explained really well making it easy to understand what it is exactly we are doing and how we are laying items out on the screen. Before this course I was struggling to create layouts programatically with UIKit without story boards. Just after finishing the first section, my foundation/basics were solidified and went on to effortlessly convert my previous projects into programatic UIKit removing my reliance on story boards.Amazing stuff!! Cannot find this information on YouTubeJonathan is a great teacher, the examples he uses are clear and can be applied to real app designs.Outstanding course, explains Auto Layout very well, has a lot of very helpful examples, so this course can be highly recommendedVery glad I am taking the course. The number one reason why I like the course is that the instructor provides decent examples programmatically (not by using Interface Builder)It’s amazing the way he teaches, delivers small chunks of knowledge then nudge us to try the solution. He answers all of your questions kindly. For me, it was an awesome course. We have great content, in CustomViews, StackView, Spacers, and share with us incredible tips/tricks which make better learning. I highly recommend his courses. Thank you, Jonathan.This is the course I wish existed when I first started learning iOS development. Thank you Jonathan!Great course, great teacher thank you for everything.I’m really enjoying the course. Jonathan makes learning iOS development easier to understand and fun. He does a great job of explaining the concepts and helps reinforce it with the labs and challenges. Highly Recommend for learning iOS Development


Section 1: House Keeping

Lecture 1 Introduction – Welcome!

Lecture 2 Download Xcode

Lecture 3 Resources and Links

Section 2: Anchors

Lecture 4 Intro: Anchors & How They Work

Lecture 5 Lab: Changing The World with Anchors

Lecture 6 What are Layout Guides?

Lecture 7 Lab: SafeAreaGuides

Lecture 8 Lab: Default Margin Guides

Lecture 9 Lab: Layout Margins as Spacer Guides

Lecture 10 Lab: ReadbleContent Guides

Lecture 11 Design Challenge: Spotify Configuration Screen

Lecture 12 Solution: Spotify Configuration Screen

Lecture 13 Links That Help

Section 3: Intrinsic Content Size

Lecture 14 Intro: Intrinsic Content Size

Lecture 15 What is Intrinsic Content Size?

Lecture 16 Lab: Intrinsic Content Size Inaction

Lecture 17 Lab: Content Hugging & Compression Resistance

Lecture 18 Working with Images

Lecture 19 Design Challenge: Spotify Player

Lecture 20 Solution: Spotify Player

Lecture 21 Links That Help

Section 4: StackViews

Lecture 22 Intro: The Humble StackView

Lecture 23 Demo: What’s So Great About StackViews?

Lecture 24 The Trick to Understanding StackView Distributions

Lecture 25 Lab: StackView Distributions in Action

Lecture 26 Intro: Custom Views within StackViews

Lecture 27 Lab: Custom Views and StackViews

Lecture 28 Lab: Scrollable StackViews

Lecture 29 Lab: Styling StackViews

Lecture 30 Lab: Spacers & StackViews

Lecture 31 Design Challenge: Intro

Lecture 32 Design Challenge: Custom View

Lecture 33 Solution: Custom View

Lecture 34 Design Challenge: Stack View

Lecture 35 Solution: Stack View

Lecture 36 What You Need To Know

Lecture 37 Links That Help

Section 5: Adaptive Layouts

Lecture 38 Introduction to Adaptive Layouts & Designs

Lecture 39 Techniques for Adapting Layouts & Designs

Lecture 40 Lab: How to Adapt Your Layout By Adjusting Constants

Lecture 41 Lab: How to Adapt Your Layout by Enabling & Disabling Constraints

Lecture 42 Lab: How to Adapt Layouts Using Visibility

Lecture 43 Design Challenge: Nudge the Label

Lecture 44 Lab: How to Adapt Layouts Using Spacer Views

Lecture 45 Design Challenge: Adaptive Spotify Player

Lecture 46 Solution: Adaptive Layout with Constraints

Lecture 47 Solution: Adaptive Layout with Spacers

Lecture 48 Links That Help

Lecture 49 Course PDF

Lecture 50 Final Words

Beginner/Intermediate iOS developers who want to improve their Auto Layout skills,Anyone who wants to become a professional iOS Engineer / Developer

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 54m | 2.51 GB
Created by: Jonathan Rasmusson

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