Level up your Money Financial Literacy BASICS

Mastering the Fundamentals of Financial Literacy: Budgeting, Saving, Investing basics, and more!
Level up your Money Financial Literacy BASICS
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Level up your Money Financial Literacy BASICS

What you’ll learn

Understand Basic Financial concepts such as Budgeting, Cash Flow, Saving, Compounding, Credit & Debt management, income, expenses, and net worth
Learning to manage your money with the right bank accounts, payment methods, automatic savings, inflation, interest, and insurance policies
Investing for the future with understanding different investment types, portfolio diversification, risk-return tradeoff, analysis (fundamental/technical), etc.
Retirement planning with understanding of social security, pensions, estimating future retirement expenses, retirement planning strategy / investing, etc.
Managing major financial decisions such as buying a home, paying for a higher education, starting a business, and planning for unexpected events
Understanding Taxation especially filing taxes and forms, tax laws, tax systems, minimizing tax liability, and making tax effective investment decisions

Level up your Money Financial Literacy BASICS


No prior experience needed! Beginners are absolutely welcome!


Financial literacy is a critical life skill that everyone should have, yet many people struggle with it. In this comprehensive Udemy course with a theme of levelling up one’s life like a video game, you’ll learn the fundamentals of financial literacy, including budgeting, saving, investing, and debt management.Through this course, you will learn the fundamental principles of budgeting, saving, and investing, along with understanding the key factors that can impact your financial decisions. You will learn about different investment options and the risk-return tradeoff that comes with each one. You will also learn how to create a diversified portfolio that fits your risk tolerance and investment goals.In addition to investment strategies, this course covers topics such as credit and debt management, retirement planning, taxes, and insurance. You will also learn about different financial products, such as checking and savings accounts, credit cards, and loans, and how to choose the best ones for your needs.Anyone who wants to learn how to manage their money more wisely and have a better grasp of it should take the course. This course has something for everyone, whether you’re just starting out in your career, making retirement plans, or trying to get your finances back on track.By the end of the course, you’ll have the knowledge and skills required to manage your money and achieve your financial goals. Enroll right away to begin your journey toward financial literacy!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Course Overview

Section 2: Understanding Basic Financial Concepts

Lecture 3 Setting Personal Financial Goals

Lecture 4 Understanding Income, Expenses, and Net Worth

Lecture 5 Budgeting & Cash Flow Management

Lecture 6 Further Tips for Budgeting

Lecture 7 Saving

Lecture 8 Investing

Lecture 9 Understanding Inflation & Interest Rates

Lecture 10 Tips for managing Inflation and Interest Rates

Section 3: Managing your Money

Lecture 11 Bank Accounts and Payment Methods

Lecture 12 Setting Up Automatic Savings

Lecture 13 Credit Management

Lecture 14 Debt Management

Lecture 15 Choosing the Right Insurance

Section 4: Investing for the Future

Lecture 16 Understanding Different Types of Investments

Lecture 17 Understanding Investments – Stocks

Lecture 18 Building a Diversified Portfolio

Lecture 19 Understanding Risk-Return Tradeoff

Lecture 20 Making Informed Investment Decisions

Section 5: Retirement Planning

Lecture 21 Understanding Social Security and Pensions

Lecture 22 Estimating Future Retirement Expenses

Lecture 23 Planning For a Comfortable Retirement

Lecture 24 Investment Options for Retirement Savings

Section 6: Managing Major Financial Decisions

Lecture 25 Buying a Home

Lecture 26 Paying for a Higher Education

Lecture 27 Starting a Business

Lecture 28 SWOT Analysis

Lecture 29 Planning for Unexpected Events

Section 7: Understanding Taxation

Lecture 30 Filing Taxes and Understanding Forms

Lecture 31 Understanding Tax Laws and Regulations

Lecture 32 Understanding a Tax Form Document

Lecture 33 Understanding Tax Systems

Lecture 34 Minimizing Tax Liability

Lecture 35 Making Tax-Effective Investment Decisions

Section 8: Conclusion and Summary

Lecture 36 Tips for Maintaining Financial Literacy

Lecture 37 Resources for Continued Learning

Lecture 38 Final Thoughts and Congratulations

Absolute newbie beginners in financial literacy eager to learn how to manage their own personal finances and money and understand the cloudy world of financial literacy!

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 56m | 1.12 GB
Created by: Matthew Gallant

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