Life Coaching Certificate Course Beginner to Intermediate

A comprehensive online training that delivers in-depth understanding of the key elements of the Life Coaching profession
Life Coaching Certificate Course Beginner to Intermediate
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Life Coaching Certificate Course Beginner to Intermediate

What you’ll learn

A time-proven life coaching methodology that’s been practiced on 2000+ people.
Develop an enhanced sense of social awareness and improve your people skills.
Lead people into heightened states of innovation, creativity and personal effectiveness.
The art of making difficult decisions (or how to help others make difficult decisions).
Facilitate change by assisting individuals to break their cycles of ineffective behavior.
Communication that establishes a sense of confidence, trust and rapport with others.
How to coach people in solving their problems and creating growth opportunities.
A life coaching method that inspires change rather than just imparting information.
Expand your client’s willingness to take responsibility for their goals and outcomes.
And much, much more.

Life Coaching Certificate Course Beginner to Intermediate


No previous Life Coaching experience is required to benefit from this course.
Students are encouraged to take notes (for self-reflection purposes only).
Students can access this training from anywhere with an internet connection.
An MP3 version is also accessible for those who like to learn ‘on the go’.
Access your Life Coaching course from a tablet, smartphone or desktop.
Additional PDF materials are provided to enhance your learning experience.


This unparalleled Life Coaching Certificate Course includes an easy-to-understand curriculum designed to support the development of effective communication skills, wise perspectives, and the ways in which transformational changes can be made to people’s beliefs, behaviors, attitudes, careers, and daily interactions.Perhaps you are considering life coaching training for the first time or are looking to update your existing skills by learning a psychology-based coaching approach. If you choose to take this course, you will learn a highly-actionable and comprehensive life coaching process that can serve as the foundation for a meaningful and rewarding career as a life coach.During the training, students will learn how to establish and articulate their personal or career goals, as well as demonstrate the ability to translate those goals into tangible outcomes. Identifying and solving client problems and identifying new growth opportunities require a clear understanding of their goals along with crystal clear actions to fulfill those goals.Life coaching is an excellent career choice for those who are interested in helping others to achieve their personal goals and professional aspirations. This course does not teach attendees one specific method, but instead teaches them how to make long-term changes in their thinking and decision making using a contemporary life coaching methodology.The Life Coaching Certification Course was designed to give you all the fundamental knowledge and insights needed to succeed as a professional life coach. The course will help you assist individuals in defining their personal, social or professional aspirations and provide them with a proven method of converting these goals into measurable results.The following are some of the topics you will learn during this course:How to make (or help others make) difficult decisions in difficult circumstances.Expand your client’s emotional IQ to solve problems and spark their creativityFacilitate change by helping people to break their cycles of ineffective behavior.Establish rapport with others by communicating in a way that establishes trust.Develop the self-awareness integral to the improvement of social effectiveness.How to identify and address troublesome beliefs, attitudes and behavior habits.How to help clients solve their problems and identify new growth opportunities.A coaching method that inspires change rather than just imparting information.And much, much more.Coaching is a practice, not just a concept. It is an important life skill that matures over a period of time, and even better, this training encourages you to apply what you are learning in a real life situation. Just as you won’t develop driving skills by reading only a book, you will develop coaching skills by applying what you learn to yourself and testing it on other people.Throughout this training, the coaching methodology is based on more than 2000 hours of time-served, life coaching experience, is varied in scope, and incorporates new innovative coaching methods. Taking advantage of this on-demand eLearning experience will provide you with all the knowledge, skills, and resources you need to sustain a successful life coaching practice.We will teach you how to build a competency-based, and integrity-driven coaching practice. The training will give you an understanding of human behavior and serve as a vital resource for anyone who is interested in gaining a deep understanding of the key aspects of coaching. It features a variety of demonstrations and a focus on personal growth and effectiveness.We will provide you with bite-sized modules in this course that are easy to understand and apply. The flexibility to learn anywhere, anytime, on any device means you are in total control. The course is offered by the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology and includes all the essential topics to ensure you gain a clear understanding of the life coaching method.”An Excellent and high-value for money training experience. The instructor is great, his experience is overflowing, and the sheer volume of ah-ha moments I’ve had have been invigorating to say the least!” – Jean-Paul Haber.This training is part of a larger curriculum of professional development training resources, designed by Kain Ramsay Ltd, and hosted within the Achology community peer-learning environment. The training course is accompanied by a 30-day money back guarantee, so if you’re not happy with the format, you can get your money back – no questions asked.


Section 1: The Purpose and Fundamentals of Life Coaching

Lecture 1 Welcome and Introductions to the Course

Lecture 2 A Personal Vision: Three Levels of Impact

Lecture 3 Course Support and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Lecture 4 Join the FREE Achology Principles Into Practice Discussion Group!

Lecture 5 The Beautiful Attitudes of Effective Life Coaching (Part 1)

Lecture 6 The Beautiful Attitudes of Effective Life Coaching (Part 2)

Lecture 7 The Purpose of Life Coaching

Lecture 8 Demonstration: The Purpose of Life Coaching

Lecture 9 The Purpose of Life Coaching: Further Distinctions

Lecture 10 Raising Personal Standards

Lecture 11 A Standard for Effective Life Coaching

Lecture 12 Past, Present and Future Exercise

Lecture 13 Demonstration: Past, Present and Future Exercise

Lecture 14 Exploring Basic Learning Styles

Lecture 15 Perception vs Reality

Lecture 16 The Perception Game: How do you perceive?

Lecture 17 End of Section One Summary and Wrap Up

Section 2: Developing Self-Awareness and Emotional IQ

Lecture 18 What is the Meaning of Life?

Lecture 19 Being in the ‘Hole’ in Life

Lecture 20 Building Self-Awareness in Ourselves and our Coaching Clients

Lecture 21 The ‘Victim’ Drama Triangle

Lecture 22 The 7 Levels of Consciousness and Self-Awareness

Lecture 23 Personal and Social Ability

Lecture 24 The Story of Identity Crisis

Lecture 25 Truth Focused Discussions for Raising Self-Awareness

Lecture 26 Exercise: How Thoughts Create Things

Lecture 27 Emotional Time Travel

Lecture 28 What is a Personal Breakthrough Session?

Lecture 29 Demonstration: A Personal Breakthrough Session

Lecture 30 Breakthrough Session Demonstration Deconstruction

Lecture 31 The Choices of Maturity and Character (Part 1)

Lecture 32 The Choices of Maturity and Character (Part 2)

Lecture 33 Facts vs Faith vs Feelings

Lecture 34 Facts vs Faith vs Feelings: A Case Study Exercise

Lecture 35 Becoming Acquainted with Yourself: Body, Soul and Spirit

Lecture 36 The Five Main Levels of Human Experience

Lecture 37 Demonstration: The Five Main Levels of Human Experience

Lecture 38 Demonstration Deconstruction

Lecture 39 How we See and Interpret the World

Lecture 40 The Personal Responsibility Cycle

Lecture 41 Breaking the Vicious Circle: Identifying Thought Patterns

Lecture 42 Demonstration: Socratic Questioning

Lecture 43 The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology Emotional IQ Model

Lecture 44 Revisiting Self-Esteem and Self-Concept

Lecture 45 Join the FREE Achology Principles Into Practice Discussion Group

Section 3: The Development and Deconstruction of Core Beliefs

Lecture 46 Introducing the Core Beliefs Section

Lecture 47 Morris Massey’s Stages of Belief Development

Lecture 48 Albert Ellis’ Thirteen Unhelpful Beliefs (Part 1)

Lecture 49 Albert Ellis’ Thirteen Unhelpful Beliefs (Part 2)

Lecture 50 Demonstration: Questions to Help Find Limiting Beliefs

Lecture 51 Operation ‘Hearts and Minds’

Lecture 52 Understanding Locus of Control

Lecture 53 Exercise: Exploring Truth Statements

Lecture 54 The Belief Modification Process

Lecture 55 Demonstration: The Belief Modification Process

Lecture 56 Who Am I: Building Foundations on our Core Identity

Lecture 57 The ‘Core Identity’ Coaching Model TM

Lecture 58 Establishing Who You Are at the Core

Lecture 59 The Core Beliefs Workbook

Lecture 60 The ‘Good Enough’ Principle

Lecture 61 Exploring The ‘Kuhn Cycle’

Lecture 62 End of Section Three Summary and Wrap Up

Section 4: Core Values & Understanding Human Behaviour

Lecture 63 An Introduction to Core Values and Motives

Lecture 64 Deconstructing Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Lecture 65 The Freedom Vs. Security Controversy

Lecture 66 Holding People Accountable to Their Values

Lecture 67 Unravelling the Spider Web of Core Human Values (Part 1)

Lecture 68 Unravelling the Spider Web of Core Human Values (Part 2)

Lecture 69 Unravelling the Spider Web of Core Human Values (Part 3)

Lecture 70 The Core Values Workbook and End of Section Wrap Up

Section 5: Life Coaching Language and Communication Skills

Lecture 71 Introducing the Communication Skills Section

Lecture 72 Attending to the Other Person

Lecture 73 The Roadblocks to Healthy Communications Part 1

Lecture 74 The Roadblocks to Healthy Communications Part 1

Lecture 75 The Roadblocks to Healthy Communications Part 2

Lecture 76 The Four Stages of Communications

Lecture 77 The Communication Spectrum

Lecture 78 Core Communication Skills

Lecture 79 Demonstration: Core Communication Skills

Lecture 80 The Three Levels of Listening

Lecture 81 S.I.L.E.N.C.E

Lecture 82 The Six Step ‘No-Lose’ Life Coaching Method

Lecture 83 Conversational Patterns: Chunking Up and Chunking Down

Lecture 84 Demonstration: Chunking Up and Chunking Down

Lecture 85 The Communication Skills Workbook

Section 6: Relationship Principles and Winning With People

Lecture 86 Introducing Section Six: Relationship and People Principles

Lecture 87 The Seven Pillars of Healthy Relationships

Lecture 88 Understanding The Trust Equation

Lecture 89 The Eight Levels of Intimacy in Relationships

Lecture 90 Understanding the Perceptual Positions

Lecture 91 Demonstration: The Three Perceptual Positions

Lecture 92 Four Stages of the Coaching Relationship

Section 7: A Structure for Client Work and Active Goal Setting

Lecture 93 Introduction to the Client Work and Goal Setting Section

Lecture 94 Setting Goals and Determining Your Greatest Life Vision

Lecture 95 Life Balance: Balancing the 7 Main Life Areas

Lecture 96 An Overview of the Goal Setting Process

Lecture 97 50 Questions for Finding Your Client’s Passion and Purpose in Life

Lecture 98 The Role of Mind Mapping in Life Coaching

Lecture 99 The SMART Goal Analysing Framework

Lecture 100 Demonstration: SMART Goal Setting

Lecture 101 How to Distinguish Between Urgent and Important Tasks

Lecture 102 The Goal Efficiency Matrix

Lecture 103 Gerard Egan’s Skilled Helper Model

Lecture 104 Demonstration: Gerard Egan’s Skilled Helper Model

Lecture 105 The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology Action Planning Template

Lecture 106 Top Powerful Creative Problem Solving Questions

Lecture 107 End of Section Seven Summary and Wrap Up

Section 8: Basic Principles for Business Development and Growth

Lecture 108 Introducing Business Development and Coaching Principles

Lecture 109 Alternative Mindsets Towards Life, Work and Business

Lecture 110 The Entrepreneur’s Journey

Lecture 111 Exploring the Business Model Canvas

Lecture 112 How to Think Like an Entrepreneur

Lecture 113 A Framework for Executive Coaching

Lecture 114 A Framework for Pricing and Comparing Services

Lecture 115 End of Section Eight Summary and Wrap Up

Section 9: The Seven-Stage Life Coaching Framework

Lecture 116 The Seven Stage Life Coaching Framework Part 1

Lecture 117 The Seven Stage Life Coaching Framework Part 2

Section 10: Q & A’s – Student Commonly Asked Questions

Lecture 118 Introducing the Q and A Section

Lecture 119 Q1) How do I Prepare Myself for a Coaching Session?

Lecture 120 Q2) How do I Find my Niche When Starting up Practice?

Lecture 121 Q3) Do I need Insurance as a Life Coach?

Lecture 122 Q4) What Certificates do I Need to Start up a Coaching Practice?

Lecture 123 Q5) How do I Manage my Client’s Expectations?

Lecture 124 Q6) Is CPD Membership a Legal Necessity?

Lecture 125 Q7) Who Gives Accrediting Organisations Their Authority?

Lecture 126 Q8) How do I Get Referrals as a Helping Practitioner or a Coach?

Lecture 127 Q9) How Would You Coach Someone With an Addiction?

Section 11: Compressing Your Knowledge and Course Graduation

Lecture 128 Life Coaching Recommended Reading List

Lecture 129 Course Summary and Closing Thoughts

Lecture 130 ACCESS Your Certificate HERE

Individuals who are interested in developing their skills or advancing their careers.,Students with an interest in psychology will find this course particularly interesting.,The course can be taken standalone or in conjunction with another Achology training.,This course is suitable for men and women, regardless of age or ethnic background.,This course is for students who are dedicated to self-discovery and improvement.,The course can be taken independently or in tandem with another Achology training.

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Created by: Kain Ramsay

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