Life Itself Simple Philosophy for Digital Nomads

How to Live a Life of Meaning, Joy, Love, and Creativity
Life Itself Simple Philosophy for Digital Nomads
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Life Itself Simple Philosophy for Digital Nomads

What you’ll learn

Rediscover the important elements of life
Discover the difference between joy and happiness
Identify and practice simple mindsets and actions to live a good life
Rediscover the creative genius that guides your path

Life Itself Simple Philosophy for Digital Nomads


A positive attitude, an open mind, and a genuine desire to become a better person and live life to the fullest.


This Udemy course, “Life Itself,” is designed for digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and average people alike. It aims to provide a comprehensive guide to living a fulfilling life by understanding the principles and mindset of good living. The course will cover a wide range of topics including:-Joy vs. Happiness- Love, Friendship and Family- Accomplishing Dreams- The soul/spirit/values- Meaningful Travel- Unlock your Creative GeniusThis course is basically built on my experience as a 10-year expat in Spain, a travel vlogger talking to the locals, avoiding the “Rat Race” and finding inspiring people, places, and anecdotes that have added meaning to my life. I am not a know-it-all guru, I have simply chosen a different path than most of the people I know, and this tells me I may have a thing or two that could be of value to share with some others.Many of us go through life on auto-pilot and either live to work, or we work to live. Both of these perspectives are missing the point. We should simply…live. I hope you find some meaning in these short anecdotes, and please let me know how I can make it even better.I wish you all the best life,Ross


Section 1: Living Life Itself

Lecture 1 Introduction: What is Life? (4 Elements of Life)

Lecture 2 Joy Vs. Happiness

Lecture 3 Do Something (Story of a Hero)

Lecture 4 Living in Flow

Lecture 5 TRAVEL: Talking with the Locals

Lecture 6 Love & Friendship

Lecture 7 Advice from a 40-Year Married Widow

Lecture 8 Nature and Curiosity

Lecture 9 Soul/Spirit/Values

Lecture 10 Conclusion: Unlock your Creative Genius

Lecture 11 BONUS: Life As a Digital Nomad

Digital Nomads and entrepreneurs who may have a successful business but struggle to find a sense of meaning

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Created by: Ross Alex

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