Lightroom Classic Crash Course 4 Beginners

New to Lightroom Classic CC and lost? Not after this Lightroom crash course! Learn the basics and more.
Lightroom Classic Crash Course 4 Beginners
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Chris Parker


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Lightroom Classic Crash Course 4 Beginners

What you’ll learn

Import images into Lightroom
Edit images in Lightroom
Have a sound game plan BEFORE using Lightroom
Know what all 7 modules in Lightroom can do
Have an outline for an editing workflow

Lightroom Classic Crash Course 4 Beginners


Lightroom is required to get the most out of this course


Lightroom Classic CC Crash Course – for BeginnersReady to start using one of the most popular editing programs, Lightroom?  If so, this is just the course you need to get up and running, fast.Learn Everything from importing to exporting and more.The course starts off with 5 questions you should answer BEFORE you even start using Lightroom!  Once you have those 5 questions answered, you’re ready to start importing your photos.But first, you’ll learn a little bit about each module in Lightroom and how to customize the interface. Then, you’ll learn how to import your photos.  You’ll learn about all the different options and settings you need to setup before you click the import button.  After that, I’ll provide additional tips for using the Library Module to streamline your workflow.After that, the fun begins with the section on the Develop Module.  One of the most often questions photographers ask about editing in Lightroom is;  “Where do I Start Editing”?  Which is a great question. Once you enter the Develop module for the first time it can be a bit intimidating.  So many tools, features and panels to help you edit and fulfill your creative vision.  So, where do you start?  Well, I’ll show you and you may be a bit surprised on where your editing actually starts.You’ll also learn about the different types of presets in Lightroom, all about one of my favorite tools; Local Adjustment Tools, my personal workflow and we’ll also edit a couple of photos so you can see the workflow in action.Finally, you’ll learn how to get your photos out of Lightroom, via Exporting, and creating presets to re-use those Export settings again in the future.


Section 1: What This Course is All About & What to Expect

Lecture 1 Course Overview

Lecture 2 Where to Get Lightroom

Lecture 3 What Can You do With Lightroom?

Lecture 4 Lightroom Classic 2023

Section 2: the 5 Questions You Should Ask & Answer BEFORE Using Lightroom

Lecture 5 Lightroom Pro Tips

Lecture 6 Introduction

Lecture 7 Question 1

Lecture 8 Question 2

Lecture 9 Question 3

Lecture 10 Question 4

Lecture 11 Question 5

Section 3: the Modules

Lecture 12 Introduction

Lecture 13 the Lightroom Interface

Lecture 14 Library Module

Lecture 15 Develop Module

Lecture 16 Map Module

Lecture 17 Book Module

Lecture 18 Slideshow Module

Lecture 19 Print Module

Lecture 20 Web Module

Section 4: Library Module

Lecture 21 Introduction

Lecture 22 Importing

Lecture 23 THE Dirty Word of Lightroom

Section 5: Develop Module

Lecture 24 Introduction

Lecture 25 Where do You Start Editing?

Lecture 26 Presets

Lecture 27 Local Adjustment Tools

Lecture 28 Basic Panel

Lecture 29 My Workflow

Lecture 30 Basic Edit

Section 6: Get Your Images Out of Lightroom!

Lecture 31 Introduction

Lecture 32 Export

Section 7: Bonus 01: Basics of the New Lightroom CC vs. Lightroom Classic CC

Lecture 33 A quick comparison of the 2 new versions of Lightroom

Lecture 34 What is Missing in the New Lightroom CC Cloud-Based Version?

Lecture 35 An overview of the new Lightroom CC interface.

Section 8: Bonus 02

Lecture 36 Bonus

Lecture 37 What is Lightroom?

Lecture 38 Understanding Catalogs Step 1 – Non vs. Destructive editing

Lecture 39 Understanding Catalogs Step 2 – Previews

Lecture 40 Understanding Catalogs Step 3 – What is a Catalog?

Lecture 41 Creating a New Catalog?

Lecture 42 Catalog Settings

Lecture 43 Preferences

Lecture 44 Backup Your Catalog

Lecture 45 Backup Your Extras

Section 9: Bonus 03

Lecture 46 Bonus

This course was designed for beginners

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Created by: Chris Parker

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