Linux tutorial for beginners and Level up your career

Learn Linux skills in this class to get promoted or start a new career as a Linux administrator / professional.
Linux tutorial for beginners and Level up your career
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Metla Sudha Sekhar


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Linux tutorial for beginners and Level up your career

What you’ll learn

Learn the life-cycle of Linux operating system
Use Basic Commands to Control Linux System
Know to Learn the Linux Distributions
Run Linux Using Virtual box Environment of your system
How to Install Linux step by step process
Remote Connections using Putty with SSH Logins
Know the Linux Directory Structures
Applying Basic Commands in terminal
know-how Self Learning with $man pages
Linux Permissions to control access
Finding Files / Directories with pipes
Learn Secure transferring files over the network systems
Learn to write and run shell scripts
Linux JOB automations
Apply these Linux skills on Cloud environment like AWS or Azure
First-AID when Linux Server Down

Linux tutorial for beginners and Level up your career


No skill needed. You will learn everything you need to know
Basic computer operating skills
No pre-knowledge is required – you will learn from basic


This course will give you everything you need to start with Linux. It’s the perfect start on your path to a successful career as a system administrator and of course to improve your skills if you’re already in the IT market.Do you want a raise? Do you want to get a better job? Or even start your business as a freelance IT consultant? Then you should definitely take this course!Learn Linux, The first step to LINUX you need to learn to succeed in the Linux Operating system environment, it is easy to learn and understand our online Linux Training course is designed for you with the complete steps to get Linux professional skills. Mr. Sudha Sekhar will explain to you even complex topics to simplify and teach you, and beginners can understand easily with real-time examples. What is Linux: Linux is a family of open-source Unix-like operating systems based on the Linux kernel, an operating system kernel first released on September 17, 1991, by Linus Torvalds. Linux is typically packaged in a Linux distribution.Linux is most popular on the main production servers that are used to maintain secure data in real-world environments like banking, hospitals, real estate, and many corporate data servers maintained by Linux-based server systems.Create a Good and Strong base foundation in Linux, Learn With this “Linux tutorial for beginners and Level up your career” tutorial for beginners and professionals.Learn from real-world expertsWhat is LinuxLinux SkillsRunning #root and $user commandsLinux Basic CommandsLinux File PermissionsLinux Installations from scratchLinux Remote Secure ConnectionsLinux Control Processes and Running Jobs Linux File Transfer Over Secure NetworkCreating cron Jobs and Schedules for AutomatingEntry as Zero exit as Hero.A Strong Skill at Your Hands While Executing CommandsLearn to build Linux Skills using commands. This course assumes no prior Linux knowledge(commands basics will help you), just a desire to learn to set up your own Linux environment.In this course we cover from scratch to get professional Linux skills level to get promoted in your career and who start a career as a Linux professional. Content and Summary Who wants to start with beginning in Linux, through this course of 48 lectures and hours of content, you’ll learn all of the Linux Skills and establish a strong understanding of the concept behind Linux Server implementation. Every Section closes with a challenge, putting your newly learned skills into practical use immediately and Most of the Lectures have Assignments to test your knowledge.Starting with an introduction, to how to use Linux Instance, Control Instance, basics, settings, etc.Learning with these Linux skills, you will be eager to learn other operating systems like Ubuntu, Centos, Fedora, etc. very quickly which lead you to become a successful Linux professional.If you really want to learn Linux, This Linux Course is for you to develop your skills more than others and you will become a strong Linux Professional.Learn from real-world expertsEnroll Now and Start solving your challenge .Who this course is for:People who want to learn LinuxPeople who have no idea about LinuxPeople who don’t know what is LinuxPeople who want to acquire Linux professional knowledgePeople who kick start career in LinuxPeople who want to become a professional in Linux


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Linux History Basic

Lecture 3 What is source code

Section 2: Linux Distributions

Lecture 4 Linux Distributions

Lecture 5 Ubuntu Distributions

Lecture 6 Cent Os Distributions

Section 3: Installing Virtual Box on Windows

Lecture 7 How to Download from Source Oracle (VM)

Lecture 8 Installation Steps Virtual Box on Windows

Lecture 9 Linux Instance Creation on Oracle VM

Section 4: Installation of Server / Desktop Operating system

Lecture 10 Setting Booting from .ISO image / DVD / Pen drive stick

Lecture 11 Linux Installation from Scratch

Lecture 12 CentOs Installation from Scratch

Lecture 13 Ubuntu Installation from Scratch

Section 5: Virtual Box Configuration

Lecture 14 Know the VM Memory scalability and Configurations

Lecture 15 Network Configuration

Section 6: Access Directly on Machine

Lecture 16 #root user access directly

Lecture 17 $user direct login

Section 7: Connect Remotely

Lecture 18 Using Putty to Establish SSH Login from Local system

Section 8: Linux Directory Structure

Lecture 19 F.H.S File System Hierarchy Standard

Lecture 20 Difference between / and /root

Lecture 21 User default Directory structure

Section 9: Linux Basic commands

Lecture 22 Basic Commands of $ls and $cat

Lecture 23 Basic Commands of $mkdir, $rmdir, $touch and $cp

Lecture 24 Basic Commands of $mv, $init 6($reboot) and $init 0 ($shutdown)

Lecture 25 Basic Commands of $who, $last and $uname

Lecture 26 Basic Commands of $history, $reset and $clear

Section 10: Learn How-to Using man pages

Lecture 27 Learn $man pages (command manuals)

Section 11: Working with Directories

Lecture 28 How to Create and Remove Directory

Lecture 29 Soft / Hard Links to Use Directory Shortcut options

Section 12: List File and Directories and know “ls” output

Lecture 30 List File and Directories and know “ls” output

Section 13: Permissions

Lecture 31 Linux Files Owner ship

Lecture 32 Type of Permissions

Lecture 33 Modifying File / Directory Permissions

Section 14: #nano Editor for View text and configuration files

Lecture 34 View text and configuration files using #nano Editor

Section 15: VI Editor for view and configuration files editing

Lecture 35 VI Editor for view and configuration files editing

Section 16: Graphical editor on Linux GUI

Lecture 36 GUI Editor on Linux System

Section 17: Process and Control Jobs

Lecture 37 Command to Control process and running Jobs

Section 18: Find Files and Directories

Lecture 38 Find File / Directory using -name

Lecture 39 Find Files / Directory using their Permissions

Lecture 40 Find Files / Directory user Specific

Section 19: Input, Output Redirection in Linux

Lecture 41 Input, Output Redirection in Linux

Section 20: Search Files Using Pipes

Lecture 42 Search Files Using Pipes

Section 21: Transferring and Copying Files Over the Network

Lecture 43 Using FileZilla FTP Solution

Lecture 44 Using WinSCP (SFTP / SCP) Local to Remote File Transfer

Section 22: Shell in Linux

Lecture 45 What is Shell?

Lecture 46 What is Shell Script?

Lecture 47 How to write and execute a Shell Script

Section 23: Cron Job for Automation

Lecture 48 What is Cron?

Lecture 49 How to Write a Cron Job real-time example

Section 24: Installation add-on Software

Lecture 50 Installation add-on Software package

Lecture 51 Removing Software Package

Section 25: First-AID #5 things you should know

Lecture 52 #5 things you should know when server is down (troubleshooting)

People who want to learn Linux,Anyone who wants to strong on Linux basics,People that need Linux knowledge for a personal or business project like hosting a website on a Linux server.,People thinking about a career as a Linux system administrator or engineer, but need the basics first to learn.,Researchers, college professors, and college students that will be using Linux servers to conduct research or complete course work using secure operating system.,Professionals that need to learn Linux to strengthen more effective at work.,Helpdesk team, application support engineers, and application developers that are required to use the Linux operating system.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 7h 6m | 2.42 GB
Created by: Metla Sudha Sekhar

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