List Building Definitive Guide To 1000 Subscribers

Complete guide to using lead magnets and landing pages to attract, capture and convert prospects into paying clients
List Building Definitive Guide To 1000 Subscribers
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List Building Definitive Guide To 1000 Subscribers

What you’ll learn

Grow your mailing list using lead magnets and landing pages
Plan and create your first lead magnet in 2 hours
You’ll be able to create 11 different types of lead magnets
Create a landing page quickly and easily
Understand the principals of lead magnet marketing
Discover the 5 golden rules of lead magnet marketing
Learn the 5 essentials elements of a landing page
Write effective headlines for your lead magnets and landing pages with proven frameworks
Use the tools and software which industry professional are using to rapidly grow their mailing list

List Building Definitive Guide To 1000 Subscribers


This is a beginner level course, so you don’t need any previous knowledge


Do you want to grow your mailing list?
Are you struggling to even get your first subscriber?
Then List Building: Definitive Guide To 1000 Subscribers is for you!
We’ll be using inbound marketing and content marketing to attract, capture and convert prospects by offering them incredible value with lead magnets and getting them to sign up on landing pages.
I will be taking you step by step by step through the entire process, we’ll even create our first lead magnet together over the course of a 2 hour challenge.
I’ve included everything you need to get started:
The theory behind lead magnets and landing pagesThe story of how I got my first 1000 subscribersThe different types of landing pages you can create with REAL WORLD examplesAn in-depth tutorial on how to create landing pages using UnbounceInterviews with top experts like Oli Gardner from UnbounceCheatsheets, templates and checklistsYou can even test your knowledge with multiple choice quizzes
By the end of this course you’ll be on the road to increasing your subscriber count, connecting with more people who care about your products and services and be seen as an authority in your niche.
Sound exciting?
Then lets do it! Enrol today but clicking the “Enrol Now” button to get started…


Section 1: You can easily create a lead magnet when you follow this course step by step

Lecture 1 The purpose of this course is to get your first 1000 subscribers

Lecture 2 What exactly is a lead magnet?

Lecture 3 How I got my first 1000 subscribers with lead magnets

Lecture 4 Lead magnets: The 5 gold rules for creating and marketing

Section 2: Discover the types of lead magnets you can create

Lecture 5 Ebooks that take no-longer than one hour to create

Lecture 6 A video learning series (VLS) delivered via email automation

Lecture 7 Infographics + How to create them quickly and easily

Lecture 8 A gear list: The essential tools, resources and stuff you’ve got to have!

Lecture 9 A half hour appointment with you (Excellent for consultants)

Lecture 10 Checklists for how to do a repetitive task

Lecture 11 A fill-in-the-blanks cheatsheet or swipe file + amazing inspiration resource

Lecture 12 Host a live webinar (sounds scary but its really easy)

Lecture 13 Offer a free trail, sample or download

Lecture 14 Create a quiz or assessment of a particular skill + tools to make them

Lecture 15 Case studies that offer your prospects real world proven results

Section 3: Create your first lead magnet in under 2 hours by following these steps

Lecture 16 0:00 – 0:10: Who is going to download it, why and how it helps you

Lecture 17 0:10 – 0:20: Lead magnet brainstorm, shortlist and selection

Lecture 18 0:20 – 0:35: Create the lead magnet outline using PASTOR framework

Lecture 19 0:35 – 1:35: Create the main content for the lead magnet

Lecture 20 1:35 – 1:45: Write and test the lead magnet headline

Lecture 21 1:45 – 2:00: Format your lead magnet with these simple design tips

Section 4: Capturing prospect data with landing pages has never been so easy

Lecture 22 How to create a landing page with for FREE

Lecture 23 How to deliver a lead magnet to your subscriber with Mailchimp for FREE

Lecture 24 5 Essential elements of a landing page

Lecture 25 How to write an effective landing page headline and test it before you go live

Lecture 26 How to capture your visitors name and email address with forms

Lecture 27 Welcome your new mailing list subscriber with these 4 emails

Lecture 28 How to instantly convert prospects to paying customers with Thank You pages

Lecture 29 BONUS: Examples of REAL WORLD landing pages that convert like hot cakes

Lecture 30 BONUS: OptimizePress Review

Lecture 31 BONUS: Review

Lecture 32 INTERVIEW: Oli Gardner, Founder of

Lecture 33 BONUS: Review

Section 5: The advanced zone: How to squeeze extra conversions from your web traffic

Lecture 34 Use a welcome mat to capture first time visitors with you signature lead magnet

Lecture 35 Using exit intent to capture visitors before they leave your website

Lecture 36 How to use in-content upgrades to grow your mailing list

Lecture 37 How to use urgency and scarcity in your lead magnet marketing


Lecture 38 PODCAST: How to write content for landing pages that convert

Lecture 39 PODCAST: 6 Landing Pages Every Service Business Needs

Lecture 40 Free additional resources

Marekters who want to build their mailing list,Entrepreneurs who want to build their mailing list,Bloggers who want to build their mailing list,DO NOT take this course if you are already heavily using lead magnets, as its for beginner level

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 30m | 1.90 GB
Created by: Lawrence Howlett

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