Live Stock Trading Course Beginner to Pro

Learn how to Day and Swing Trade with LIVE examples
Live Stock Trading Course Beginner to Pro
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Mohsen Hassan


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Live Stock Trading Course Beginner to Pro

What you’ll learn

How to open and fund a brokerage account
How to use TWS (Trader Workstation) in depth
How to send orders LIVE
How to send directed and hidden orders
How to read the orderbook and time of sales
Market making and scalping
How to swing trade pairs LIVE
How to day trade pairs LIVE

Live Stock Trading Course Beginner to Pro


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This course is all practical.Opening a brokerage account. Funding it. Understanding margin and how to get live quotes in your account. We even cover how to get live quotes to your demo account so you can have the most realistic practice environment possible.We go over the trading platform TWS (Trader Workstation) from Interactive Brokers (you can use any trading platform you want, though). We cover how to set up your trading environment: order books, time of sales, economic calendar, portfolio watchlist, news, charting, and much more! All live. All practical.Then, we look at executing orders! In a live account! We go over commissions and how to send regular limit orders and market orders. Following that, we cover advanced order types like directed market orders, hidden orders, and iceberg orders. We learn how to read the order book and place orders correctly based on the stock you are trading. We show this through live examples on both liquid and illiquid stocks.Finally, we trade the pair trading strategy with live capital. Pair trading is one of the most complete strategies, so being able to execute this strategy will enable you to execute on any other strategy!See you in the course!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Prerequisites

Lecture 2 How to use this course

Lecture 3 Risks in Trading

Lecture 4 Equipments required

Section 2: Brokers and Account Openings

Lecture 5 Choosing your account type

Lecture 6 Choosing your brokers

Lecture 7 Why IB

Lecture 8 Account Fees

Lecture 9 Opening IB Account

Lecture 10 Linking Demo Account

Lecture 11 bloom trading and transferring funds

Section 3: TWS and initial setup

Lecture 12 Warning: Beware of Scammers

Lecture 13 Installing TWS (Trader Workstation)

Lecture 14 Trading Environment and sending First order

Lecture 15 OrderBook Settings

Lecture 16 Subscribing to Market Data

Lecture 17 Setting up trading environment

Lecture 18 Economic Calendar & Shareable Google Sheet

Lecture 19 Creating a portfolio watchlist

Lecture 20 News

Lecture 21 Charting

Section 4: Market making

Lecture 22 Principles behind market making

Lecture 23 Market making cheap stocks

Lecture 24 Commission

Lecture 25 Directed Market Orders

Lecture 26 More on Directed Market Orders

Lecture 27 Hotkeys

Lecture 28 Margin

Lecture 29 Trading Illiquid Stocks (wide spread)

Lecture 30 Using Hidden Orders

Section 5: Pair Trading

Lecture 31 Principles behind Pair Trading

Lecture 32 Charting pairs

Lecture 33 Swing Trading and position sizing

Lecture 34 Swing Trading Pair live

Lecture 35 My way of day trading pairs

Lecture 36 My way of trading pairs (continued)

Lecture 37 Trading With small account & Course overview

Section 6: Conclusion

Lecture 38 Bonus Lecture

Individuals who want to improve on their trading skills

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 7h 38m | 580.50 MB
Created by: Mohsen Hassan

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