LlamaIndex Train ChatGPT other LLMs on Custom Data

Your Ultimate Guide to Customizing ChatGPT (and other LLMs) with LlamaIndex. Create LLM applications with LlamaIndex
LlamaIndex Train ChatGPT other LLMs on Custom Data
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LlamaIndex Train ChatGPT other LLMs on Custom Data

What you’ll learn

Learn to index and query custom data with LLMs and LlamaIndex
Use LlamaIndex in LLM appliactions
Understand the principles of RAG
Train ChatGPT on custom data
Deploy custom AI data agents

LlamaIndex Train ChatGPT other LLMs on Custom Data


Basic knowledge of python


LlamaIndex for LLM applications with RAG paradigm, letting you train ChatGPT and other models with custom data.Learn how to train ChatGPT on custom data and build powerful query and chat engines and AI data agents with engaging lectures and 4.5 hours of insightful content. This course offers a mix of theoretical foundations and hands-on projects, ensuring you gain practical experience while grasping the core concepts. By the end of this journey, you’ll be proficient in creating advanced LLM apps, querying complex databases, employing AI agents, and designing your own chatbot interfaces. Unlock the transformative power of LlamaIndex with our comprehensive course, “Unlocking LlamaIndex: Train ChatGPT on Custom Data and Beyond.”  With engaging lectures and 4.5 hours of rich, detailed content, this course is your one-way ticket to mastering LlamaIndex and creating custom LLM applications of the future.Core Concepts:Custom ChatGPT Training: Dive deep into the intricacies of training ChatGPT on custom data sets, empowering you to create language models tailored to specific industry needs.RAG (retrieval-augmented generation): the cutting-edge AI framework! Imagine pulling the latest and greatest facts directly from external knowledge bases, all to supercharge your Large Language Models (LLMs)! Not only does RAG ensure that your LLM is operating on the most up-to-date, accurate information, but it also gives you a thrilling behind-the-scenes look at how these language models generate their responses. AI agents: Create smart AI data agents with LlamaIndex agents. Automate data tasks with LlamaIndex, optimize workflows, and create astonishing AI LLM applications. AI agents are the apps of the future.Query and Chat Engines: Get hands-on experience in building stateful query and chat engines. Learn how to maintain context in your conversations, offering a more enriched user experience.Streamlit Interfaces: Elevate your project by learning how to create intuitive and interactive interfaces using Streamlit. Turn your data scripts into fully functional web apps with just a few lines of Python.Hands-on Projects:Engage in real-world projects that allow you to apply your newfound knowledge. Create complex query engines, build chatbots with memory,  design web apps to interact with your ChatGPT models, and create custom AI data agents as you go.Who Is This Course For?Whether you’re a data scientist looking to broaden your skill set, a developer eager to dive into the world of large language models, or a curious individual wanting to understand the nuts and bolts of ChatGPT and LlamaIndex, this course is for you.Last update of the course: 3.November.2023100% 30-Day Money-Back GuaranteeWe’re so confident in the value this course will provide we offer a 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchase. No questions asked.By the end of this course, you’ll be fully equipped to train ChatGPT on custom data, create LLM applications, and build intelligent query engines and AI data agents. You’ll be an undisputed expert in LlamaIndex, ready to tackle any challenge that comes your way. Don’t miss this opportunity. Enroll today!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 About the LlamaIndex course

Lecture 2 Basic Setup

Lecture 3 Help & resources

Lecture 4 Before you start

Lecture 5 Basic info about LLMs

Lecture 6 Get OpenAI API key

Section 2: Introduction to LlamaIndex and LLM applications

Lecture 7 Intro to section and LLM applications

Lecture 8 Train ChatGPT (LLMs) on custom data – RAG

Lecture 9 The difference between LlamaIndex and LangChain

Lecture 10 LLMs and data privacy

Lecture 11 Security challenges in LLM applications

Lecture 12 How LlamaIndex works

Lecture 13 How to use LLMs with LlamaIndex

Lecture 14 Comparing LLM models

Section 3: LlamaIndex dive in deeper

Lecture 15 Building blocks of LlamaIndex

Lecture 16 Hands on LlamaIndex

Lecture 17 Persisiting index

Lecture 18 Be aware of the token usage when using LlamaIndex

Lecture 19 Refining Query Prompts in LlamaIndex: Elevate Your LLM Experience

Lecture 20 Refining prompts with user and system role propmpt

Section 4: Creating indexes with LlamaIndex

Lecture 21 Intro to section Creating indexes with LlamaIndex

Lecture 22 Guide to Indexing with LlamaIndex: From Data Loaders to Vector Stores

Lecture 23 Documents and Nodes in LlamaIndex: Enhance Chatbot’s Contextual Understanding

Lecture 24 Data Management in LlamaIndex: Smart Tracking of Document Changes

Lecture 25 Change embeddings in a Vector Index

Lecture 26 Which embedding model is best?

Lecture 27 Implementing Chroma Vector Database in LlamaIndex for Efficient Storage

Section 5: Querying with LlamaIndex

Lecture 28 Intro to Querying with LlamaIndex

Lecture 29 Multi-Index Search in LlamaIndex: Efficient Query Routing for Diverse Data

Lecture 30 Power of Chat Engines in LlamaIndex: A Stateful Way to Converse with Your Data

Lecture 31 Query databases with natural language

Lecture 32 Subquestion Query Engines: Combining Multiple Data Sources with LlamaIndex

Lecture 33 Query YouTube and Structured Data

Lecture 34 Chatbot Interface with Streamlit and LlamaIndex: A Hands-On Guide

Lecture 35 Chainlit alternative to Streamlit

Section 6: LlamaIndex data agents

Lecture 36 About LlamaIndex data agents section

Lecture 37 About AI agents and llamaIndex data agents

Lecture 38 OpenAi agent

Lecture 39 Recursive retriever over data agents

Section 7: Before you go

Lecture 40 Before you go

Lecture 41 Where to go from here

Whether you’re a data scientist looking to broaden your skill set, a developer eager to dive into the world of large language models, or a curious individual wanting to understand the nuts and bolts of ChatGPT and LlamaIndex, this course is for you.,People interested in using Chatgpt and other LLMs with custom data,This course is designed for anyone interested in learning how to effectively utilize LlamaIndex for their projects, be it for chatbots, data retrieval, or any other large language model applications.,Everybody that want to train ChatGPT on custom data

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 46m | 2.72 GB
Created by: Jana Bergant

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