Loadrunner 1250 SAPGUI Protocol scripting

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Loadrunner 1250 SAPGUI Protocol scripting
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Loadrunner 1250 SAPGUI Protocol scripting

What you’ll learn

Students reported that they were able to troubleshoot the issues faced in the real projects after taking this class
As most of the companies (& Interviewers) are expecting Performance Testers to have knowledge on multiple Protocols; this course will give wonderful opportunity to get very good working knowledge on SAP GUI Protocol using loadrunner
By end of the course you will learn to develop a VuGen Scripts for SAP systems and be ready to handle any performance testing project using LoadRunner tool
Even if you are using any other performance testing tool, this course will provide you core guidelines for utilizing it for maximum benefits in less time.

Loadrunner 1250 SAPGUI Protocol scripting


Prior Knowledge of LoadRunner – Basic Level
Any Basic scripting language knowledge


Welcome to “Isha Training Solutions”First of all, I would like to thank Udemy Students for making my first course “Performance testing Using LoadRunner (Basics + advanced)” a hugely successfulWe, at Isha, continue to strive hard to create new courses for Performance Testers.  As part of this efforts, we have come up with a new course ” Scripting for SAP GUI Protocol Using HP LoadRunner 12.50 (Basics + Advanced)”. At the end of this course, you not only can confidently handle interviews but also handle Performance Testing projects pertaining to SAP-GUI protocol.Learn all the basics and advanced concepts with Hands-on examples. All the intricacies and challenges typically faced by performance testers, is covered as part of this course. This course mainly focuses on scripting part using VuGen.Following is covered as part of the course1) Installation of Loadrunner2) Installation of SAP3) Recording4) Playback5) General issues / concerns while scripting6) Scripting challenges with case studies7) Controller execution8) AnalysisPls email me on [email protected] for any questions / concerns. For immediate response, pls Whatsapp me on +91-8019952427.****************************************************************************************My other courses on UdemyApache Jmeter – Basics to Intermediate levelAdvance LoadRunner Scripting for HTTP/HTML ProtocolWebServices Performance Testing Using Loadrunner(SOAP &REST)Performance Testing using LoadRunner 12.50****************************************************************************************I am able to Record, Replay back, Add transactions & Add Check Points, then why should I take this course?This course is much deeper than just record and playback. Students reported that they were able to troubleshoot the issues by themselves after attending the course. Also, reported that the course helped them to break the interviews confidently. Lots of C functions, LR functions, conversions etc…will be discussed. ***************************************************************************************


Section 1: Introduction to LoadRunner

Lecture 1 Hand out / Course Material for the Course

Lecture 2 LoadRunner Architecture

Lecture 3 Where to install LoadRunner Components?

Lecture 4 Understanding Load Generators

Section 2: LoadRunner Installation

Lecture 5 Installation of LoadRunner

Section 3: Introduction of SAP

Lecture 6 SAP Architecture

Lecture 7 Installation of SAP Logon Lanchpad

Lecture 8 Providing Connection String to SAP Login LaunchPad

Lecture 9 Understanding Communication Between SAP Client and SAP Server

Lecture 10 SAP Access – Understanding 3 levels of Access – Video

Lecture 11 SAP Access – Understanding 3 levels of Access – Information

Lecture 12 SAP Access – Get your free Logon ID

Lecture 13 Understand SAP MM Module – Create Purchase Requisition

Lecture 14 Understand SAP MM Module – Create Purchase Order

Lecture 15 Understand SAP MM Modules – A look into Other Business processes

Section 4: Recording and Playback using VuGen – Virtual User Generator

Lecture 16 Enable SAPGUI Scripting on SAP Servers

Lecture 17 Significance of Enabling SAPGUI Scripting in VuGen

Lecture 18 VuGen – Record / Playback

Lecture 19 VuGen – Understanding SnapShot View

Lecture 20 VuGen – Understating Objects

Lecture 21 VuGen – Using Control-ID’s directly in the Script

Lecture 22 VuGen – Step By Step Execution

Section 5: Making Enhancements Using VuGen (Virtual User Generator)

Lecture 23 VuGen – Programmatically adding Objects

Lecture 24 VuGen – Inserting Transactions

Lecture 25 Checking Transaction Response Times

Lecture 26 Rendezvous Point

Lecture 27 Parameterization

Lecture 28 VuGen – Password Encryption

Section 6: Doing C Programming with VuGen

Lecture 29 Introduction to C Programming

Lecture 30 Understanding Integers – Part1

Lecture 31 Understanding Integers – Part2

Lecture 32 Understanding Strings

Lecture 33 LR Parameter

Lecture 34 Conversion – Part1

Lecture 35 Conversion – Part2

Lecture 36 Conversion – Part3

Section 7: Further Enhancements Using VuGen (Virtual User Generator)

Lecture 37 Retrieve Information – Understanding strcmp Function

Lecture 38 Performing – Retrieve Information

Lecture 39 Error Handling – Understanding strstr Function

Lecture 40 Performing Error Handling

Section 8: VuGen – Verification Points

Lecture 41 Verification Point – Part1

Lecture 42 Verification Point – Part2

Lecture 43 Verification Point – Part3

Lecture 44 Verification Point – Part4

Section 9: VuGen – Control ID to LR Parameter

Lecture 45 Storing the Control ID to LR Parameter

Section 10: VuGen – File Operations

Lecture 46 File Operations – Introduction

Lecture 47 File Operations – Writing the Code

Lecture 48 File Operations – executing the Code

Lecture 49 File Operations – Understanding Access mode

Lecture 50 File Operations – Implementing in Purchase Requisition Business Process

Section 11: VuGen – Challenges related to Capturing Values from the Grid

Lecture 51 Capturing the Grid Values – Part1

Lecture 52 Capturing the Grid Values – Part2

Section 12: VuGen – Challenges related to Date / Time

Lecture 53 Implementing Date/Time – Part 1

Lecture 54 Implementing Date/Time – Part 2

Lecture 55 Implementing Date/Time – Part 3

Lecture 56 Implementing Date/Time – Part 4

Section 13: Executing Tests using Controller – Basic Understanding

Lecture 57 Design the Scenario – Basic understanding

Lecture 58 Executing the Scenario – Basic understanding

Lecture 59 Memory Footprint – Lets figure it out for each Vuser

Section 14: Performance Analysis – Looking into Metrics Using T- Codes

Lecture 60 Memory / Buffer Management – ST02 – Introduction

Lecture 61 Memory / Buffer Management – ST02 – Demonstration

Lecture 62 ST06 – Windows OS Level Monitoring – CPU Utilization

Lecture 63 ST06-Windows OS level Monitoring – Memory & Disk Utilization

Lecture 64 ST06-Windows OS level Monitoring – Hourly basis

Lecture 65 SM50 – Work Process

Lecture 66 STAD_video62

Lecture 67 Other Transactions Codes to explore for Monitoring

Lecture 68 Performance Tuning Appproaches

Lecture 69 Where to go from here?

Anyone who has worked with LoadRunner Tool before,Anyone who has basic knowledge on loadrunner,Anyone who wants to strengthen their resume by adding additional protocol,Anyone who wants to get a good hands-on knowledge on SAP GUI Protocol (using LoadRunner),Anyone who wants to master SAP-GUI protocol using LoadRunner

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Created by: kumar Gupta

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