Lobo 3D character in Blender course

How to make 3D character in Blender for 3D printing or portfolio
Lobo 3D character in Blender course
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NIkolay Naydenov


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Lobo 3D character in Blender course

What you’ll learn

Making a full character in Blender
Working from concept
Modelling for 3D print
Muscular male anatomy

Lobo 3D character in Blender course


Intermediate level of Blender knowledge


Hello guys, and you are probably wondering who is this guy?This is Lobo, and he is the character we will do entirely in Blender in this course!He is also a bit crazy, so don’t think of not taking this course, coz he might get angry!In this course you will get over 30 hours of realtime sculpting and modelling in Blender, with the purpose of having a ready model for rendering or 3D printing.Now again probably you are wondering who is your instructor?His name is Niko, and he is a 3D character artist and educator with over 15 years in the game industry. He has over 20 000 students in his online courses of 3D character creation and human anatomy.And also a youtube channel with over 50 000 subscribers. The amazing concept for this character is done by the incredible artist Dario JelušićIn the course we will start a bit differently with gathering our references, needed for the character creation, and analyzing our concept. We will then start modelling the head, the teeth and tongue. Then we will model the body, arms and legs, where i will speak about the anatomy and shapes of those body parts. After, we will make the basic shape of the dog and continue with the clothes. We will do Lobo’s belt, jacket, potnik and pants. A hardsurface modelling will be next when we make the granade and the weapon. Then we will jump to do some knee armor, shoelases, and all kinds of elements this character has on himself, and there will be some modelling and sculpting, mark my word :). I will then, with great pleasure, make one of the skulls on his belt and then make the batman mask, the wonderwoman tiara and a flash helmet. I just love sculpting skulls!Then we will make some chains, which will be also an interesting part of our course. Dog chain, neck chain, and the arm chain. While making all the features of this character i will always talk and show you how to model it to be 3D printer friendly. With bigger and thicker elements and overall attention to the detail. After we work few more hours, detailing and finishing Lobo, we will rig the arms and hands, and make the pose from the concept. Then we will do some more cleaning and adjusting untill we are ready to call it done. And for last, we will do a interesting render with the help of Photoshop and a turntable, with the help of Blender himself :).This course is absolutely made for intermediate Blender users, and although i will talk you trough almost every step i do in it, for the beginners i would recommend taking my Absolute beginners 3D character in Blender course first, and then go back to this one :).So if you kinda like this crazy and wild looking character, and you want to see the whole process, and even make it yourself i would say you might want to check out the course :).


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Intro

Lecture 2 Gathering references in Pureref

Lecture 3 Analyzing the concept

Lecture 4 Starting the head

Lecture 5 Making the teeth and tongue

Lecture 6 Making the eyemask and some tweaks

Lecture 7 Starting the body

Lecture 8 Some shoulder-chest anatomy and making base arms ang legs

Lecture 9 Arm and legs anatomy and basic shapes

Lecture 10 Making the fingers

Lecture 11 Little refinements on the body and face

Lecture 12 Starting the modelling of the dog

Lecture 13 Starting the clothes

Lecture 14 Making the jacket and grenade

Lecture 15 Making the sickle weapon

Lecture 16 Starting the boots

Lecture 17 Making some spikes and armor

Lecture 18 Making the skull knee armor and a shotgun shell

Lecture 19 Making the star knee armor and a cross

Lecture 20 Working on the shoes and making shoelaces

Lecture 21 Making the belt buckle and a zipper

Lecture 22 Straps, belt shells, and some other minor adjustments

Lecture 23 Hair strands and zipper stuff

Lecture 24 Detailing the jacket

Lecture 25 The skull and superman badge making

Lecture 26 Making the batman mask and wonder woman tiara

Lecture 27 Finishing the superhero skulls

Lecture 28 Making some chains and dog tag

Lecture 29 Making the arm chain

Lecture 30 Making the gloves and refining the dog

Lecture 31 Detailing the hair, gloves and shoes

Lecture 32 Working on the boots and leg armor

Lecture 33 Adding rivets and bolts with snapping

Lecture 34 Adding battle damage to metal parts

Lecture 35 Adding many details everywhere

Lecture 36 Coloring the weapon and remeshing the arms

Lecture 37 Rigging, posing and some fixing

Lecture 38 Last but important tweaks and fixes

Lecture 39 Connecting arms and body and other tweaks

Lecture 40 Rendering, Shadow plane, adn adjustments

Lecture 41 Fix the render in Photoshop and making turntable in Blender

Lecture 42 Goodbye

All who want to learn complex 3D character creation in Blender

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 23h 54m | 25.35 GB
Created by: NIkolay Naydenov

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