Local SEO 2022 How to Rank Your Local Business in Google

Local Business SEO 2022, Keyword Research for Local SEO, Technical SEO for Local Business & Link Building for Local SEO
Local SEO 2022 How to Rank Your Local Business in Google
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Local SEO 2022 How to Rank Your Local Business in Google

What you’ll learn

How to rank your website in Google for local SEO searches & drive more traffic to your website
Understand the process of local business SEO by learning the important steps involved in ranking local businesses in Google
Create a website for local business from scratch & learn to implement on-page SEO for local business
How to create quality backlinks and citations for Local Business website to drive more traffic
Easy & simple methods to increase the visibility of your local Business in Google search result pages
How to add your local business to Google and optimize the listing in Google my business for better visibility in search engines

Local SEO 2022 How to Rank Your Local Business in Google


A local business is required to apply the steps taught in this course


Local SEO training for website owners & bloggers This is a step-by-step practical roadmap for local business owners who want to rank in Google with straightforward strategies and tips that really work for everyone. The course will give you a hands on experience about improving the visibility and SEO of your local business in Google. Even if you have hired someone for local SEO then still you need to know how the process works and how you can track the result of your SEO campaigns. What you will learn in this course? Step by step guide to Local SEO Adding listing to Google My Business Optimizing Google My Business Creating Website for Local Business Keyword Research & Competitor’s Analysis Optimizing the Website for Local SEOInstalling WordPress Plugins for Local SEO Adding site to Google Search Console Adding site to Google Analytics Creating citations for local business SEO Creating backlinks for Local SEO website Few bonus tips for Local SEO If you are a blogger or SEO executive then this course can help you improve the local SEO visibility of your clients. I’m going to give you a straightforward plan and strategy for Local SEO that will help increase traffic to the website through organic search results and also visit from other sources. Udemy offers 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with the course then you can simply ask for a refund within 30 days. You are always on the safe side when you join this course on Udemy.


Section 1: Introduction to Local SEO

Lecture 1 Introduction to the course

Lecture 2 Step by Step Roadmap for Local SEO

Section 2: Google My Business Optimization

Lecture 3 Adding listing to Google My Business

Lecture 4 Optimizing Google My Business Listing

Lecture 5 Competitor Analysis for Local Searches

Section 3: Creating Website for Local SEO & Keyword Research

Lecture 6 Creating Website for our Local Business

Lecture 7 Installing WordPress to Create Website for Local SEO

Lecture 8 Installing Premium WordPress Theme

Lecture 9 Recommended WordPresss Themes

Lecture 10 Keyword Research & Competitor’s Analysis for Local SEO

Lecture 11 Free Local SEO Tools & Google Extensions

Lecture 12 Adding Local Business Content to the Website

Lecture 13 Adding NAP information to website

Section 4: On-Page SEO & Installing SEO Plugins

Lecture 14 Adding Local SEO Plugin to WordPress

Lecture 15 Installing Caching Plugin & Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Lecture 16 On-Page SEO for Local Business Website

Section 5: Off-Page SEO & Citations for Local SEO

Lecture 17 Submitting site to Google, Speed optimizatoin & Sitemaps

Lecture 18 Installing Google Analytics

Lecture 19 How to create citations for local business SEO

Section 6: Creating Backlinks for Local SEO

Lecture 20 What is Backlink? Why We Need Backlinks?

Lecture 21 Anchor Text Destribution

Lecture 22 Backlinks with Guest Posting Method

Lecture 23 Creating Backlinks with Local Newspapers & Community Sites

Lecture 24 Creating Backlinks with Web 2.0 Method

Lecture 25 Profile Backlinks for Local SEO

Section 7: Local SEO Audit & Technical SEO

Lecture 26 Local SEO Audit & Technical SEO

Lecture 27 SEO Audit & Technical SEO Word by Word

Beginners who want to get hands on experience about Local business SEO & local searches,Website owners who want to do SEO for their local businesses and improve its ranking in Google,Bloggers & content creators who are working for clients and wants to improve their local ranking,Any digital marketing student who is working for clients as a freelancer

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Created by: Abdul Wali

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