Localization Project Management Fundamentals

Become A Professional Project Manager-Analyze, Plan, Execute, Controlling, Tracking and Reporting.
Localization Project Management Fundamentals
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Localization Project Management Fundamentals

What you’ll learn

Understand what project management is
Define the roles and responsibilities of a project manager.
Able to manage projects, estimate project timelines and budgets
Analyze and identify project scope.
Identify project risks, and risk types, and manage resources.
Understand localization project phases to handle localization projects from concept to completion.

Localization Project Management Fundamentals


No experience is required. You will learn everything you need to know.


You might believe that project management is easy if you know the basics, but when applying this to the localization industry, there is a lot to learn to get ahead. As localization is a fast-paced industry. We will help you to acquire knowledge about the overall environment, resources, deadlines, and client requirements. In this course, we qualify you to become a successful localization project manager who can implement successful projects with scientific methods through some experts in the field of project management.This course is designed for localization project managers who are new to the field, learning the fundamentals of project management as a science, then the art of PM through communication skills, business writing, and leadership, in the last stage you will be exposed to an overview on localization and how to apply learned knowledge and skills into translation projects.Throw this journey we will take you to learn the following main point and more:Project Management and The Role of Project Manager.Project Life Cycle and How to Manage Project Effectively.Analysis and Scope Identification.Critical Path, Cost and Quality Management, Project Risk Management.Managing Resources and RACI Model.Leadership Styles, and PMI Perspective on Leadership.Translation / Localization Project Mapped Life Cycle.Scheduling, Cost, and Budgeting in Localization Projects.Risks, Resources, and Challenges of Communication in Localization Projects.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 What is the Project Management?

Lecture 2 The Role of Project Manager.

Lecture 3 Main Constraints of Project.

Lecture 4 Project Life Cycle.

Section 2: How to Manage Projects Effectively

Lecture 5 Analysis and Scope Identification.

Lecture 6 WBS (Work Breakdown Structure).

Lecture 7 Scheduling and Dependencies.

Lecture 8 The Critical Path.

Lecture 9 Cost Management.

Lecture 10 Quality Management.

Lecture 11 The Stakeholders.

Lecture 12 Project Risk Management.

Lecture 13 Types of Risks.

Lecture 14 Managing Resources.

Lecture 15 RACI Model.

Section 3: Essential Skills

Lecture 16 Forms of Communication.

Section 4: Leadership

Lecture 17 What are Leaders?

Lecture 18 Leadership Styles.

Lecture 19 PMI Perspective on Leadership.

Section 5: Localization Project Management

Lecture 20 The Localization Project Phases.

Lecture 21 Translation / Localization Project Mapped Life Cycle.

Lecture 22 Time and Scheduling in Localization Projects.

Lecture 23 Cost and Budgeting in Localization Projects.

Lecture 24 Risks in Localization Projects.

Lecture 25 Key Stakeholders and Resources in Localization Projects.

Lecture 26 Challenges of Communication in Localization Projects.

Project Coordinators,Project Managers

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