Logo Design Mastering the Wordmark

Discover how to design creative, unique and relevant wordmark logo designs.
Logo Design Mastering the Wordmark
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Gary Simon


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Logo Design Mastering the Wordmark

What you’ll learn

Design effective and beautiful wordmark logos.
Use Adobe Illustrator with a tablet.
Produce multiple concepts for a given project.
Use Adobe Illustrator to create vector logos.

Logo Design Mastering the Wordmark


Adobe Illustrator
Preferable: Pressure sensitive drawing tablet.


Are you ready to become a great identity designer? Excellent!This course will show you how to start thinking creatively to design excellent wordmarks; you know, the type portion of a logo design. You will discover the essential fundamentals that make any given wordmark great: Simplicity, relevance, readability, uniqueness and more.Get inside Gary’s headFollow along as Gary designs 5 different wordmark projects over the course of 2 hours, two of which include hand-lettering with the use of a drawing tablet. Discover Gary’s process when coming up with great logo design concepts.Who is Gary?A renowned designer and instructor of 15 years. Gary works as a course author for some of the biggest online education portals on the internet such as DigitalTutors and Envato Network’s TutsPlus. Gary’s work has also been featured in various publications including PhotoshopCreative magazine. Gary also runs a youtube channel with over 3 million views and 70,000 subscribers.


Section 1: Wordmark Introductory Projects

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Beginning the Zoom Project

Lecture 3 Finishing the Zoom Project

Lecture 4 Starting the Launch Project

Lecture 5 Finishing the Launch Project

Lecture 6 The Ignore Project

Lecture 7 Optional Project Assignment

Section 2: Hand Lettering Wordmarks

Lecture 8 Designing the VU in Vulger

Lecture 9 Designing the LGER in Vulger

Lecture 10 Refining the VUL in Vulger

Lecture 11 Finishing the Vulger Project

Lecture 12 Starting the Fierce Project

Lecture 13 Blocking out the RCE in Fierce

Lecture 14 Adding Details to the Lettering

Lecture 15 Further Refining the Lettering

Lecture 16 Finishing the Fierce Project

Lecture 17 Final Optional Project Assignment

Anyone interested in designing great wordmark-based logos should take this course.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 0m | 671.38 MB
Created by: Gary Simon

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