Long Distance Love

How to Make Your Long Distance Relationships Work
Long Distance Love
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Long Distance Love

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How To Make Your Long Distance Relationships Work

Long Distance Love




If you want to make your long distance relationship work, then get this step by step guide by someone who has that exact experience in real life.As with any relationship, a long distance relationship involves more than just the two people trying to make it in a difficult and strenuous relationship. It involves family, friends and all people who care about us. Because long distance relationships can be especially stressful, I offer a step-by-step guide to negotiating different aspects of the relationship.In my book, I discuss tips and guidelines that will help with each phase of the relationship from meeting to courtship. I interject personal stories and asides regarding my UK to US romance in a way that showcases the human side of the advice that is always easier to offer than to truly apply.Advice includes:What to consider entering a long distance relationship.How to find love and decide whether or not a connection is worth fighting for as it is maintained through a long distance relationship.Establishing the objectives and logistics involved in seeing through an online relationship to a successful outcome.How to trust and rely on a partner you are no with in the flesh.


Section 1: Long Distance Love

Lecture 1 Welcome

Lecture 2 Introduction

Lecture 3 Part 1: When Considering a Long-Distance Relationship

Lecture 4 Part 2: Finding Love

Lecture 5 Part 3: Establishing Objectives

Lecture 6 Part 4: Trust and Closeness

Lecture 7 Part 5: Modern Courtships

Lecture 8 Part 6: Logistics

Lecture 9 Part 7: Making the Distance Easier

Lecture 10 Part 8: Making the Leap

Lecture 11 Part 9: Preparing For All Outcomes

Long Distance Lovers

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