Loopback 4 Modern ways to Build APIs in Typescript NodeJs

Build Amazing APIs with Typescript, NodeJs, MongoDB, and Mysql
Loopback 4 Modern ways to Build APIs in Typescript NodeJs
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Loopback 4 Modern ways to Build APIs in Typescript NodeJs

What you’ll learn

Students will learn how to build REST APIs with NodeJs, Typescript, MysQL and MongoDB
Students will be able to do authentication and authorization in Loopback 4
Students will be able to test the REST APIs with Loopback 4

Loopback 4 Modern ways to Build APIs in Typescript NodeJs


Knowledge of Javascript is important
Basic Knowledge of Typescript is requried
Knowledge of NodeJs is required


LoopBack is a highly-extensible, open-source Node.js framework that enables you to create dynamic end-to-end REST APIs with little or no coding. LoopBack 4 is the next step in the evolution of LoopBack. You can build Amazing APIs with Modern NodeJs, Typescript, Mysql and MongoDB.Why Loopback 4:A brand new LoopBack core to deliver great extensibility and flexibility written in TypeScript/ES2017. You can Create powerful APIs easily with a new creation experience for defining REST API’s and handling API requests/responses. A new, improved programming model with Dependency Injection and new concepts such as Components, Mixins, Repositories, etc. make this the most extensible version yet.Using OpenAPI-to-GraphQL, create a GraphQL interface for any REST APILoopBack is a highly-extensible, open-source Node.js framework that enables you to:Create dynamic end-to-end REST APIs with little or no coding.Access data from major relational databases, MongoDB, SOAP and REST APIs.Incorporate model relationships and access controls for complex APIs.Separable components for file storage, third-party login, and OAuth 2.0.What you will learn in this course:Getting started with TypescriptGetting started with Loopback 4Basic/Fundamentals of TypescriptTypescript GenericsTypescript DecoratorsTypescript ClassesTypescript InterfacesCRUD(Create, Read, Update, Delete) with Loopback 4Build RESTFUL API and OpenAPI documentationExploring multiple datasources with Loopback 4 like Mysql, MongoDB.Working with Relationship with Models like One to One, One to Many, Many to One.Exploring Repositories, Controllers, Dependency Injections, Design Patterns in more depthAuthentication/Authorization in Loopback 4Using External Component in Loopback 4Exposing GraphQL API with Loopback 4


Section 1: Getting started with Loopback 4

Lecture 1 Introduction to Loopback

Lecture 2 Getting started with Loopback 4

Section 2: Typescript Generics

Lecture 3 What are Generics

Lecture 4 Typescript Setup and Installation

Lecture 5 Generic Function

Lecture 6 Generic Function with T Array Type

Lecture 7 Generic Function with Multiple Type Variables

Lecture 8 Generic Constraints

Lecture 9 Generic Interfaces to describe Object Properties

Lecture 10 Create Interface to describe Function Types

Lecture 11 Generic Classes and Interfaces

Section 3: Decorators

Lecture 12 Method Decorators

Lecture 13 Arguments in Method Decorator

Lecture 14 Configurable Decorator using Decorator Factory

Lecture 15 Property Decorator

Lecture 16 Parameter Decorator

Lecture 17 Class Decorator

Section 4: CRUD with Loopback

Lecture 18 What is Loopback Model

Lecture 19 Creating your first Loopback Model

Lecture 20 Creating In-memory Datasource

Lecture 21 Creating Repository for CRUD Operations

Lecture 22 Creating Controller to define REST API Operations

Lecture 23 Test Loopback REST APIs using Explorer

Lecture 24 Digging into Loopback Repository

Section 5: Connecting Loopback 4 with Mysql Database

Lecture 25 Installing MysQL

Lecture 26 Connecting Mysql Database with Loopback 4

Lecture 27 Set Primary key Id property to Auto-increment

Section 6: Loopback Relationship with Models

Lecture 28 Implement HasMany Relationship between Models

Lecture 29 Implement BelongsTo Relationship

Lecture 30 Implement HasOne Relationship

Section 7: Secure Loopback 4 Application with JSON WEB TOKEN Authentication

Lecture 31 What is JSON Web Token Authentication

Lecture 32 Creating User model with Signup Endpoint

Lecture 33 Validate User Credentials for Signup

Lecture 34 Introduction to Dependency Injection

Lecture 35 Encrypt User Password by Injecting Service

Lecture 36 Creating Login Route

Lecture 37 Verify User Credentials while Login

Lecture 38 Creating JSON Web Token

Lecture 39 Refactoring Binding Keys to separate file

Lecture 40 Creating JWT Authentication Strategy

Lecture 41 Apply Authentication on protected routes

Section 8: Authorization in Loopback 4

Lecture 42 Creating Admin Role with Permissions

Lecture 43 Set Permissions for Admin Role

Lecture 44 Verify User Permissions in Authorize Interceptor

Section 9: Bonus

Lecture 45 Connecting Loopback 4 with MongoDB Database

Lecture 46 Testing Loopback 4 Application

Section 10: Bonus

Lecture 47 Bonus Lecture

NodeJs developers who want to learn how to build REST APIS with Loopback 4,Existing Loopback 3 developers who want to explore the modern way to build RESTFUL APIS with Typescript,Typescript developers who want to learn how to build REST APIS with Typescript, NodeJs, Mysql and MongoDB

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 5h 13m | 2.16 GB
Created by: Haider Malik

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