Machine design Basics I Shaft Bearings Gears

Learn about the fundamentals of design of common rotating machinery components in mechanical design engineering
Machine design Basics I Shaft Bearings Gears
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Mufaddal Rasheed


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Machine design Basics I Shaft Bearings Gears

What you’ll learn

Basics of Shaft design
Basics of Lay outing for power transmission systems
Shaft design for strength considering stress concentration and fatigue
Bearing Selection process and Bearing life calculations
How to calculate factors for modified L10 life of bearing
Gear design from scratch – specifications , CAD workflow, Force analysis and Stress analysis
Design methodology for Helical , Bevel and Worm gear design in Fusion 360

Machine design Basics I Shaft Bearings Gears


Pre-requisites are understanding of Strength of materials, Engineering mechanics
Basic exposure to mechanical engineering design
Autodesk Fusion 360 will be used to design


Machine design is a large subset of study under mechanical engineering design which includes design of common components used in machines.This is a mega-course of 3 courses in 1 which  covers multiple aspects of design of Shafts and  elements which are generally mounted it – Bearings and Gears.It is a deep dive into the Shaft design process and selection also deals with the Bearing selection in detail . Then moving to a deep dive in Gear design with practical CAD design of gears based on input specifications.Topics covered: Shaft and layout designBasics of simple power transmission system design Loads and Load casesMaterials and manufacturing of shaftsBasics of Shaft design Layout scheme and General lay outingKeys and key waysSet screws and collarsSplines and Serrations design selection based on standardsInterference and press fitsStress analysis – method of analysis Incorporation of stress concentration factorsNotch sensitivity in fatigue Endurance limit and modifying factorsDeflection and SlopeStress due to interference fitsTorque capacity of press fitsSolid vs Hollow shafts and CouplingsBearing SelectionFactors which drive Bearing selectionContact stresses studyBearing life equation derivation and L10 lifeModified Life – FactorsContamination factor, viscosity ratioDetermining equivalent bearing loadMounting schemeExample to go through the selection processGear design Conjugate action in GearsInvolute profile constructionSpur gear design basics and CAD workflow (fusion 360) Contact Ratio and Interference Basics of Helical gear design and CAD workflow (fusion 360) Basics of Bevel gear design and CAD workflow (fusion 360) Basics of Worm gear design and CAD workflow (fusion 360) Force analysis of spur gearForce analysis of Bevel gearForce analysis of Helical gearForce analysis of Worm gearStress calculations for standard tooth profilePitting equationsThe course is intended to be a library of knowledge regarding machine components and will be expanded further in the future  with more examples and case studies.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Intro to Design of Power Transmission – Rotating machine

Lecture 3 Considerations in Shaft Design

Lecture 4 Shaft Design – basics

Lecture 5 Loads

Lecture 6 Dynamic Load case – Fatigue loading

Lecture 7 Materials , Manufacturing and Heat treatment

Section 2: Layouting and Mounting provisions

Lecture 8 General Layout Scheme

Lecture 9 Concept layout guide

Lecture 10 Mounting Provisions – Keys and keyway

Lecture 11 Mounting – Set screws

Lecture 12 Mounting – Splines and Serrations

Lecture 13 Mounting – Pins, dowel pins

Lecture 14 Mounting – Press , Interference fits

Lecture 15 Mounting provisions- Other , misc

Section 3: Shaft Design calculations

Lecture 16 Stress analysis – Intro

Lecture 17 Example Problem – stress analysis and design Part 1

Lecture 18 Mean and Alternating stress and Theory of failure applied

Lecture 19 Stress concentration factor – theoretical

Lecture 20 Notch sensitivity and Stress concentration factor in fatigue

Lecture 21 Finding Stress Concentration factors from graph for problem

Lecture 22 Fatigue Endurance limit and modifying factors

Lecture 23 Fatigue Failure criteria – Goodman line

Lecture 24 Design Changes and Design equation

Lecture 25 Stress concentration factors for preliminary design and ways to reduce

Lecture 26 Deflection and Slope – Analysis

Lecture 27 Critical speed – introduction

Lecture 28 Stresses due to Interference fit

Lecture 29 Torque capacity in interference fits

Lecture 30 Solid vs Hollow shaft with example

Lecture 31 Couplings

Section 4: Bearing selection

Lecture 32 Introduction to Bearing selection

Lecture 33 Factors which drive Bearing selection – diagram

Lecture 34 Types of Rolling contact bearings

Lecture 35 Comparison Table

Lecture 36 Summary

Lecture 37 Cause of failure –

Lecture 38 Contact stresses

Lecture 39 Bearing Life Derivation

Lecture 40 Modified Life and modification factors 1

Lecture 41 Viscosity Ratio

Lecture 42 Determining equivalent Bearing application load

Lecture 43 Max Axial load and minimum radial load

Lecture 44 Exercise in Bearing selection – Part 1

Lecture 45 Exercise in Bearing selection – Part 2

Lecture 46 Bearing Life guidelines of different classes of machinery

Lecture 47 Lubrication

Lecture 48 Mounting options

Section 5: Gears

Lecture 49 Conjugate action – Principle of Gearing

Lecture 50 Involute profile construction

Lecture 51 Creating involute profile in CAD

Lecture 52 Spur gear design basics

Lecture 53 Spur Gear Design Workflow in CAD – Fusion 360

Lecture 54 Contact Ratio- How is it calculated?

Lecture 55 Interference – condition for interference in design ?

Lecture 56 Avoiding interference and concept of Backlash

Lecture 57 Helical Gear design Basics

Lecture 58 Helical Gear CAD design worklfow

Lecture 59 Basics of Bevel Gear

Lecture 60 Tredgolds approximation

Lecture 61 Bevel Gear Design workflow part 1

Lecture 62 Bevel Gear Design workflow part 2

Lecture 63 Worm Gearset design basics

Lecture 64 Worm gearset design workflow in CAD part 1

Lecture 65 Worm gearset design workflow in CAD part 2

Lecture 66 Worm gearset design workflow in CAD part 3

Lecture 67 Force analysis – Spur gear

Lecture 68 Problem solved- Force analysis – Spur gear-

Lecture 69 Force analysis – Bevel gear

Lecture 70 Force analysis – Bevel gear- finding Average Radius

Lecture 71 Force analysis – Helical gear

Lecture 72 Force analysis – Worm gear

Lecture 73 Gear tooth Durability and Failure modes

Lecture 74 Lewis Bending equation and Design for strength

Lecture 75 Pittance equations

Section 6: Bonus

Lecture 76 Conclusion and Bonus deals on other courses

Students who want to learn from the application point of view on how to design components,Professionals who want to refresh their basics relating to component design,Enthusiasts looking for a reference guide to designing components for simple mechanical assemblies

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Created by: Mufaddal Rasheed

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