MailChimp Email Marketing for Beginners

Build an Email List with Mailchimp & Get New Subscribers and Convert them to Paying Customers Using Proven Templates.
MailChimp Email Marketing for Beginners
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MailChimp Email Marketing for Beginners

What you’ll learn

Build an Email List From Scratch
Convert Email Subscribers to Paying Customers
Create a Lead Capture to Build Your Email List
Get Access to Tons of Free Lead Magnets
Learn the 3 Steps to Highly Converting Email Writing
Use Proven Copy and Paste Email Marketing Templates

MailChimp Email Marketing for Beginners


A Computer with Internet Access


Would You Like to Learn Effective Email Marketing from Scratch?Then, You’ve Come to the Right Place!MailChimp Email Marketing for Beginners is an Online Video Course For Anyone Who Wants to Build an Email List & Convert Those Email Subscribers into Paying Customers by Using Effective Email Marketing.Inside This Course, You’ll learn to Set up a Complete Email Marketing System (From Lead Collection to Sales).This Course Also Includes Premium Support. (We’ll answer all your questions within 24 hours).After This Course, You’ll Be Able ToBuild an Email List From ScratchConvert Email Subscribers to Paying CustomersCreate a Lead Capture to Build Your Email ListGet Access to Tons of Free Lead MagnetsLearn the 3 Steps to Highly Converting Email WritingUse Proven Copy and Paste Email Marketing TemplatesWhat You Will Master Inside This CourseEmail List BuildingEmail Marketing MethodsTurning Email Subscribers into Paying CustomersThis Course Includes Tons of Copy and Paste Templates That Will Help You Optimize Your Email Marketing.All of the Tools in This Course are FREE!This Includes Access to Multiple Lead Magnets for your Email Capture such as Softwares, Ebooks, Templates, Online Courses etc.See You Inside The Course: MailChimp Email Marketing for Beginners.Email List Building & Email Marketing30-Day Money Back Guarantee.Questions Answered within 24h.Love Robin & Jesper


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 What to Expect

Lecture 3 How to Get Email Subscribers

Lecture 4 Sign Up

Lecture 5 Assignment: Getting Started with Email Marketing

Section 2: Build an Email List

Lecture 6 Create a Lead Capture

Lecture 7 Create a Lead Magnet

Lecture 8 Free Lead Magnets

Lecture 9 1-Step Automation

Lecture 10 E-commerce Integration

Lecture 11 Audience

Lecture 12 Assignment: Start Building Your Email List

Section 3: Convert Subscribers

Lecture 13 Email Writing in 3 Steps

Lecture 14 Products/Services Pitch Email

Lecture 15 Product Launch Email

Lecture 16 Testimonial/Review Request Email

Lecture 17 Discount Offer Email

Lecture 18 Re-engagement Email

Lecture 19 Newsletter Email

Lecture 20 Latest Blog Post Email

Lecture 21 Assignment: Convert Subscribers into Paying Customers

Section 4: Create Campaigns

Lecture 22 Create Campaign

Lecture 23 Design Email

Lecture 24 Write Email

Lecture 25 Analyze Campaign

Lecture 26 Assignment: Create Your First Campaign

Section 5: Thank You

Lecture 27 Thank You

Lecture 28 Bonus Lecture

Freelancers,Entrepreneurs,Marketers,Anyone Who Wants to Master Email Marketing

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Udemy | English | 2h 7m | 861.18 MB
Created by: Robin & Jesper

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