Make Games without Code Master Visual Scripting in Unity

Learn to make awesome games without Coding!
Make Games without Code Master Visual Scripting in Unity
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Make Games without Code Master Visual Scripting in Unity

What you’ll learn

Learn from a Professional Indie Game Developer
Learn how to make games without writing code!
Students will learn how to make several complete games from start to finish
Learn Visual Scripting, Shader Graph, Particle System, UI, Game Design, and more!

Make Games without Code Master Visual Scripting in Unity


Very basic knowledge of Unity
Use the Q&A Section if you have any questions and Download the included Complete Project Files


Hello and Welcome!I’m your Code Monkey and in THIS course you will learn how to make Games without writing any code!This course features multiple games all made completely using Unity Visual Scripting and without a single line of code.I specifically designed it to include multiple games so you can learn to use Visual Scripting and apply it to any genre you can think of.With the knowledge you will learn from this course you will then be able to make any game you want!About me, I’m a Professional Indie Game Developer with several successful games published on Steam covering a wide range of genres, I’ve been Programming for over 20 years and using Unity for almost 10.Also a couple of years ago I started a YouTube channel making Free Video Tutorials to share the knowledge I have accumulated to help you learn how to make YOUR OWN games.If you’d like to try out my learning style before purchasing the course you can watch the over 350 Videos available for Free on the YouTube channel. They are presented as clear step-by-step tutorials just like this course.The course also includes the Complete Project Files for every single lecture.A bit more about the games…First we start off with a Simple Platformer in order to learn the basics of Visual Scripting.The course is designed with a smooth learning curve in mind so you will learn how to use the Visual Scripting Tools as they are needed.The platformer features: Physics, Platforms, Coins, Hazards, Multiple Levels, Moving Platforms, Moving Hazards and more.The second game is the Action RPGThis one builds on the knowledge gained while making the Platformer so the design is more complex.There’s tons of features in the final game.Swords, Arrows, Enemies, Dungeons, Keys, Doors, Buttons, Lava, Fireballs, Hearts, Coins, Shops, and much more. The third game is a First Person Shooter FPSIt features multiple weapons, enemies, pathfinding, coins, keys, Boss fight and a really awesome Hookshot mechanic.All made without a single line of code!All 3 games have tons of effects and lots of awesome features. You can see some cool Shaders, Glow, Screenshake, Post Processing, Animations, lots of UI elements, smooth Camera, Particles and so on. The final games play really great and feel very satisfying.This course starts with a completely empty project starting completely from scratch and step-by-step we will get to the final games.Everything is built in an understandable way so you can easily take this as a base and expand upon it with more Hazards, Enemies, Weapons, Levels and so on.This course is presented as a thorough step-by-step guide where I will show you exactly how to do what I’m doing and why it is that I’m doing it so you can learn how to think like a game developer.This course will cover a bunch of topics including:How Visual Scripting worksHandle Player Movement and PhysicsVisual Scripting Variables, Events, Super Units, State Machines…Handle Enemy AI with Attack Logic and a Health SystemBuild up the World using a TilemapLearn the basics of Unity tools like Shader Graph, Post Processing, Particle System…And much much more!As for requirements you really just need to know the absolute basics of Unity.If you’ve never touched Unity before then there is a lecture in the extras section which covers the basics.If you feel confused or lost at any point in the course make sure you post your questions in the Q&A section.I will be there to help with whatever issues you may have. Alright so go ahead join me on the course and let’s learn how to build some awesome games together!- Code Monkey


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome

Lecture 2 Important Note on Versions

Lecture 3 Overview

Lecture 4 New Project

Lecture 5 Unity Layout

Lecture 6 Render Pipeline

Lecture 7 Bolt Setup

Section 2: Platformer (Visual Scripting Basics)

Lecture 8 Platformer Start

Lecture 9 Platform Game Design

Lecture 10 Visual Scripting Basics

Lecture 11 Physics

Lecture 12 Player Movement

Lecture 13 Player Movement Speed

Lecture 14 Player Jumping

Lecture 15 Is Grounded

Lecture 16 Super Units

Lecture 17 Visual Scripting Groups

Lecture 18 Animations

Lecture 19 Cinemachine

Lecture 20 Platform Visuals

Lecture 21 Spikes

Lecture 22 Death Scene Management

Lecture 23 Visual Scripting Events

Lecture 24 UI

Lecture 25 Player Fall to Death

Lecture 26 Coins

Lecture 27 Level Win

Lecture 28 Multiple Levels

Lecture 29 Lava Particle System

Lecture 30 Post Processing

Lecture 31 Shader Graph

Lecture 32 Sound

Lecture 33 Music

Lecture 34 Options Menu Volume

Lecture 35 Game Win

Lecture 36 Main Menu

Lecture 37 Polish

Lecture 38 Player Win Death Particles

Lecture 39 Coin Animations

Lecture 40 Face Last Move Dir

Lecture 41 Trail

Lecture 42 Double Jump

Lecture 43 Moving Platforms

Lecture 44 Moving Hazards

Lecture 45 Touch Input

Lecture 46 More Levels

Lecture 47 Final Showcase

Section 3: Action RPG (Visual Scripting Advanced)

Lecture 48 Action RPG Welcome

Lecture 49 Action RPG Overview

Lecture 50 Action RPG Start

Lecture 51 Action RPG Game Design

Lecture 52 Player

Lecture 53 Player Animator

Lecture 54 Player Sword Attack

Lecture 55 Cinemachine

Lecture 56 Tilemap

Lecture 57 Post Processing

Lecture 58 Health System

Lecture 59 UI

Lecture 60 Sound Music Options

Lecture 61 Spikes

Lecture 62 Player Death Scene Management

Lecture 63 Enemy

Lecture 64 Visual Scripting State Machines

Lecture 65 Enemy AI

Lecture 66 Enemy Patrolling AI

Lecture 67 Enemy Attack Player AI

Lecture 68 Enemy Health System

Lecture 69 Player Block

Lecture 70 Coins

Lecture 71 Health Pickup

Lecture 72 Visual Scripting Return Events

Lecture 73 Player Dash

Lecture 74 Weapon Arrows

Lecture 75 Enemy Arrow

Lecture 76 Enemy Manager

Lecture 77 Battle Spawner

Lecture 78 Key Door System

Lecture 79 Dungeons

Lecture 80 Coin Spawner

Lecture 81 Chest

Lecture 82 Cannon

Lecture 83 Lava

Lecture 84 Fire Arrows

Lecture 85 Extra Pickups

Lecture 86 Shop

Lecture 87 Buttons

Lecture 88 Star

Lecture 89 Game Win Scene

Lecture 90 Main Menu

Lecture 91 Polish

Lecture 92 Tint Flash Damage

Lecture 93 Dissolve Shader Spawn

Lecture 94 Coin Key Animations

Lecture 95 Destructible Pots

Lecture 96 Arrow Trails

Lecture 97 World Building

Lecture 98 Dash Trail

Lecture 99 Stop While Attacking

Lecture 100 Star Glow Outline

Lecture 101 Lava Emission

Lecture 102 Fireballs Dont Vanish

Lecture 103 Camera Shake

Lecture 104 Respawn

Lecture 105 Sword Slash

Lecture 106 Grass Wind Shader

Lecture 107 World Populate

Lecture 108 Final Showcase

Section 4: FPS (Visual Scripting Advanced)

Lecture 109 Welcome

Lecture 110 Start

Lecture 111 Game Design

Lecture 112 Player Look

Lecture 113 Player Character Controller

Lecture 114 Player Shoot

Lecture 115 Enemy

Lecture 116 Shoot Damage

Lecture 117 Shield

Lecture 118 Weapon Zoom

Lecture 119 Weapon Ammo Reload

Lecture 120 UI

Lecture 121 Enemy Health Bar

Lecture 122 Enemy Fast

Lecture 123 Enemy Ragdoll

Lecture 124 Shotgun

Lecture 125 Rocket Launcher

Lecture 126 Weapon Manager

Lecture 127 Health Pickup

Lecture 128 Weapon Pickup

Lecture 129 Coins

Lecture 130 Hookshot

Lecture 131 Enemy Spawner

Lecture 132 Level

Lecture 133 Fall Death

Lecture 134 Key Door System

Lecture 135 Boss Enemy

Lecture 136 Sound Music

Lecture 137 Options Pause

Lecture 138 Main Menu Win

Lecture 139 Screen Shake

Lecture 140 Double Jump

Lecture 141 Visuals

Lecture 142 Final Showcase


Lecture 143 Congratulations!

Section 6: EXTRAS

Lecture 144 Unity Basics

Lecture 145 Tint Shader

Lecture 146 Outline Shader

Lecture 147 Dissolve Shader

Lecture 148 Grass Wind Shader

Lecture 149 Visual Scripting changes in Unity 2021

Lecture 150 Shader Graph in URP 10

Lecture 151 Continue Your Learning Journey (Bonus Lecture)

Beginners who want to make games without code,People who want to see how a Professional Indie Game Developer structures a game,Beginners who want to make complete games,People who want to make a Platformer or Action RPG game,Anyone interested in learning and exploring the power of Visual Scripting,Anyone interested in learning from a Professional Indie Game Developer

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 21h 26m | 31.21 GB
Created by: Code Monkey

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